Ringlock Scaffold Spigot Adapter Clamps

Ringlock spigot adapter clamp is also called scaffold spigot adaptors, ringlock support spigot clamps, spigot couplers, ringlock joint pin couplers, etc.
The product includes one ringlock spigot and one standard 48.3mm scaffold tube welded with a forged half scaffolding clamp. Between the spigot coupling and coupler tube, there is a set of bolts and nuts fixing them together.
In construction, the clamp of the spigot adaptor connects to the horizontal members of ringlock system scaffolding, like ringlock lattice girders, O-type ringlock truss ledgers, ringlock O ledgers, etc. While the spigot parts connect to scaffold standards, allowing vertical uprights erected.
Using the ringlock spigot adapter coupler, you can erect the ringlock standards at any intermediate position along the lengths of the ringlock horizontal parts.

Ringlock Scaffold Spigot Adapter Coupler

Scaffold Coupler Types of The Ringlock Spigot Adaptor

The scaffolding half coupler of the ringlock spigot adapter clamp can be the following types:

  1. BS1139 British Types Half Couplers with 21mm cross nut and washer
  2. En74 Germany Type Half Coupler with 22mm Flange Nut and Anti-slip Covers
  3. AS1576 Standard Australian Types with 23mm Flange Nut
  4. USA I Bolt Half Clamps with Anti-slip Covers Heavy Duty

Joint Pin Types of the Ringlock Scaffolding Adapter Clamps

The joint pins’ lengths and types are customized according to the construction scaffolding design:

  1. 520mm Joint Pin with Cross Holes for Suspended and Table Formwork System
  2. 300mm Joint Pins
  3. 540mm Joint Pins

Ringlock Scaffolding Spigot Adapter Clamp Finishing

Hot Dip Galvanizing is the most popular finishing for the ringlock spigot adapter clamps. While other finishing in zinc-plated are available too.

How to Joint Between Spigot Adapter Clamp and Ringlock Standards

In scaffolding erection, the spigot adapter clamps are fixed with ringlock standards by the hinged pins or span pins. Sometimes, there are also fixed by cotter pins and pigtails.


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