Layher Allround Planks - 320 Scaffold Platform Ringlock

Layher Allround Plank is a scaffolding platform for Layher Allround System Ringlock Scaffolding. It is used as walk board in construction and building access. There are 320mm layher allround planks and 190mm steel planks in the allround scaffolding system.
You can find  O ledger type and U ledger type of both sizes of layher allround plank for your scaffolding construction and access.
  • O Ledger Platform work with Layher O Ledgers made by OD48.3mm Scaffold Tube.
  • U Ledger Platform  works with Layher U Ledgers Made By 50mm High Strength Steel Structure.

Wellmade produces layher allround scaffolding planks to Europe countries with CE certificate. We supplier you all components of the allround scaffolding system as well. In fabrication, all layher allround planks and accessories are manufacturing according to ISO 9001

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Wellmade Layher Allround Plank

According to the Layher allround system sizes, you can find all sizes of the Layher allround planks in Wellmade. Normally Length of the Scaffolding Platform is 730mm, 1090mm, 1570mm, 2070mm, 2570mm, and 3070mm. Customized length matches with ledger size(center to center) are available as requested.

Safety locks at both ends of the Layher allround planks are for security purposes in protecting wind stress.

In Wellmade, you can find hot dip galvanized and Premier Galvanized Finishing Layher allrouond planks for your choosing.

320mm Scaffolding Platform Sizes

WLP32073O & U Ledger Scaffolding Platform 0.73m320x073cm11.58KG
WLP32109O & U Ledger Scaffolding Platform 1.09m320x109cm15.15KG
WLP32157O & U Ledger Scaffolding Platform 1.57m320x157cm19.93KG
WLP32207O & U Ledger Scaffolding Platform 2.07m320x207cm24.89KG
WLP32257O & U Ledger Scaffolding Platform 2.57m320x257cm29.87KG
WLP32307O & U Ledger Scaffolding Platform 3.07m320x307cm34.83KG

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