Adjustable Scaffold Screw Jack

Wellmade is Scaffold Screw Jacks Manufactuer&Supplier In China. You can Find All Sizes Adjustable Scaffold Screw Jacks For Your Different Scaffolding: Ringlock System, Cuplock System, Kwikstage Scaffolding, Quick-Lock Scaffolding, Scaffold Tube and Clamp
Wellmade’s Scaffold Screw Jacks are Certified According to EN 12810 Standard.
Our QC Tem Controls The Scaffold Screw Jack Quality According to ISO9001 In Raw Material Test, Welding Quality and Safety Load Capacity.
Tell Us Your Scaffold Screw Jack Requirement and Get The Lasted Competitive Price From Wellmade.

Raw Material In Test

Load Test

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Wellmade Manufactures Standardize Scaffold Screw Jacks. We also offer Customized Scaffold Screw Jack for Your Special Requirement.
You Can Find All Types of Scaffold Screw Jacks Here:
  1. U Jacks
  2. Jack Base
  3. J Head Jacks
  4. Cross Head(Forkhead) Jacks
According to Scaffolding Systems, Wellmade’s Scaffold Screw Jack Threaded Diameter Would be OD26mm to OD 48mm.
  1. OD26mm Solid Scaffold Screw Jack is the Smallest Jacks We Manufacturered Till Now. It is used with Scaffolding Casters for Clients Light Duty Frame Scaffold System.
  2. OD38mm Scaffold Screw Jack is the Most Popular Sizes of Scaffold Screw Jacks. It works with all System Scaffold Especially Ringlock Scaffolding and Cuplock Scaffolding.
  3. OD30mm Scaffold Screw Jacks Work for Traditional Scaffolding Frames of Walk  Through Frames, Ladder Frames etc.
  4. OD 32-36mm Scaffold Screw Jack Works for Frame Scaffolding too. But For Heavy Duty Frames.
  5. In Kwikstage Scaffolding System to Australian, You can find OD 36mm Solid Scaffold Screw Jacks for OD48mm Scaffolding Vertical Standards.
  6. In Heavy Duty Shoring Scaffolding System, OD 48mm and OD50mm Scaffold Screw Jacks are chosen as the Most Suitable Scaffolding Feet Sizes for OD 57-D60mm Scaffolding Standards.

Wellmade’s Scaffold Screw Jack can be Zinc-plated ( E-galvanized) or Hot Dip Galvanized for Different Durable Requirement and Construction Project Budget plan.

Our Scaffold Screw Jacks are Popular Used In All Constructions and Buildings: Onshore and Offshore Construction, Civil Construction, Industrial and Commerical Construction.

Scaffold Screw Jack Base Size & Specification

Solid Scaffold Jack Base

1OD26mm Solid Jack Base300-1000Painted|E-gal|H.D.G
2OD30mm Solid Jack Base300-1000Painted|E-gal|H.D.G
3OD32mm Solid Jack Base300-1000Painted|E-gal|H.D.G
4OD34mm Solid Jack Base300-1000Painted|E-gal|H.D.G
5OD35mm Solid Jack Base300-1000Painted|E-gal|H.D.G
6OD36mm Solid Jack Base300-1000Painted|E-gal|H.D.G
7OD38mm Solid Jack Base300-1000Painted|E-gal|H.D.G
8OD40mm Solid Jack Base300-1000Painted|E-gal|H.D.G
9OD48mm Solid Jack Base300-1000Painted|E-gal|H.D.G

Hollow Type Screw Jack Base

1OD30x4mm Hollow Jack Base300-1000mmPainted|E-gal|H.D.G
2OD32x4mm Hollow Jack Base300-1000mmPainted|E-gal|H.D.G
3OD38x4mm Hollow Jack Base300-1000mmPainted|E-gal|H.D.G
4OD48x4mm Hollow Jack Base300-1000mmPainted|E-gal|H.D.G
5OD38x5mm Hollow Jack Base300-1000mmPainted|E-gal|H.D.G
6OD38x6mm Hollow Jack Base300-1000mmPainted|E-gal|H.D.G
7OD48x5mm Hollow Jack Base300-1000mmPainted|E-gal|H.D.G
8OD48x6mm Hollow Jack Base300-1000mmPainted|E-gal|H.D.G

Scaffold Screw U Head Jack

1ItemsJack Bar Type
2OD30mm U JacksHollow|Solid
3OD32mm U JacksHollow|Solid
4OD34mm U JacksHollow|Solid
5OD35mm U JacksHollow|Solid
6OD36mm U JacksHollow|Solid
7OD38mm U JacksHollow|Solid
8OD40mm U JacksHollow|Solid
9OD48mm U JacksHollow|Solid


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