Adjustable Scaffolding Prop Jack

Wellmade is Prop Jack Manufacturer In China. You Can Find All Sizes & Specifications of Props Jacks Here.

Wellmade’s Prop Jack can with Base Plate of U Head for Your Construction Convenient.

Our Engineer Team Designs the Prop Jacks According to Your Load Capacity Requirement Customized for Your Projects.

As a CE Certified Prop Jack Supplier, You can find the Highest Quality Prop Jacks with Plump Welding Seam, Smooth Surface, Qualified Steel Grade etc.

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According to Prop Jack Load Capacity, Wellmade Produces Lightweight Props, Medium Duty Scaffold Props, Heavy Duty Acrow Props and Shoring Post.
You Can Tell Us Your Detailed Slab&Concrete Shuttering Load Capacity Requirement. We will Design the Prop Jack According to Your load at Each Height Position. 

There are Painted, Zinc-plated, Pre-galvanized, and Hot dip galvanized Prop Jacks In Wellmade. 

Lightweight Props is Lower Cost In Steel Material. It is Required for Normal Thinner Concrete Support. 

Medium Duty and Heavy Duty Prop Jacks are Used in Thick Concrete. They are Popular Required In Industrial Construction, Infrastructure Construction like Bridge, Highway Road Etc.

Adjustable Height of the Prop Jacks is Customized according to Concrete Floor Height Up to 6 Meter.

You can Choose S235 Steel Grade or S355 Higher Steel Grade for Your Prop Jacks.

Light Duty Adjustable Scaffolding Jacks

Tube Size for Light Duty Adjustable Scaffolding Jacks
Inner TubeOD48.3×1.4-1.7mmOD48.3×1.8-2.0mmOD48.3×2.0-2.3mm
Outer TubeOD60.3×1.4-1.7mmOD60.3×1.8-2.0mmOD60.3×2.0-2.3mm

Middle Duty Adjustable Scaffolding Jacks

Tube Size for Middle Duty Adjustable Scaffolding Jacks
Inner TubeOD48.3×2.4mmOD48.3×2.5mmOD48.3×2.7mm
Outer TubeOD60.3×2.4mmOD60.3×2.5mmOD60.3×2.7mm

Heavy Duty Adjustable Scaffolding Jacks

Heavy Duty Adjustable Scaffolding Jacks
Inner TubeOD48.3×2.8-4.0mmOD60x3.0-4.0mmOD76x3.0-4.0mm
Outer TubeOD60.3×2.8-4.0mmOD76x3.0-4.0mmOD80x3.0-4.0mm



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