Ringlock Scaffold Truss Ledger

Wellmade is Truss Ledger Manufacturer In China.  You Can Find All Sizes of O Type and U Type Truss Ledgers Here.

Our Truss Ledgers are Fabricated By High Strength Scaffold Tube O.D 48.3mm with Stiffener Plates.

As CE Certified Truss Ledger Manufacturer, We Ensures High Quality In Welding Lines. Wellmade also Brings You Stable Quality By ISO 9001 Management System. Our QC Team Guard Your Truss Ledger Quality from Steel Grade to Load and Galvanizing Surface.

Send Us Your Truss Ledger Requirement to Get Competitive Price. Door to Door Delivery will Make You Easier In Imprt the Truss Ledger Horizontal Parts from China.

Wellmade’s Truss Ledgers Increase Load Carrying Capacity In Ringlock Scaffolding System Construction. Ledger Ends with Wedge Pins Connect with Rosettes and Rings.  As Reinforce Horizontal Parts, Wellmade’s Truss Ledger Provide Additional Strength to Your Construction Safety.

In Fabrication, Wellmade Use O.D 48.3mm High Strength Steel Scaffold Tube with Stiffener Plate for O Type Truss Ledgers. U Type Truss Ledger is made from high strength special-shaped steel U profile. Ledger Ends with Wedge Pins make your Truss Ledger Easy Connect with Ringlock Verticals and Rosette Rings.

Hot Dip Galvanizing Makes the Truss Ledger Longer Life in Anti Corrosion.

In Engineering, Wellmade’s O Type Truss Ledgers work with O Type Platform Steel or Aluminium Decks. While U Plank Hooks Work with U Type Truss Ledgers.

Loading capacity Test Result of the Truss Ledger is available for each size of the ring lock scaffolding components and Truss Ledgers.

Your Brand Name and Logo are free marked on Truss Ledger in Customized and Free.

Ringlock Scaffold O Type Truss Ledger Bridging Beam

WTL109-O1.09m Truss Ledger O TypeO.D 48.3mm x 1098.18KG
WTL129-O1.29m Truss Ledger O TypeO.D 48.3mm x 1299.36KG
WTL140-O1.40m Truss Ledger O TypeO.D 48.3mm x 14010.7KG
WTL157-O1.57m Truss Ledger O TypeO.D 48.3mm x 15711.06KG
WTL207-O2.07m Truss Ledger O TypeO.D 48.3mm x 20714.57KG
WTL257-O2.57m Truss Ledger O TypeO.D 48.3mm x 25718.08KG
WTL307-O3.07m Truss Ledger O TypeO.D 48.3mm x 30721.58KG



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