Ringlock Scaffold Leg lock

Ringlock leg locks are called ringlock scaffolding standard locks, ringlock standard brackets, ring system suspended brackets, ring lock leg safety lock connectors, etc.
It is composited by one vertical tube, and two sets of ringlock ledger heads fixed on short horizontal tubes and then welded on the vertical tube.
The leg lock ledger heads with wedge pins connect with the rings on ringlock standards in the erection with a distance of 500mm.

Ringlock leg locks are designed to attach two ringlock standards or standard and base collars. Join them together to prepare suspended scaffold construction or scaffolding lift operation.
In erection, one ledger head fixes the top rings of the bottom standards/starter. Another ledger head fixes to bottom rings of up standards.
Wellmade designs square tube and round tube suspended bracket. send us a mail to get the latest price.

  1. Effective length: 0.5m (for 2 rosette distance)
  2. Material: Steel
  3. Diameter: OD 48.3mm
  4. Finishing: Hot Dip Galvanized
  5. Connectors: 2 sets of ringlock ledger head
  6. Usage: Suspended Scaffolding, Scaffolding Moving, Staging Scaffolding

Ringlock Leg Locks

Technical Data

  • The permissible load(safety load) is 18.8 KN
  • Safety Factor: 3:1
  • OD48.3mm
  • Cast Steel Ledger Heads
  • 500mm Usage Height

Leg Lock Specifications

CodeItemsTube SpecWeightFinishingLength
WSCL-48Round Tube Leg LocksOD48.3mm3.96KGH.D.G0.58m
WSCL-50Square Tube Leg Locks50x50mm4.24KGH.D.G0.58m

Why Wellmade Leg Locks

  1. Use for Allround System, Pin ock Scaffold, and Multidirectional Scaffolding System
  2. Made of High Strength Steel Grade S355
  3. Two Types: Round Tube Type or Square Tube Types
  4. Compatible with All Brands of Ringlock Scaffolding
  5. Cast Steel Ledger Heads
  6. S355 Steel Grade Wedge Pins
  7. High Load and High Strength Safety
  8. CE Certified High Quality Welding Quality
  9. ISO 1462 Standard Galvanizing Quality

Ring System Scaffolding Components

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