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High Quality Formwork Clamps Manufacturer

Wellmade is a formwork clamp manufacturer in China. You can find complete types of formwork clamps here: Doka formwork clamp, Peri formwork clamping system, forged and ductile cast iron formwork clamps, etc.

Wellmade formwork clamps utilize your slab and wall formwork systems. It also rigid your formwork panels, angles, corners during the column, slab, wall, and beam shuttering. No matter you are using steel, aluminum, timber, steel ply form work systems, you can find the right formwork clamps here.

As a leading CE-certified formwork clamps manufacturer, we offer high-quality concrete formwork clamps. In addition, importing the formwork clamps from Wellmade saves your concrete costs. Tell us your formwork clamp requirement no to get a good price now.

Types of Concrete Formwork Clamps

Doka Wedge Lock Formwork Clamp Quick Acting Formwork Key
Code: WFDK01
  • Type: Forged
  • Weight: 3.3KG
  • Finishing: E-galvanized
Pressed Formwork Clamps Adjustable Universal Clamps Multifunctional Formwork Keys
Code: WPDK02
  • Type: Pressed Steel
  • Weight: 3.8KG
  • E-galvanized
Doka Formwork Clamps Adjustable Universal Clamps Multifunctional for Column and Wall Form Work System
Code: WFDK03
  • Type: Forged
  • Weight: 5.2KG
  • E-galvanized
Peri Pressed Type Formwork Clamps for Column and Wall Form Work System
Code: WFPR04
  • Type: Pressed
  • Weight: 4.2KG
  • E-galvanized
Ductile Cast Iron Formwork Clamp Keys
Code: WFWM05
  • Type: Cast Iron
  • Weight: 2.85KG
  • E-galvanized
Ductile Cast Iron Formwork Clamps 1
Code: WFWM06
  • Type: Cast Iron
  • Weight: 2.40KG
  • E-galvanized
Formwork Clamp Long Type Ductile Cast Iron
Code: WFWM07
  • Type: Cast Iron
  • Weight: 5.2KG
  • E-galvanized
Round Type Formwork Clamp Form Work Panel Locking Key Panel Locks
Code: WFWM08
  • Type: Cast Iron
  • Weight: 2.60KG
  • E-galvanized
Forged Formwork Clamp Form Work Panel Lock Key
Code: WFWM09
  • Type: Cast Iron
  • Weight: 6.0KG
  • E-galvanized
Ductile Cast Iron Type Formwork Clamps Concrete Column and Wall Form Work Shuttering Panel Lock Keys 2
Code: WFWM10
  • Type: Cast Iron
  • Weight: 1.50KG
  • E-galvanized
Ductile Cast Iron Type Formwork Clamps Concrete Column and Wall Form Work Shuttering Panel Lock Keys
Code: WFWM11
  • Type: Cast Iron
  • Weight: 2.44KG
  • E-galvanized
Formwork Casted Iron Rapid Clamp with Wedge Locks and Keys -Concrete Flat Butterfly Clamp Wedges
Code: WFWM12
  • Type: Cast Iron
  • Weight: 0.42KG
  • E-galvanized
Formwork Wedge Lock Clamp Tensioners Tighteners Rapid Clamp Tools
Code: WFWM13
  • Type: Cast Iron
  • Weight: 1.40KG
  • E-galvanized
Formwork Spring Clamp Rapid Clamp for Concrete Forming Shuttering
Code: WFWM13
  • Type: Pressed
  • Weight: 0.38KG&0.41KG
  • E-galvanized
Formwork Rapid Clamp Tensioners Tightners Spring Clamp Tools
Code: WFWM14
  • Type: Pressed
  • Weight: 2.90KG
  • E-galvanized

Formwork Clamps in Formwork System

Formwork clamps are used widely in both modular and symmetrical formwork systems. It is effective without using nuts and bolts in concrete. Easy to erect and remove without special training. More than that, formwork clamps are always heavy-duty in concrete shuttering.

The formwork clamps are able to use in column formwork, slab formwork, wall formwork system, beam formwork, hanging soffit, steel stanchions, etc.

Formwork System Using Formwork Clamps

You can choose the most suitable formwork clamps special for your formwork system.While Wellmade most formwork clamps are universal using in all types of formwork systems. The formwork system Include

  • 63mm Light Weight Steel Plywood Formwork System
  • 120mm Heavy Duty Steel Frame with Plywood Panel System
  • Aluminium Formwork System
  • Steel Formwork System
  • Timber(Wood) Formwork System

Forged Formwork VS Ductile Cast Iron Formwork Clamps

Forged Formwork Clamps Wedge Lock Clamp Quick Acting

Forged formwork clamps are requested by global famous formwork companies like Doka, Peri, etc. It is forging from high-strength steel bars at high temperatures.  According to the test result, the same weight and type wedge lock formwork clamps, forged formwork clamping are higher ultimate loading capacity than ductile cast iron formwork clamps.  More than that, forged formwork clamps with smoother surfaces.

