Euro Frame Scaffolding

Euro frame scaffolding is a type of frame scaffolding made by OD48.3mm scaffold tube as verticals. It is also called the Euro H frame or Marco Euro. Euro frame scaffolding is mostly galvanized. They bear more weight than traditional scaffolding frames with 42.7mm vertical tubes.

Advantages of Euro frame scaffold:

  1. Durable for a long time using
  2. High Load Capacity for Construction and Shoring
  3. Less Components Than Other System Scaffold
  4. Save Assembly Time
  5. Save Labor Cost

Wellmade is a scaffolding manufacturer that produces different types of Euro frame scaffolding for European Countries, Latin American countries, and the Gulf Area. Send us mail of your Euro Frame Scaffolding requirement and get the immediate price now.

Sizes & Specifications of Euro Frame Scaffolding

Galvanized Euro scaffolding main frame sizes include 200x70cm and 100x70cm. The Euro mainframes are always with spigots.

Components of the euro frame scaffolding system include Diagonal Braces, Base Transom, Aluminium Ladders, and Steel Platform in 300mm and 320mm as well as Frame Scaffold Ledgers, Base Jacks, and Toe Board etc.

Euro Frame Scaffold Vertical Frames(Marco Euro)

WMER20702.0×0.7m Euro Frame(Marco Euro)22.8
WMER10701.0×0.7m Euro Frame(Marco Euro)16.5

Euro Frame Scaffold End Rail Frame

Code No.DescriptionWeight(KG)
WMER1070End Rail Frame 1.0m18.3
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