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Scaffold Screw Jacks

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Scaffold Screw Jack

Wellmade is an ISO9001 & CE Certified scaffold screw jack manufacturer in China. We supply all types of scaffold screw jacks. Include adjustable base jack, U head jacks, fork head (four-way head) jacks, J head jacks, swivel screw jacks, etc.

The scaffold screw jacks are leveling legs for scaffolding. It is always adjustable to make your scaffold even. That is why the scaffold screw jacks are also called adjustable jacks, scaffold standard, scaffold screw, scaffold leg, scaffold jack support, jack scaffolding, etc.

Wellmade scaffolding screw jacks are able to be used in all scaffolding systems. Include ringlock system scaffolding, cuplock system scaffolding, kwikstage scaffolding, quick lock scaffold, scaffold tube and clamp system, shoring frame system scaffold, traditional frame scaffolding systems, ring shore system, crab 25 and crab 60 shore system, etc.

In order to make the scaffold screw jack durable. You can ask for zinc plated(E-galvanized), hot-dip galvanized (HDG), and Painted jack scaffolding.

All of the scaffold screw jacks are tested according to EN 12810 standard regulation with safety load capacity. In addition, we do custom jack scaffolding manufacture with your company logo and name.

Tell us your scaffold screw jack requirement now. You can get an immediate quote with competitive prices.

Types of Scaffold Screw Jacks

Scaffold Leveling Jack Base

Adjustable scaffold screw jack with base plate at the bottom. It is the leveling feet for the scaffolding system. You can find the normal threaded and coarse(strong) threaded screw jack base here.

6 Ton Scaffold Jack Base to UK

The 6 ton scaffold screw jack base is a heavy-duty type of base jack. The safety load is more than 60KN. It is exported to the UK. You can find different types of jack nuts for adj six-ton scaffold base jack.

Adjustable Fork head with Screw Jack Base

Adjustable fork head jacks are also called four-way head scaffold jacks. It is used to support formwork beams from different directions. Forkhead scaffold jacks are beam support parts for slab and beam formwork.

scaffolding swivel jack base accessories

The scaffold swivel jack base is with a swivel base plate. This scaffold material is applied when the scaffold is established on the sloping ground. You can find both solid and hollow type swivel jack base here.

scaffolding adjustable u head jacks

U head Jack base is required when you are using the scaffold to support your slab and beam formwork with the threaded stem in out diameter 30-OD48mm for different types of scaffold systems.

Crab 60 shoring scaffolding syste u head jack heavy duty

48mm Adjustable U head Jacks for Crab 60 shoring system with socket big U heads and universal jack, connected by bolts and nuts.

Scaffold Screw Jack Manufacturing Video

Wellmade manufactures both solid and hollow types of scaffold screw jacks.

Solid screw jack scaffolding includes OD26mm, OD28mm, OD30mm, OD32mm, OD34mm, OD36mm, OD38mm, and OD48mm screw stems.

Hollow scaffolding jacks include screw stems in OD34mm, OD38mm (1 1/4″), and OD48mm (1.5″).  manufacture customized sizes of screw jacks for your scaffolding.

In adjustable scaffold screw jack manufacturing, we test every batch of scaffold screw jacks to ensure load capacities are qualified according to European and American Standards.

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Scaffold Screw Jack Ultimate Guide

Scaffold screw jacks are adjustable leveling parts of scaffolds. It is fabricated with adjustable screw stems, jack nut handles with inner threads, and screw jack plates. In scaffolding construction, scaffold screw jacks are able to adjust to a required height easily by rotating the jack nuts.

A scaffold screw jack is also called leveling jack, scaffold screw legs, or scaffold feet. There are many types of scaffold screw jacks: jack base, U head jacks, forkhead jacks, J head screw jacks, etc.

Among them, the base jack is one of the most common scaffold screw jacks. It is a type of scaffold screw jack with a base plate. Thus the base jack is also called a threaded base plate, jack base plate, jack base, etc.

An adjustable base jack is used to level the scaffold height under the scaffold verticals or starter(ring lock system).

