Pin Lock Scaffold Double Bridging Ledger

Pin lock scaffold double ledger is also called bridging ledgers or truss ledgers. They are the reinforced truss horizontal members for USA and Canada-type pin lock scaffold systems.
Pin lock double ledger is called truss ledgers or bridge ledgers too. It includes one main tube and one reinforced tube. Both of them are manufactured by OD48.3mm standard scaffold tubes.
At the ends of the main tubes, there are 2 sets of wedge heads. In construction, the wedge heads are used to fix the pin lock double ledgers to pin lock scaffold standards.
when you need the pin lock ledgers to take more weight from overhead, which the regular single ledgers are not possible to take, the double ledger will help you to meet the hi load requirement.
Wellmade manufactures pin lock scaffolding double bridging ledgers according to ANIS and CSA standards. Hot dip galvanized gives the pin lock scaffold parts the most durable life.
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Part No.DescriptionSizeWeight
WPTL 182Truss Ledger 1.82m6′13.65 KG30.03 LBS
WPTL 213Truss Ledger 2.13m7′16.5 KG36.30 LBS
WPTL 243Truss Ledger 2.43m8′18.1 KG39.82 LBS
WPTL 305Truss Ledger 3.05m10′23.4 KG51.48 LBS
  • Material: Steel
  • Steel Grade: S235 & S355
  • Outer Diameter: 48.3mm
  • Thickness: 3.2mm
  • Finishing: Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Brand: Wellmade (WM)
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Service Market: USA & CANADA
  • Delivery: Door to Door
  • Standard: ANIS and CSA




Pin Lock Truss Ledgers

Pin Lock Scaffold Truss Ledger VS Allround System Truss Ledger

Both pin lock scaffold and allround system scaffolding are ringlock modular systems. The difference is pin lock scaffold system is designed for the USA and Canada scaffolding and formwork companies. While the allround scaffolding system is designed for European scaffolding and formwork companies.

Truss ledgers are the parts of both systems. But the design is different for the two different scaffold systems:

  • Pin lock scaffold truss ledgers are made of two straight horizontal scaffold tubes with the same diameter of 48.3mm. The vertical tube between the two straight tubes is a standard 48.3mm scaffold tube in short length too.
  • Allround scaffolding system truss ledgers are made of one 48mm scaffold tube and the support tube is bent into the smaller tubes in OD33.7mm. Between the two tubes, there are 6mm steel plates as stiffness.

The Two System Truss Ledger Parts Sizes are different.

Pin Lock Scaffold Truss Ledger SizesAllround Scaffolding Truss Ledger Sizes
1.82m (6′)1.09m
2.13m (7′)1.57m
2.43m (8′)2.07m
3.05m (9′)2,57m

Why Wellmade Pin Lock Scaffold and Truss Ledgers

Wellmade is an ISO 9001 & CE certified scaffolding manufacturer. Professional in all types of ringlock scaffold parts and accessories manufacturing.
We are experts in different countries’ ringlock scaffolding manufacturing:  USA& Canada types, European types, Asian types, Africa types, Latin America types, etc.

The ringlock scaffolding products are of high quality. Quality Controlling from the raw material steel grade to welding lines, size mock-up, ultimate load capacity test, surface durability test, etc.

When you buy the ringlock scaffold parts and truss ledgers from us, you can have a 1-year warranty from the date you received the material.
In the USA and Canada, Wellmade offers door to door delivery to make your purchase and import easy.
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