Chile Ladder Frame Scaffold

Wellmade’s ladder frame scaffold is in standardized 2m height. It forms a ladder frame scaffold tower together with the frame parts of steel platform, cross braces, adjustable screw jack base etc.
We exported the ladder frame scaffolding system mainly to Chile country. Thus, it is also called Marco Andamios in Spanish.
Wellmade manufactures the Chile type scaffolding ladder frames according to ISO9001 management. The ladder frame scaffold materials are CE certificated too according to ISO3834 and EN 1090 standard.
You can find all type of surface treatment for your ladder frame scaffolding. Includes painted, powder coated and galvanized etc.
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Wellmade’s Chile Type Ladder Frame Scaffolding

Wellmade is a leading ladder frame scaffolding manufacturer for Chile scaffolding and formwork companies. You can find complete components and parts of your ladder frame scaffolding tower in Wellmade, includes 2m vertical frames, cross braces, adjustable levelling jack bases, scaffold platform etc.  The steel scaffolding platform is in 220mm width. According to the special scaffolding design, the ladder frame scaffolding steel planks are with hooks & safety locks at both ends.
Wellmade’s scaffold ladder frame is made from the outer diameter of 42.7mm scaffold tubes. In fabrication, there are two pieces of scaffolding coupling pins. The coupling pin, as a vertical connector component, is used to inserting into the ladder frame scaffolding O.D 42mm vertical tubes.
You can choose the Chile type ladder frame shape and type in Wellmade according to you construction custom. There are 2 types of ladder frame scaffolding to Chile in different shapes.
two types of Chile ladder frame scaffolding system
Ladder Frame Scaffolding 2 Types
Wellmade’s ladder frame scaffolding is one of the most popular modular scaffold frame systems. It is a type of scaffolding frames with a combined function of access ladders and vertical support.
Engineering,  you do not need extra scaffolding ladders attached on the ladder frame in accessing.
In construction, you can use the ladder frame scaffold tower as an indoor scaffolding system. If erected together with the caster wheels, the ladder frame scaffold becomes an interior mobile scaffold tower.
Wellmade’s ladder frame scaffolding system is also used in outdoor scaffolding construction. It is used globally for building maintenance, painting, plastering, stucco.
Wellmade’s scaffolding ladder frames us widely used in all industries include commercial construction, civil construction and building and concrete shoring and forming etc.

Chile Type Ladder Frame Scaffold Size&Specifications

WCL202m Ladder Frame Type 1 (Blue)O.D 42.7mm x 2m18.99 KG
WCL212m H Frame Scaffold Type 2(Galvanized)O.D 42.7mm x 2m16.59KG

Chile Ladder Frame Scaffold

Chile Ladder Frame Scaffolding Cross Braces Size ( X brace Set)

CodeItemsSize(mm)Weight(One Set)
WCLXBCross Brace(X Brace)OD22 x 23006.09 KG

220mm scaffold steel platform with hooks and safety lock pin - chile type ladder frame scaffold tower components -access system

Chile Ladder Frame Steel Platform 220mm Specifications

WCLP220220mm Scaffold Steel Platform220 x 2300mm15.98KG


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