The base plate sizes of the scaffold screw jack base are customized. While the most used base plate sizes are 150x150mm, 140x140mm, 120x120mm, etc.

Scaffold screw jack height is customized. You can choose the screw jack max adjusting height. You can also require the overall height of the scaffold screw jacks.

For construction scaffolding safety, the scaffold screw jack nut is always stopping at 150mm from the top (or 1/4 of overall height) to avoid running out in scaffold working.

There are many types of scaffolding jack nuts. Include:

  1. Cast Iron Type Jack Nut
  2. Cast Steel Type Jack Nut
  3. Drop Forged Type Jack Nut

Among them, the cast iron type of jack nut is the most required. The reason is

  1. Cheap Price
  2. Inner Threads Come Out Along with Products
  3. Quick Delivery
  4. Heavy Duty Load

Cast steel and drop forged screw jack nuts are more expensive in cost than cast iron ones. In addition, the inner screws of the screw jack nut need a machinery threading.

According to the scaffold screw jack nut weight, there are light, heavy, and medium weight screw jack nuts.

Scaffold screw jacks are able to be finished in painted, zinc-plated (cold galvanized), or hot-dip galvanized. Hot-dip galvanized(HDG) scaffolding jacks are the most durable in long-term use.

According to the threaded way of the screw jack scaffolding, you can find square threaded and round threaded scaffolding screw jacks in Wellmade.

Square threaded scaffold jacks are with 6.35mm (4 TPI – four teeth per inch) teeth distance. While the round threaded scaffold jack is with 8mm teeth distance.

According to the teeth distance, we called round threaded scaffold jack base coarse threaded jack scaffolding, or quick threaded scaffolding jack stand.

Wellmade quick threaded screw jack bases are popularly used in Europe and Australian markets for the following features:

  1. Fast Running In Adjusting
  2. Easy to Be In Hot Dip Galvanized with Coarse Threading
  3. Take More Weight (Load) from Scaffolds Standard
  4. Strong Jack Nut Make Scaffold More Durable

Wellmade scaffold screw jack diameters are designed according to your scaffolding standards dimensions. Basically, the scaffolding screw jack’s diameter needs to be smaller than the inside diameter of the scaffolding poles. While the screw jack nut support circles must be bigger than the outer diameter of the scaffold vertical parts. Wellmade has professional engineers to help you design the correct scaffold screw jacks for your construction.

Scaffolding Screw Jack Ultimate Load Capacity Test Video In Wellmade

The scaffolding screw jacks’ load capacities are different at different heights. Wellmade always gives you ideas about your scaffold screw jack load weight by real test in our test house.

How Much Weight Can 650mm Scaffold Screw Jacks Take

OD38x650mm Scaffold Screw Jack Ultimate Load Test Result
No.HeightUltimate Load
1100mm173 KN
2200mm143 KN
3300mm137 KN
4400mm106 KN
5500mm116 KN
6600mm135 KN
scaffold screw jack base bearing chart and load test in Wellmade
scaffold screw jack base bearing chart and load test in Wellmade

Types of Scaffold Screw Jack

Wellmade is a professional scaffold screw jack supplier in China. We manufacture different types of scaffolding screw jacks according to your scaffolding construction.

As adjustable scaffolding leveling stands, there are basically two types of scaffold screw jacks: the bottom type of scaffold screw jacks and the top type of screw jack scaffolding. Bottom scaffold screw jacks are used at the bottom of the scaffolding in construction. While top screw jacks are used at the top of the scaffolding to support slabs, beams in concrete formwork, and shoring system.

Bottom Type of Scaffolding Screw Jacks

Bottom scaffolding screw jacks are called adjustable jack base or base jacks. It is fabricated with threaded screw jack stems, scaffold jack nut, and base plate. Among them, the jack nut is adjustable handles. It makes the screw jack base run to different levels.

In the construction, it is used as feet of the scaffolding in construction. Adjustable screw jack bases are used popularly in uneven construction ground. It is easy to adjust the scaffolding horizontally at the same level. Thus, the scaffold jack base is also called bottom screw jack scaffolding or leveling jacks, leveling feet, etc.

