Scaffold Caster Wheels

Wellmade Scaffold Caster Wheels Sizes & Dimension are Customized. You Can Get All Types of Scaffold Caster Wheels Here.

As a Scaffold Caster Wheel Manufacturer, Wellmade is Able to Bring You Competitive Price Without Trading and Agent Cost.

Wellmade Daily Quality Control Make Sure Our Scaffold Caster Wheels Compatible With Your Scaffold Frames, System Scaffold and Vertical Scaffold Tube.

We Test Scaffold Caster Wheel Load Capacity To Each Of Your Order to Ensure Safety Uses In Interior & Exterior Scaffolding Construction Projects.

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Wellmade Scaffolding Casters

Wellmade scaffolding casters are manufactured and designed for mobile scaffold tower components. There are a lot of scaffolding caster types that you can find in Wellmade.

We are experts in manufacturing industrial scaffolding casters, mobile scaffolding wheel casters, durable locking scaffolding casters, Australian scaffolding casters, hard rubber scaffolding casters, scaffolding casters with total lock brake, and many more.

You can find different types of Wellmade scaffolding casters according to material, size, and component. For the material, Wellmade scaffolding casters include rubber scaffold casters, cast iron caster wheels, and polyurethane scaffold caster wheels.

According to dimensions, scaffold caster wheels include 5-inch, 6-inch, 8-inch, 10 inch, and 12 inches. For the load capacity of scaffold caster wheels, there are heavy-duty caster wheels and normal duty caster wheels to each size.

There are also Wellmade scaffolding caster wheels according to stem types. Here you can find socket type of caster wheel stems and round solid bar stems, and square type stems.

You can use Wellmade scaffolding caster wheels for scaffold frames (heavy-duty and traditional frames), system scaffold, and tube clamps. Because Wellmade scaffolding caster we produced can be fitted to all scaffold types.

The Scaffold Caster Wheels with a flat base plate can be assembled together with an adjustable screw jack base to used popularly in system scaffold include Kwisktage, Ringlock, Quick Lock System, and Cuplock Scaffolding System.

Wellmade scaffolding casters can be fixed or swivel type. Our scaffolding casters come with brake or without brake. At Wellmade, scaffolding caster wheels can be customized according to your specific size, dimensions, stem types, and specifications.

As a leading manufacturer in China, you can find from Wellmade the different scaffolding accessories you need for your projects.

For more than 20 years in this field, Wellmade is capable of manufacturing a wide range of scaffolding systems components such as metal planks, scaffolding poles, shoring scaffold, board clamps, frame scaffold, and many more.

Wellmade scaffolding caster wheels are manufactured and exported to different companies around the world. We hope to include you as one of our successful business partners. Wellmade will be your best partner for your scaffolding system.

Anything you need, order from Wellmade as much as you want. You can also get in touch with our sales representative for more details.

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Scaffold Caster Wheel Types & Spec

WMCW01Adjustable Caster Wheels with Screw Jacks,Size: 6″,8″,12″5″, 6″,8″,10′, 12″
WMCW02Fixed Caster Wheels with Spigot and Brake5″, 6″,8″,10′, 12″
WMCW03Heavy Duty Caster Wheels, Loading Capacity:800KG5″, 6″,8″,10′, 12″
WMCW04Rubber Caster Wheels5″, 6″,8″,10′, 12″
WMCW05Socket Caster Wheels5″, 6″,8″,10′, 12″


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