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This is the scaffolding support spigot clamps. It is the ringlock scaffolding and cuplock scaffolding modular system components. In fabrication, the scaffolding support spigot clamps are welded the scaffolding coupling spigot with the forged half swivel clamps.
In construction, the spigot coupler is to support the ringlock and cuplock scaffolding vertical pipes and poles. Wellmade’s scaffolding spigot coupler can be compatible with all types of ring lock and pin lock scaffold systems. In addition,  we customize your scaffolding spigot coupler sizes and specifications.
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Wellmade’s Scaffold Spigot Coupler

Wellmade manufactures the scaffold spigot coupler according to BS EN standard. We are the CE-certified scaffolding spigot coupler manufacturer in China. You can use the scaffold spigot coupler to support all types of modular scaffold systems.

In fabrications, Wellmade use different types of half swivel clamps for the spigot coupler support. According to the half swivel clamp types, there are British standard, German standard, Australian standard, and American Standard.  BS1139 British standard spigot coupler use BS1139 half swivel clamps. It is a type of half swivel clamp with a 21mm cross nut with washes on the spigot coupler.

Germany and American types of scaffold spigot couplers use 22mm flange nuts for the half swivel clamps. While 23mm flange nut of the half swivel clamps is produced for Australian scaffolding companies.

According to clients’ custom requirements, you can find zinc-plated or hot dip galvanized scaffolding spigot couplers here. Tell us your spigot clamp requirement now by mail.


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