During the scaffolding level adjusting, you can use the scaffold evens to measure the horizontal level. The same level of scaffolding material is the base regulation of scaffolding construction. It ensures your scaffolding tower safety and stable.

Top Type Scaffold Screw Jacks

Top type scaffold screw jacks are placed at the top of the scaffold towers during the construction. It is required a lot in shoring scaffold system support, including slab formwork support, beam formwork structure support, etc.

In the shoring scaffolding system, top head scaffold screw jacks are used as scaffold connectors between the scaffold and concrete formwork beams. You can find the top head scaffold screw jacks are able to work with all types of formwork beams. Include timber beams like h20 beam, steel formwork beams like steel hollow section, and aluminum beams like aluma, etc.

At the same time, the top head scaffold screw jack is compatible with all formwork systems, Including steel, steel -ply and aluminum formworks in the slab and beam concrete.

According to the top head screw jack types. You can find the following types of scaffold top head screw Jacks here:

  1. U Jacks
  2. J Head Jacks
  3. Cross Head (Fork head) Jacks

Universal Jack and Swivel Screw Jacks

More than jack base and top head screw jacks, there are other 2 types of screw jacks in scaffolding. One is a universal jack, another one is a swivel jack base.

The universal jack is a type of scaffold screw jack without the base plate or top head. When it joins with a fixed base plate, it will be a scaffold base jack. While you can use the universal screw jack joint with a fixed U head, then a top head scaffold screw jack is formed.

A swivel screw jack is a type of jack base. Different from normal fixed scaffold jack base. the swivel screw jacks are used on a sloped(inclined) basis.

Bar and Tubular Scaffold Screw Jacks

Bar screw jacks are also called solid scaffold jack stands in scaffolding. While tubular scaffold screw jacks are called hollow-type screw jacks.

In fabrication, bar screw jacks are made from round bars. According to the diameter of the solid scaffold jacks, there are OD26mm to OD48mm.

Hollow-type scaffold screw jacks are manufactured by scaffold tubes(round steel pipes). According to the steel raw material, there are seamless scaffold screw jacks and seam (welded tube) scaffold screw jacks.

Scaffold Screw Jack with Socket Base Plate

Scaffold screw jack with socket base plate includes two parts. One is a universal jack, another one is a socket base plate. Between the universal jack and socket base plates, there is a bolt or rivet to fix them well.

There are two types of scaffold screw jack with socket base plates. One is OD48mm for Crab 60 shoring system. Another one is OD38mm for the slab cuplock formwork system.

The OD48mm socket plate screw jacks are the leveling feet for OD60mm Crab 60 scaffolding standards.  While cuplock scaffolding screw jack with socket plates are able to be used at the top of cuplock standard to connect with the cuplock formwork system drop head and decking beam.

The socket scaffold screw jacks are able to be hot-dip galvanized, E-galvanized, or painted.

Scaffold Screw Jack with Washer Lock

In the heavy-duty scaffold shoring frame system, you can use scaffold screw jacks with a washer lock.  The washer lock scaffold screw jacks are always in OD48mm diameter for OD57 or OD60mm scaffold poles.

Adjustable Scaffolding Wheel with Scaffold Jacks

Adjustable scaffolding wheels are a set of scaffolding parts integrated with a scaffold castor wheel and a scaffold leveling jack base.

You can ask for rubber type, plastic-type, PU type, or cast steel type scaffolding wheels. While the scaffold jack base types and sizes are customized according to your construction request too.

Adjustable scaffolding wheels are used a lot in movable and mobile scaffold systems and towers.  Wellmade offer you 5″, 6″, 8″, 10″, and 12″ adjustable scaffolding wheels for your lightweight and heavy-duty work.

Scaffold Screw Jacks In Different Scaffolding Systems

Wellmade Manufactures Standardize Scaffold Screw Jacks. We also offer Customized Scaffold Screw Jack for Your Special Requirement.

According to Scaffolding Systems, Wellmade’s Scaffold Screw Jack Threaded Diameter Would be OD26mm to OD 48mm.

