What is Ringlock Scaffolding

A lot of construction and engineering companies are considering using ringlock scaffolding for their industrial construction. As a scaffolding manufacturer, we have manufactured ringlock scaffolding since 2009s. In this article, we will talk about what ringlock scaffolding is and what is the advantage ringlock scaffolding compared to other scaffolds.

 Ringlock scaffolding is a versatile modular scaffold system mainly used for industrial construction, consisting of prefabricated parts of ringlock verticals(standards), starter (base collars), ringlock ledgers, diagonal braces, truss ledgers, scaffold transoms, brackets, base jacks, scaffold planks, stairs, head jacks, lattice girder, etc. Each ring lock scaffolding part has fixed linking points and fixed size and can join each other easily, quickly, and safely.

Ringlock scaffold is used for circular, curved, straight, rectangle, square, or any specially shaped structures. It is also applied in mobile and independent scaffolding towers.

What are the advantages of ringlock scaffolding?

1. Ringlock Saves 53% of Time Than Tube Clamp System

When erecting the same sizes and heights of scaffolding towers. Install time for each scaffolding

Scaffold System Erection Time Comparision
No.ScaffoldingErection Time
1Cuplock Scaffold215 mins
2Kwikstage Scaffold245 mins
3Ringlock Scaffold151 mins
4Tube Clamp System321 mins

Tube clamp scaffold takes 321 mins. Ringlock takes 151 mins. Ringlock scaffold saves 53% of erection time than tube clamp system.

2. Ringlock scaffold is versatile same as tube clamp system

Ringlock scaffolding is versatile and can be used for all shapes of structures and construction. The round rosette on ringlock verticals with 8 holes for both braces and ledgers connection at the same time. The versatile feature is the same as the tube clamp system.

3. Ringlock Scaffold is 396.3KN High Load Capacity Scaffold for Three Tiers of Scaffold Tower  

  • 3mm ringlock scaffolding three tiers scaffold tower load capacity in 6.3m height is 396 KN.
  • OD 60.3mm ring lock scaffolding three tiers scaffold tower load capacity in 6.3m height 639.1

For more details of ring lock scaffold load capacity can visit our website

4. No need for extra scaffold couplers

Ring lock scaffolding linking points and locks are fixed on each ringlock part.  You do not need to use any scaffolding clamps and couplers to fix each component together. No loose parts.

5. Fewer Scaffolders In Construction

Ringlock scaffolding has fixed ring locks with 8 holes, welded on verticals.  You can easily fix the horizontals, diagonals, and brackets from 8 directions to help you easily erect and dismantle. Fewer scaffolders can finish the construction scaffold assembly and dismantle it.

6. Ringlock Components are With Less Accessories

Ringlock scaffold standard locks are with a single ring at every 500mm interval.  While cuplock standards need one top cup and one bottom cup at every 500mm interval forming a lock point. Kwikstage vertical has 4 V clips(stars) at every 500mm interval as the lock point.

7. Ringlocks are Less Weight Compared to Cuplock & Kwikstage

No.ItemsUnit WeightComparison
11.0m Ringlock Standard with Spigot5.39 KGLightest
21.0m Cuplock Standard with Spigot5.81 KGLighter
31.0m Kwikstage Standard with Spigot6.30 KGHeavy

8. Ringlock Scaffolding Has a Long Life

Ringlock scaffolding parts are made of high-strength metals. They are more durable in repeat construction. Hot dip galvanizing of ringlock is 15-20 years without rusty.  Compared to painted cuplock and kwikstage system components, it has a long life.

9. Ringlock Parts are Easy Transportation

Ringlock parts are packed in pallets and racks. The pallets and racks are stackable and easy to load and unload by forklift. Thus it is easy to transport by trucks or by containers.

10. Ringlock Scaffolding Parts are Easy Stock

Ringlock scaffolding parts are hot dip galvanized. Normal warehouses with covers are enough for stock. They are packed by racks and pallets, stillages. The racks and stillages are stackable. Do not tie up much space, and save a lot of stock space and cost compared to the frame system.

11. Ringlock Parts Need Less Maintenance

Ring lock scaffolding parts are made of high-strength-grade metal. Not easily broken or deformed. Hot-dip galvanized surface treatment, the accessories are not easy to rust. Therefore, less maintenance is required over the long service life.

What is the material of ringlock scaffolding?

Ringlock scaffolding materials are steel or aluminum. Steel ringlock scaffolding materials are hot dip galvanized in steel grades of S355 and S235. Aluminum ringlock scaffolding materials are 6082 grade.

What are the sizes of ringlock scaffolding?

  • Ringlock scaffolding standard sizes: 0.5m, 1.0m, 1.5m, 2.0m, 2.5m, 3.0m, 3.5m and 4.0m
  • Ringlock ledger sizes (Europe size): 0.73m, 1.09m, 1.4m, 1.57m, 2.07m, 2.57m, 3.07m
  • Ringlock ledger sizes (USA size): 2’2”, 2’10”, 3’, 3’6”, 3’10”, 5’2”, 6’, 7’, 8’, 10’
  • Ringlock plank sizes (Europe size): 73cm, 109cm, 140cm, 157cm, 207cm, 257cm,307cm
  • Ringlock plank size (USA size): 0.65m, 0.88m, 0.92m, 1.07m, 1.15m, 1.83m, 2.13m, 2.44m, 3.05m.
  • Ringlock scaffolding sizes can be customized too.

What is ringlock scaffolding diameter?  

  • Ringlock standard material diameter: OD48.3mm and OD60.3mm
  • Ringlock ledger material diameter: OD48.3mm
  • Ringlock brace material diameter: OD48.3mm and OD42.7mm
  • Ringlock transom material diameter: OD48.3mm
  • Ringlock base jack material diameter: OD38mm and OD48mm (For 60mm standards)

In conclusion, ringlock scaffolding is less weight, long life, high load capacity, versatile for all types of construction. For long-term investment, you can choose ring lock scaffolding.

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