Scaffold Caster Wheels

Socket&Stem Caster Wheels

Scaffold Caster Wheels are components for Mobile Scaffold Towers. There  are a lot types of different caster wheels according to size, material, components.
Scaffold Caster wheels are Include Rubber Casters, Polyurethane Caster Wheels, Cast Iron Core Caster Wheels.
According to the sizes, Scaffold  Caster Wheels can be in 5"-12" Include Heavy duty and Normal Duty in Capacity.
Scaffold Caster Wheels can be with Socket Tube for Heavy duty frame scaffold system. Solid Bar Stem is a more popular type of castors.
The Scaffold Caster Wheels with flat base plate can be assembly together with adjustable screw jack base to used popular in system scaffold include Kwisktage, Ringlock, Quick Lock System and Cuplock Scaffolding System. Scaffold Caster Wheels can be fixed or swivel type. With Brake or Without Brakes Customized.
Scaffold Caster Wheels
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Adjustable Caster Wheels with Screw Jacks

Size: 6",8",12"

adjustable caster wheels with screw jack base

Fixed Caster Wheels with Spigot and Brake

Size: 6",8",12"

PU caster wheels with spgiot and brake

Heavy Duty Caster Wheels

Loading Capacity:800KG

heavy duty caster wheels for industrial scaffold system
WMCW04 Rubber Caster Wheels 6" rubber caster wheels with brake and spigot
WMCW05 Socket Caster Wheels socket caster wheels with socket tube at top for scaffolding frame towers



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