Forged Formwork Clamps Wedge Lock Clamp Quick Acting

Ductile cast iron formwork clamps are the most popular formwork clamps. Compare to pressed and forged formwork clamps, cast iron formwork clamps are fabricated according to EN GJS 450 standard. In fabrication, cast formwork clamps are lower cost and quicker in production and delivery. While the load capacity is safe enough for normal construction concrete formwork.

Formwork Clamp Using In Global Wide Brand Formwork Companies

Wellmade formwork clamps are able to compatible with

  •  Doka Formwork Systems
  • Peri Formwork Systems
  • Meva Formwork Systems
  • Euro Formwork
  •  Ultima Formwork
  • Titian Formwork
  • Leading Russia Formwork Systems
  • Korea Formwork Systems

Wellmade Formwork Clamps 

Wellmade formwork clamps are also called shuttering clamps and concrete form clamping. It is used popularly in beam formwork, slab formwork, wall formwork, column formwork, table formwork, climbing formwork and soffits, steel stanchions, etc.

As a lead formwork clamp manufacturer in China, Wellmade manufactures all types of formwork clamps. They are popularly used in concrete shuttering and forming systems. You can find galvanized, painted and powder coated formwork clamps here. In addition, the formwork clamp tensioners and tightener tools are available too.

According to formwork clamp fabrications, there are forged type, pressed type, and ductile cast iron type formwork clamps. While forged type formwork clamps are the most durable concrete clamps. Thus it is requested by global famous formwork engineer companies.  But forged formwork clamps are slow in production fabrication and higher in cost.

Among the different types of formwork clamps, ductile cast iron formwork clamps are the cheapest formwork clamps. Thus It is more popular than forged formwork clamps in construction.

According to the formwork clamp company brand, you can find Doka formwork clamps, Peri formwork clamps, etc. They are able to utilize steel, aluminum, and timber formwork systems.

Wellmade concrete formwork clamps fix and rigid the formwork system components quickly. In the concrete shuttering, the formwork clamps secure the formwork components. Like formwork panels, corners, brackets, walers, film-faced plywood floorings, and formwork beams, propping, etc.

Using the formwork clamping system makes your construction concrete and shuttering more efficient in time and labor. It is no need for any extra bolts and nuts. In addition, it is also easy to remove from the concrete formwork system too.

More than that, Wellmade formwork clamps are compatible with different types of formwork systems. You can use the concrete shuttering clamps in the steel metal forms, while they are also able to fix aluminum formwork systems and timber formwork systems.

Formwork Wedge Lock Clamp

formwork wedge lock clamps manufacturing in Wellmade
formwork wedge lock clamps manufacturing

Wedge lock formwork clamp is also called a quick-acting clamp or wedge lock formwork key. The quick-acting formwork wedge lock clamps are adjustable. While adjustable lengths make the quick-acting formwork clamps compatible with different sizes and shapes of formwork frames and panels.

You can find Doka forged steel formwork wedge lock clamps here. While ductile cast iron wedge lock formwork clamps are also available. Both of them are able to be finished in galvanizing(zinc-plated) for durable purposes and repeat concrete work.  The weight of the formwork wedge lock key clamp is customized from 1.4-3.5KG.

Adjustable Formwork Universal Clamp

Adjustable Formwork Clamps Doka Peri Type Forged and Pressed Steel Column Wall Form Work Locks
Adjustable Formwork Clamps Doka Peri Type Forged and Pressed Steel Column Wall Form Work Locks

Adjustable formwork clamp is also called formwork universal clamps, shuttering universal lock, or multifunctional formwork clamps.  It is designed for longer adjustable ranges than the quick lock formwork wedge clamps. You can find Doka forged adjustable formwork clamps, Peri pressed steel adjustable universal clamps. While normal cast iron type adjustable formwork clamps are also available.

You can find silver or yellow galvanizing for the adjustable universal formwork clamps. In fabrication, the adjustable formwork universal clamps are much heavier than short quick-acting formwork wedge keys.

Formwork Rapid Clamps

Formwork rapid clamp includes formwork spring clamp and wedge clamp. Formwork spring clamps are manufactured from steel plates pressing with a spring on the clamps. Wellmade customs your formwork rapid clamps in sizes and rebar diameters. You can find painted, powder-coated, and galvanizing formwork spring rapid clamps.

