Suspended Scaffolding Parts Ringlock Leg Lock

Wellmade is Suspended Scaff0lding Parts Manufacturer. The Ringlock Scaffolding Leg Lock is one of the Suspended Scaffolding Components.

Leg Locks Include Two Ringlock Scaffolding Ledger Ends and Wedge Pins Connect with Ringlock Scaffolding Rosette Rings.  This Allows Hanging Scaffold Vertical Support Away from Ringlock Scaffolding Tower.

As CE Certified Suspended Scaffolding Manufacturer, You can find Top Quality In Welding of the Ringlock Scaffolding Leg Locks.

ISO9001 Management System, Controlling the Suspended Scaffolding Ringlock Leg Locks Quality from Steel Grade to Daily Testing Welding, Loading etc.

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Raw Material In Test

Load Test

Mock Up

Wellmade Scaffold’s Suspended Connector Leg Lock is Ringlock Scaffolding Components, designed to an attached bottom rosette of top ringlock standard to top rosette of bottom ringlock standard. Our Suspended Connectors are made from high strength steel scaffold tubes with cast ledger ends and wedge pins.

Ringlock Scaffold Suspended Connector Leg Lock Size

WSCL-TRinglock Suspended Connector Leg Lock-Tube TypeOD48.3×5003.96KGH.D.G
WSCL-PRinglock Suspended Connector Leg Lock-Plate Type6×5004.24KGH.D.G


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