Scaffold Adjustable Fork Head Jacks

Scaffold adjustable forkhead jack is also called four-way jacks or fork head scaffold jacks. Each scaffold forkhead jack includes four scaffold parts: screw jack stem, jack nuts(handle), base plate, and four pieces of steel angle forks.
The adj scaffold forkhead jacks are a support component for formwork scaffolding. It is used popularly in slab formwork and beam formwork concreting.
In the concrete shuttering, the forkhead jacks are joined with all types of formwork beams, timber beams, steel beams, and aluminum beams. The beam types include H20 wood beams, aluma beams, steel & aluminum rectangle & square tubes, etc.
You can use the adjustable scaffold fork head jack in all scaffold systems too: ringlock, cuplock, kwikstage, quick lock scaffold, shoring frames, and traditional frame scaffold as well as tube & coupler scaffolding, etc.
More than the adjustable fork head jack we offer fixed-type scaffold fork heads too.
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  • Steel Grade: S235 & S355
  • Finishing: Galvanized & Painted
  • Overall Length: 150-900mm
  • Adjustable Range: 100-750mm
  • Package: Racks&Pallets
  • Usage: Slab & Beam Formwork
  • Types: Hollow & Solid
  • Diameter: 30mm-48mm


Delivery Terms

  • Delivery Time: 20-45 Days
  • Delivery Terms:  FOB China, CIF, DDU, and DDP

Payment Terms

  • T/T
  • L/C
  • D/P

Adjustable Forkhead Scaffolding Jacks Guide

Adjustable Forkhead Jacks VS Fixed Forkhead Scaffolding

Scaffold forkhead jacks are with adjustable spindles. It can be positioned at different heights by running the jack nuts. Sometimes, it can also help with scaffold leveling.
Scaffold fixed fork heads do not have adjustable screw stems. Instead of the adjustable screw jacks, the fixed forkhead scaffold spigot joints are used to connect with the scaffolding verticals. Fixed forkhead scaffold connectors are made of scaffold tubular and steel stripes. They are versatile to be inserted into no matter the small or big hollows of the scaffold verticals.
Both adjustable and fixed fork head scaffolds could be used in concrete shoring systems. But when you use the scaffold post shore props, you need a fixed fork head. The reason is the top plate of the adjustable scaffold props are always with small holes. Only fixed fork heads are able to be inserted.

Details of Fixed and Adj Scaffold Forkhead Jacks
CodeItemsPlate SizeCustomize Size Available
WFK01Fixed Forkhead240x155mmYes
WFK02Adj Forkhead240x155mmYes

Adjustable Scaffold Forkhead Jack Dimensions

Wellmade designs the adjustable forkhead jack dimensions according to your scaffold types.
For example, if you use an OD48.3mm scaffolding system, like the normal duty ringlock, cuplock, kwikstage, quick lock scaffoldings. We will manufacture OD38mm adjustable forkhead jacks to match the scaffold’s vertical inner diameters.
If your scaffolding systems are heavy-duty shoring scaffolds, like Crab 60 scaffolding, Shoring Frames, and Shore System Ringlock, then OD48mm adjustable forkhead jacks are required. Because these scaffolding standards are made of OD57-60mm scaffold tubes. Thus OD48mm adjustable scaffold forkhead is matched well with them.

Hollow Type VS Solid Type Adjustable Fork Head Jacks

Hollow-type adjustable scaffold forkheads are made of tubular scaffolding. According to the scaffold tube types, you can find seamless tube and welded tube adjustable fork head jacks.
Hollow-type adjustable scaffold fork heads are the most common type of forkhead jacks. It is light in weight than solid jacks but can take heavyweight in the slabs and beams construction.
Solid forkhead jacks are not as popular as hollow types. They are made of solid steel round bars. The diameter of the solid forkhead jack stems can be 30mm to 48mm

Adjustable Forkhead Jack Finishing

For anti-rusty purposes, adjustable scaffolding forkhead jacks are always finished in painted or galvanizing.
Painted fork head jacks are cheaper than galvanized ones. But the anti-corrosion function is not as good as galvanized ones.
There are two types of galvanized forkhead scaffold jacks: hot dip galvanized and cold galvanized.
Hot dip galvanized forkhead jacks are the most durable. They can last more than 20 years without being rusty. Cold galvanizing is not as good as hot dip galvanized scaffold forkhead jacks, but the cost and prices are much less than hot dip galvanizing.

Why Wellmade Scaffold Forkhead Jacks

Wellmade is an ISO 9001 & CE Certified scaffold forkhead manufacturer.
We control scaffold forkhead jack quality from raw material steel grade to welding line test and product ultimate and safety load capacity test.
We offer not only the top quality forkhead scaffold jacks, but also bring you benefits in fast delivery, good prices, and door-to-door delivery.
Our CE certifications (ISO3834 and EN 1090) also help you in the European market.
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