Slab Formwork Shuttering Ajdustable Scaffolding Jacks

Light Duty, Middle Duty and Heavy Duty Adjustable Scaffolding Jacks Are Popular Used for Slab Formwork and Shuttering Support.   

There are Painted, Zinc-plated, Pre-galvanized and Hot dip galvanized Scaffolding Jack Props. 

Light Duty Adjustable Scaffolding Jacks are Popular Used in Civil Construction Slab and Beam Formwork.

Middle Duty and Heavy Duty  Adjustable Scaffolding Jacks are Used in Industrial Construction, Infrastructure Construction like Bridge, Highway Road Etc. Which Can load High Capacity in Concreting. 

Scaffolding Jack Max Adjustable Height is Customized According to Slab and Beam Formwork Height from 3.0m to 5.5mtr. 

Steel Grade for Inner Tube and Outer Tube of Adjustable Scaffolding Jack Can Be Q235 and Q345 Customized Designed.

Light Duty Adjustable Scaffolding Jacks 

light duty adjustble scaffolding jacks for slab and beam concrete shuttering formwork support

Tube Size for Light Duty Adjutable Scaffolding Jacks
Inner Tube OD48.3x1.4-1.7mm OD48.3x1.8-2.0mm OD48.3x2.0-2.3mm
Outer Tube OD60.3x1.4-1.7mm OD60.3x1.8-2.0mm OD60.3x2.0-2.3mm

Middle Duty Adjustable Scaffolding Jacks

Tube Size for Middle Duty Adjutable Scaffolding Jacks
Inner Tube OD48.3x2.4mm OD48.3x2.5mm OD48.3x2.7mm
Outer Tube OD60.3x2.4mm OD60.3x2.5mm OD60.3x2.7mm

Heavy Duty Adjustable Scaffolding Jacks

Heavy Duty Adjustable Scaffolding Jacks
Inner Tube OD48.3x2.8-4.0mm OD60x3.0-4.0mm OD76x3.0-4.0mm
Outer Tube OD60.3x2.8-4.0mm OD76x3.0-4.0mm OD80x3.0-4.0mm




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