  1. OD26mm Solid Scaffold Screw Jack is the Smallest Jacks We Manufacturered Till Now. It is used with Scaffolding Casters for Clients’ Light Duty Frame Scaffold Systems.
  2. OD38mm Scaffold Screw Jack is the Most Popular Size of Scaffold Screw Jack. It works with all System Scaffolds Especially Ringlock Scaffolding and Cuplock Scaffolding.
  3. OD30mm Scaffold Screw Jacks Work for Traditional Scaffolding Frames of Walk  Through Frames, Ladder Frames, etc.
  4. OD 32-36mm Scaffold Screw Jack Works for Frame Scaffolding too. But For Heavy Duty Frames.
  5. In Kwikstage Scaffolding System to Australia, You can find OD 36mm Solid Scaffold Screw Jacks for OD48mm Scaffolding Vertical Standards.
  6. In Heavy Duty Shoring Scaffolding systems, OD 48mm and OD50mm Scaffold Screw Jacks are chosen as the Most Suitable Scaffolding Feet Sizes for OD 57-D60mm Scaffolding Standards.

Wellmade’s Scaffold Screw Jack can be Zinc-plated ( E-galvanized) or Hot Dip Galvanized for Different Durable Requirements and Construction Project Budget plans.

Our Scaffold Screw Jacks are Popular Used In All Constructions and Buildings: Onshore and Offshore Construction, Civil Construction, Industrial and Commerical Construction.

Scaffold Screw Jack Base Size & Specification

Scaffold screw jack sizes are always customized in diameters, adjustable height, overall height, base plate, u head, and forkhead sizes, etc.

The most used scaffold screw jack includes 24″ scaffold jacks, 1-3/8″ and 1-1/4″ scaffold screw jacks. Both of them are used as scaffold stands or scaffold feet of the scaffolding poles.

Scaffold screw jack steel grade is mostly S235. While you can ask for C45 steel or S355 steel grade if needed.

Solid Scaffold Jack Base Size and Specifications

1OD26mm Solid Jack Base300-1000Painted|E-gal|H.D.G
2OD30mm Solid Jack Base300-1000Painted|E-gal|H.D.G
3OD32mm Solid Jack Base300-1000Painted|E-gal|H.D.G
4OD34mm Solid Jack Base300-1000Painted|E-gal|H.D.G
5OD35mm Solid Jack Base300-1000Painted|E-gal|H.D.G
6OD36mm Solid Jack Base300-1000Painted|E-gal|H.D.G
7OD38mm Solid Jack Base300-1000Painted|E-gal|H.D.G
8OD40mm Solid Jack Base300-1000Painted|E-gal|H.D.G
9OD48mm Solid Jack Base300-1000Painted|E-gal|H.D.G

Hollow Type Screw Jack Base Size and Specifications

1OD30x4mm Hollow Jack Base300-1000mmPainted|E-gal|H.D.G
2OD32x4mm Hollow Jack Base300-1000mmPainted|E-gal|H.D.G
3OD38x4mm Hollow Jack Base300-1000mmPainted|E-gal|H.D.G
4OD48x4mm Hollow Jack Base300-1000mmPainted|E-gal|H.D.G
5OD38x5mm Hollow Jack Base300-1000mmPainted|E-gal|H.D.G
6OD38x6mm Hollow Jack Base300-1000mmPainted|E-gal|H.D.G
7OD48x5mm Hollow Jack Base300-1000mmPainted|E-gal|H.D.G
8OD48x6mm Hollow Jack Base300-1000mmPainted|E-gal|H.D.G

Scaffold Screw U Head Jack Size and Specifications

1ItemsJack Bar Type
2OD30mm U JacksHollow|Solid
3OD32mm U JacksHollow|Solid
4OD34mm U JacksHollow|Solid
5OD35mm U JacksHollow|Solid
6OD36mm U JacksHollow|Solid
7OD38mm U JacksHollow|Solid
8OD40mm U JacksHollow|Solid
9OD48mm U JacksHollow|Solid

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