Layher Allround Scaffold Planks - Ringlock 320mm Platform

Initially, 320mm scaffold planks are designed by Layher scaffolding for Allround system scaffold. Nowadays, this special scaffold plank is used popularly in a lot of ringlock scaffolding systems and brands. It is also called 320mm scaffold platforms, scaffold boards, steel planks, layher planks, allround planks, access planks, etc.


  1. Save scaffold plank quantity for the same ringlock ledger sizes. 320mm is wider than normal planks of 240mm, 250mm, 300mm, etc.
  2. Bearing more weight for the work platform. According to the test, 320mm scaffold planks are manufactured by special shaped steel profiles with higher strength, thus increasing 60% of the loading capacity than normal planks.
  3. Two plank latches secure the scaffold planks to scaffold ledgers. Prevent wind stress and increase construction safety.

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  • Width: 320mm
  • Height: 76mm
  • Thickness: 1.5-2.0mm
  • Finishing: Galvanized(GI) or HDG
  • System: Ringlock Scaffold
  • Brand: Wellmade (WM)
  • Country of Origin: China


320mm Scaffold Planks

320mm layher allround scaffold planks not only form walk boards for construction it also form access windows if working together with the ringlock scaffold parts of the deck-to-deck transom and deck-to-ledger transom.

In construction, the 320mm scaffold planks are also used together with 190mm layher scaffolding planks and infill planks to fill the gaps between the planks and ringlock ledgers.

Types of 320mm Scaffold Planks

There are two types of 320mm layher scaffold planks. O-type planks hooks designed for ringlock O Ledgers. U-type plank hooks lung to ringlock U ledgers.

  1. O Hook Type 320 Saffold Platform: Work with ringlock scaffold O ledgers with out diameter of 48.3mm(Made of 48.3mm standard scaffold tubes)
  2. U Hook Type 320 Scaffold Platform: Work with ringlock scaffold U ledgers (Made of 50mm ribbed steel U profiles) Ledger

If you want to use the 320mm scaffold planks for all ringlock scaffolding. You can choose the O-type scaffold planks. Because most ringlock scaffolding uses tubular 48.3mm scaffolding ledgers.

U type scaffold planks can be lung on separate sides of U profiles. You do not need to consider too much of the plank hook position and conflicts.  At the same time, the U-type 320mm planks can be joined freely with aluminium platforms, stairs, etc.

For security purposes, you need to cover the lift off preventers on the ringlock U ledgers to prevent the U plank hooks from lifting.

320mm Scaffold Plank Sizes

320mm scaffold plank sizes are aligned with the axis sizes(ringlock standard center to center sizes) of ringlock ledgers. In the layher allround scaffolding system, the standard sizes of 320mm planks include 0.73m, 1.07m, 1.4m, 1.57m, 2.07m, 2.57m, and 3.07m.

Customized sizes are available according to your construction scaffolding design.

320mm Scaffolding Platform Sizes and Weight List

O Type Scaffold Plank 320mm Weight
WLP32073 – O0.73m O Type Plank 320mm320mmx 73 cm7.96
WLP32109 – O1.09m O Type Plank 320mm320mmx109 cm10.47
WLP32140 – O1.40m O Type Plank 320mm320mmx109 cm12.63
WLP32157 – O1.57m O Type Plank 320mm32mm0x157 cm13.82
WLP32207 – O2.07m O Type Plank 320mm320mmx207 cm17.30
WLP32257 – O2.57m O Type Plank 320mm320mmx257 cm20.79
WLP32307 – O3.07m O Type Plank 320mm320mmx307 cm24.27
U Type Scaffold Plank 320mm Weight
WLP32073 – U0.73m U Type Plank 320mm320mmx 73 cm7.29
WLP32109 – U1.09m U Type Plank 320mm320mmx109 cm9.80
WLP32140 – U1.40m U Type Plank 320mm320mmx109 cm11.96
WLP32157 – U1.57m U Type Plank 320mm32mm0x157 cm13.15
WLP32207 – U2.07m U Type Plank 320mm320mmx207 cm16.63
WLP32257 – U2.57m U Type Plank 320mm320mmx257 cm20.12
WLP32307 – U3.07m U Type Plank 320mm320mmx307 cm23.60

320mm Layher Allround Scaffold Plank Bearing

320mm Layher Allround Scaffold Plank Ultimate Load

No.SizeTest MethodsUltimate Load
Ultimate Load
12570mm PlanksCenter Point Load11.82 KN2600 LBS
23070mm PlanksCenter Point Load10.03 KN2207 LBS
32070mm PlanksCenter Point Load13.6 KN2992 LBS

320mm Scaffold Plank Safety Load

The safety load of the 320mm layher Allround scaffold planks needs to be divided according to the safety factor. According to scaffolding standards. You can consider the scaffold safety factors as 2, 3, 4.

Use 2.57m scaffold planks, for example, the ultimate load is 2600 LBS (about 1182KG).

  • If the safety factor is 1:2, the safety load is 1300 LBS or 591 KG
  • If the safety factor is 1:3: the safety load is 866 LBS or 394 KG
  • If the safety factor is 1:4 the safety load is 650 LBS or 296 KG

Safety Load Capacity Calculation of LBS/FT

When you got the safety load after dividing the safety factors. You can calculate the figure of safety load per foot.

Use the 2.57m layher planks as an example, the ultimate load is 2600 LBS. Thus the safety load (Consider Safety Factor is 4 according to the ANSI and CSA standard), and the 320mm scaffold plank safety load capacity is 2600/4=650 LBS.

The total length is 2.57m ( 8.43′). Thus the Load LBS/FT is 650/8.43′ = 77 LBS/FT.

320mm Scaffold Plank Finishing

For Anti- Corrosion purposes, you can choose hot dip galvanized 320mm layher planks and pre-galvanized 320mm planks.

Hot dip galvanized is also called HDG. It is the most durable scaffold surface treatment. The life span of the HDG scaffold steel planks can be more than 10 years.

Pre-galvanized 320mm scaffolding steel planks are made of premier galvanized steel plates. There is less zinc thickness and a shorter life span than HDG scaffold planks. But the cost and price are much cheaper.

Why Wellmade 320mm Layher Scaffolding Planks

  1. CE Certified with CE Marks on the products
  2. Compatible with Layher allround system as well as other ringlock scaffolding
  3. Offer free mockup
  4. Test Load Capacity according to EN 12811 standard. Convenient Your Construction Safety Calculation
  5. ISO 9001 management manufacturing ensures the scaffold plank quality from raw material, welding quality, and bearing load
  6. Offer Product Warranty After Arriving.
  7. Offer MTC and Test reports for each order.
  8. Bring Competitive Price As Leading Manufacturer in China
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