Ringlock Scaffold O Type Truss Ledger

Ringlock O-type truss ledgers are reinforced horizontal parts for ring system scaffolds. It is with one top tube, one reinforcing tube, and some steel stiffeners fixed between the top and reinforced tubes. Ringlock ledger heads set with wedge pins and rivets are welded at both ends of the main tubes. They are connectors and locks of the reinforcing truss horizontals between two ringlock standards.
The special design of ringlock truss ledgers allows the ringlock truss ledgers to bear more weight from the scaffolding platform than the single ringlock scaffold o ledgers.
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  • Material: Steel Scaffold Tubes
  • Accessories: Tubes, Cast Steel Ledger Head, Pressed Wedge Pins, Rivets, Stiffener Plates
  • Steel Grade: S355 & S235
  • Finishing: Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG)
  • Main Tube Outer Diameter: OD48.3mm
  • Brand: Wellmade (WM)



  • Production Lead Time: 15- 35 Days
  • Ship: By Containers
  • Package: Steel Racks/Pallets
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Port: Xingang Port, Tianjin, China
  • Payment: T/T & LC
  • Trade Term: EXW, FOB, CIF

Ringlock Scaffolding Truss Ledger O Type

Ringlock Truss Ledger O Type VS U Type

In ringlock scaffolding system, there are 2 types of truss ledgers. O Type and U Type.

O type means the ringlock truss ledgers are manufactured by round scaffold tubes in OD48.3mm.

U-type truss ledgers are made of ribbed steel U profiles.

O Type and U Type Truss Ledger Comparison

Truss Ledger O Type & U Type Comparison Details
ItemPlank HookPlank Hook ConflictLoad CapacityFinishing
O Type Truss LedgersO Type HooksYesHighHDG
U Type Truss LedgersU Type HooksNoHighHDG

Ringlock Truss Ledger Size

Ringlock truss ledger size measurement is ringlock standard center-to-center distance(Axis Size). Wellmade customizes the truss ledger sizes according to your scaffold design.

For example, in the European type ringlock system, the truss ledger sizes include 1.4m, 1.57m, 2.07m, 2.57m, and 3.07m, etc.

For USA pin lock scaffold normal sizes of the O truss ledgers are 4’7”, 5’2”, 6’, 6’1”, 7’, 8’, 8’5”, 10’ etc.

You can send your required sizes for a quotation.

How to Use The Ringlock Scaffold O Truss Ledgers

  1. You need to insert the o-type truss ledger into ringlock standard rosettes. Fix the truss ledger position by wedge pins of the ledger end sets.
  2. After the truss ledger is fixed, you can put the hook on the scaffold planks on the O truss ledger. The plank hooks need to match OD48.3mm diameter.
  3. Fill in the gaps between planks and side ledgers with infill planks.

Ringlock O Type Truss Ledger Weight

WTL109-O1.09m Truss Ledger O TypeO.D 48.3mm x 109 cm8.18KG
WTL129-O1.29m Truss Ledger O TypeO.D 48.3mm x 129 cm9.36KG
WTL140-O1.40m Truss Ledger O TypeO.D 48.3mm x 140 cm10.7KG
WTL157-O1.57m Truss Ledger O TypeO.D 48.3mm x 157 cm11.06KG
WTL207-O2.07m Truss Ledger O TypeO.D 48.3mm x 207 cm14.57KG
WTL257-O2.57m Truss Ledger O TypeO.D 48.3mm x 257 cm18.08KG
WTL307-O3.07m Truss Ledger O TypeO.D 48.3mm x 307 cm21.58KG

Ringlock O Ledger VS O TypeTruss Ledgers

Ringlock O ledgers are a type of single-type horizontal parts. It includes components of scaffold tubes and two sets of wedge heads.

Ringlock O type truss ledgers are doubled ringlock scaffolding horizontals. Under the single ledgers, there are reinforced tubes to support the main tube. That is why it can take more weight than the single O-ledgers.


O Truss Ledger VS U Truss Ledger

In the European allround scaffolding system, truss ledgers include O truss ledgers and U truss ledgers.

U truss ledgers allow two sides of scaffold plank hooks to hang separately without conflicts.


Pin Lock VS Allround Ringlock O Truss Ledgers

Pin lock scaffold is USA-type ringlock scaffolding. The pin lock system scaffold components are different from the European type of allround system scaffolding. Following are the photos of the pin lock double ledgers and allround system truss ledgers.

Why Wellmade Truss Ledgers

Wellmade is an ISO 9001 & CE certified manufacturer, we produce high-quality ringlock scaffolding parts and components and are certified in Europe.  Thus CE marks are able to be put on your ringock truss ledgers. At the same time, your company names and logos are able to be engraved on the ringlock products as well.

With high quality, we offer warranties for the ringlock material bought from us.

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