Formwork wedge clamps are cast iron type of formwork clamps with wedges.  It is one type of rapid formwork clamps too.

Both formwork rapid clamps and wedge clamps need a tightener(tensioner) in concrete clamping and removing.

Formwork Clamps in Structure Propping

Formwork Structure Propping U Clip Clamps
Formwork Structure Propping U Clip Clamps

Formwork clamps are not only used for modular and symmetrical formwork systems. It is also used for structural propping systems.  The formwork clamping system is able to fix the shoring props to slab formwork floors, beams, etc.

More formwork accessories and parts are available by mail. Send us your formwork products requirement to get a professional reply now.

Types of Formwork Column Clamps

Adjustable Column Clamps in Steel
Adjustable Column Clamps in Steel

Column clamps are types of formwork clamps used during the column formwork.  Column formwork is concrete forms used to form the column boxes. According to the column boxes types, the column formwork could be square, rectangular, circular(round), or special-shaped.

In column formwork concrete, the column sizes are always different. Thus the column clamps are always adjustable or extendible.  You can find 2 types of column clamps in Wellmade. One is straight column clamps, another one is L-shaped column clamps. Both of them are able to manufactured in galvanized or painted/coated finishing.

GW 120 Steel Ply Formwork System for Wall Shuttering and Column Forming
GW 120 Steel Ply Formwork System for Wall Shuttering and Column Forming

Using the column clamps you can form the different heights of the column formworks.  For high column formwork, you need to choose large/heavy formwork panels, corners, and components. Like Wellmade GW 120 Steel Ply Formwork System. Which is able to form a max 24m height columns.

We Believe Buyers Win, We Win.

Formwork Clamps FAQ Guide

Types of Formwork in Construction and Building

According to the material, you can find the following 7 formwork types for your construction:

  • Steel Formwork
  • Aluminum Formwork
  • Timber Formwork
  • Plywood Formwork
  • Plastic Formwork
  • Fabric Formwork

According to the purpose of formwork, you can find the following types of formwork systems:

  • Column Formwork
  • Wall Formwork
  • Beam Formwork
  • Slab Formwork
  • Stair Formwork
  • Soffit Formwork
Metal Formwork Types

Metal formwork includes steel formwork and aluminum formwork.

Steel formwork is fabricated from steel structures. Mostly they are modular formwork systems that are easy to install in construction concrete and building. According to the steel structure specifications and grates, you can heavy duty, normal duty, and light-duty steel formwork. The different classes of steel formwork are chosen to bear different load requirements for concrete in construction.

Aluminum formwork is made from aluminum profiles. Compare to the steel formwork system, aluminum formwork components are lighter weight. For high load-bearing concrete, large formwork panels are chosen instead of aluminum formwork systems.

Wood Formwork Types

Wood formwork system is a type of traditional formwork type. It is compatible with all types of formwork systems, thus wood formwork has its own strengths using popular in nowadays. You can find solid timber formwork components and plywood formwork components for the wood formwork.

In the wood formwork, H20 beams and film-faced plywood is installed a lot in construction.  They are easy to form slab formwork, column formwork, and beam formwork in the concrete shuttering.

Falsework and Scaffolding

Falsework is a temporary support set that is used to support forms of concrete. The falsework framework needs to be last until the buildings and structures are able to support themselves. Thus falsework is very important and necessary for concrete forming.

Falsework frameworks need to be strong enough. Because it needs to bear all load during the concrete. Include concrete, pouring, forms, construction equipment, and workers. For safety purposes, the falsework safety calculation needs to consider the safety factors before using them in formwork design.

Scaffolding materials are part of the falsework support system. They form propping and soffit support in the falsework system. According to the falsework types and bearing classes, you can choose heavy-duty scaffold shoring systems and normal duty, light duty scaffold systems:

Formwork System Installation and Dismantle

High-quality formwork systems help to form high-quality concrete forms in construction. You can find 5 requirements for a high quality of formwork materials:

  1. Safety Load Capacity/Bearing Weight
  2. High-Quality Welding Lines for Steel and Aluminium Formwork
  3. Forms No Gap/ Less Gap In Concreting
  4. Qualified Steel/Aluminium Grades (MTC)
  5. Easy to Install and Dismantle

With the high-quality formwork material, it is easy to install and dismantle the formwork materials. If you want the formwork material a longer life in the concrete construction. Qualified mould release oil need to be applied in the formwork installations and dismantle.

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