Ringlock Scaffold Lift Off Preventers

Lift off preventer is ringlock scaffolding component used to prevent ringlock scaffold planks or decks lift off from U ledgers, U reinforced ledgers and U truss ledgers. In high-level construction, the lift-off preventers are necessary accessories to ensure the safety of the ringlock system scaffolding. Thus it is also called U ledger covers, ringlock plank locker, etc.

The lift-off preventer is made of a high-strength steel structure with two locks fixed on it. The locks secure the scaffold plank hooks not loose or moving.

In construction, it is easy to erect the lift-off preventer. Just simply insert the lock of the products into the holes of the U ledger and turn the lock direction.

Sizes of the lift-off preventer are matched up with the sizes of ringlock U ledgers and transoms from 73cm to 307cm.

Send us your requirement by mail to get an immediate price from Wellmade, the ISO 9001 & CE certified ringlock scaffolding parts manufacturer.

  • 40*20mm
  • Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Sizes: 0.73m to 3.07m
  • Application: Fit Ringlock U Ledgers
  • Brand: Wellmade
  • Compatible with: Layer Allround, Pin Lock System, Multidirectional Scaffolding
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