Scaffold Hatch Platform with Access Ladder & Trapdoor

Wellmade scaffold hatches integrate with scaffolding platforms, aluminum or steel scaffold ladders, and trapdoors. Using scaffold hatches would save your construction without using the scaffold stairs and scaffold trap door.

You can find different types of scaffold hatches in Wellmade. Include aluminum type, aluminum plywood type, and steel type. Meanwhile, we custom your scaffold hatches according to your access scaffolding arrangement in size and specifications.

As an ISO9001 & CE certified scaffolding manufacturer, we supply you with high-quality scaffolding hatches. In addition, you could get more benefits by buying directly from the scaffolding hatch manufacturer.

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Wellmade Scaffold Hatches

Wellmade scaffold hatches are also called scaffold ladder hatch or hatch platform scaffolding. It is one type of scaffold platform integrated with the access components of aluminum ladders and trap doors.

The scaffold hatches are manufactured by lightweight aluminum excluded structure. Compare to steel scaffold hatches, aluminum and aluminum plywood scaffold hatches are easy to handle in construction and building.

Features of Wellmade’s Scaffold Hatches

  1. Easy Handle with Light Weight
  2. Compatible with Ringlock, Cuplock, Kwiktage, Tube & Clamp Scaffold and Frame System
  3. Combined with Access Ladder and Platform
  4. Save Construction Stair Steps and Trapdoors

Types of Wellmade Scaffold Hatches

Aluminum Scaffold Hatch

Aluminum scaffold hatches are fabricated with the aluminum platform, aluminum ladders, and aluminum trapdoors.  Sometimes, clients also ask for steel scaffolding ladders instead of the aluminum ladder.

Among the aluminum components, the aluminum platform with anti-slip surface treatment for construction safety considerations.  Aluminum scaffold hatches are at a higher cost than aluminum plywood and steel scaffold hatches.  But it is able to serve you for the longest time.

scaffold hatch aluminum type
scaffold hatch aluminum type

Aluminum Plywood Scaffold Hatch

An aluminum plywood scaffold hatch is a ladder access hatch with aluminum frames and a plywood platform. It is lightweight too, which is the same as the aluminum scaffold hatches.  But the plywood scaffolding platform raw material cost is much less than the full aluminum platform.

In fabrication, Wellmade uses special marine-grade film-faced plywood for your scaffold hatch platform. Marine plywood is anti-slip and water protective. Thus, the aluminum plywood scaffold hatches are the most welcomed hatch doors for safety construction.

The aluminum plywood scaffold hatches are designed to work with two types of ringlock scaffold horizontals: Ringlock O ledger and Ringlock U ledger.

  1. If you want the scaffold hatches to work with ringlock O ledger, you need to use O hooks scaffold hatch planks.
  2. When your project use the ringlock U ledger, you need to choose U type hooks to match up with the horizontal parts.

O hook aluminium scaffold hatch planks include two pieces of wind protection locks. They used to lock the planks on the ringlock ledgers and ensure the safety of the construction platform.

For U-hook aluminium hatch planks, you can erect the lift-off preventer to protect the scaffold hooks from lifting in bad weather.

scaffold hatch aluminum plywood type
scaffold hatch aluminum plywood type

Steel Scaffold Hatch

Steel scaffold hatches are customized types of scaffold trapdoor platforms. It is made from double scaffold boards, which is supported by hollow square sections.

Steel scaffold hatches are heavyweight compared to aluminum-type planks with hatch. But it is much cheaper in steel raw material. Thus save your construction budget.

According to the surface treatment of the steel scaffold hatches, you can find a hot-dip galvanized(HDG), painted, and GI(Pre-galvanized) steel hatch platform.  Among all of them, HDG is the most durable.

Wellmade not only manufactures you the steel scaffold hatches. We also design the scaffold hatches to compatible with your scaffold systems.

steel type scaffold hatch platform with trapdoor for construction access
steel type scaffold hatch platform with a trapdoor for construction access

Scaffold Hatch Length & Size

You can tell us your scaffold hatch lengths and sizes. We are able to make your customized scaffold hatches come out from our production line.  At the same time, there are the following standard sizes for your choosing.

Hatch LengthScaffold SystemHatch LengthScaffold System
1.57m Scaffold HatchAllround Scaffold1.5m Scaffold HatchRinglock & Other System
2.07m Scaffold HatchAllround Scaffold1.8m Scaffold HatchRinglock & Other System
2.57m Scaffold HatchAllround Scaffold2.5m Scaffold HatchRinglock & Other System
3.07m Scaffold HatchAllround Scaffold3.0m Scaffold HatchRinglock & Other System
7′ Scaffold HatchPin Lock Scaffold10′ Scaffold HatchPin Lock Scaffold

Scaffold Hatch Width

In Wellmade, scaffold hatch width is also 600mm, 610mm, and 620mm. 610mm width scaffold hatch is also called a 24″ hatch door plank.

In some countries, 21″ and 28″ width scaffold hatch platforms with trap doors are also required.

Usage of the Scaffold Hatches

Scaffold hatches are used in a wide range of construction. You can find it in industrial scaffolding, civil scaffolding, commercial scaffolding, oil and gas scaffolding, etc.

More than modular scaffold systems, the scaffold hatches are used in multi-purpose scaffolding systems, frame scaffolding, aluminum folding scaffolding, steel baker scaffold system, etc.

Wellmade scaffold hatch access ladders are able to be closed when you are not using them. Therefore, it is easy for transportation and stock. More than that, it is flexible too, you can open the trap doors from the top or from the bottom.

Tell us your requirement of the scaffold hatches now to get an immediate reply.

More than scaffold access hatches and modular scaffold, you can find other scaffolding accessories in Wellmade. Include adjustable scaffolding props, scaffold leveling feet, extendable transoms, etc.

Scaffold Hatch FAQ Guide

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