Scaffold Cages

Scaffold cages are scaffold pallets with mesh welded on or fixed inside. Thus it is also called scaffold mesh pallets or scaffold cage pallets or scaffold boxes, Bins or scaffold baskets, etc.
Scaffold cages are used for small components of scaffolding transportation, storage, and container loading(export shipping). Like scaffold fittings and clamps, formwork accessories etc.

  1. Easy to Stack
  2. Organize Small Elements and Parts
  3. Save Storage Space
  4. Convenient for Transportation and Transferring
  5. Ensure Scaffold Material Safety Without Lost and Damage
  6. Protect Scaffold Material From Bare In the Environment
  7. Timber(wooden) scaffold cages are available too.
  8. Sizes: 1.1×1.1×1.1m Or Customized Sizes

Big scaffolding components need to be packed by scaffold racks.

  1. Width: 1.1m
  2. Length: 1.1m
  3. Height: 1.0m
  4. Mesh: 50x50mm
  5. Mesh Diameter: 5mm
  6. With Lifting Eyes
  7. Finishing: Galvanized and Painted
  8. Usage: Small Scaffold Parts and Accessories

Scaffold Cages

Steel Scaffold Cage with Mesh Box

  1. Mesh Grids: 25x25mm, 30x30mm
  2. Mesh Wire: 3mm and 5mm
  3. Finishing: Painted or HDG
  4. Customized Dimension In Width, Length & Height
  5. With and Without Lift Eyes
  6. Stackable

Steel Scaffold Cage Bins

  1. 4 Sides Closed with One Cover
  2. Finishing: Painted
  3. Dimension: Customized In Small or Bigger Size
  4. With Eye Lift Accessories
  5. Heavy Duty Load
  6. Protection of Scaffold Material From Wet Environment for Extend Scaffold Life
  7. Stackable
  8. Liftable

Timber Scaffold Cages(Crates and Boxes)

  1. Light Weight
  2. Standard Sizes 1.1×1.1x1m
  3. Cheaper Cost Than Scaffold Bins
  4. Customized Sizes Available Too
  5. Stackable

Scaffold Lifting Cages

Lifting cages are always with lift eyes welded on the scaffold cages. The lift eyes are with big holes. This hole allows lifting hooks to work.

The eye lift plate is always made of 6-10mm high tensile strength steel plates. Lift eyes do not impact the stack of scaffold cages.

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