U Type Truss Ledgers for Ringlock

Ringlock U Type truss ledgers are double-reinforced horizontals for ring system scaffolds. It is called a U bridging ledger, U type double ledger, or scaffold reinforced ledger.

The u truss ledgers are composite with a ribbed steel U profile, a reinforced tube, and two ledger heads. Between the U profile and reinforced tube, there are vertical steel plates as support and connector.

U-type ringlock truss ledgers can avoid scaffold plank hooks conflict in scaffolding construction. Thus it is more convenient than the O-type ringlock scaffolding truss ledgers.

U-type truss ledgers are always required in European Allround scaffolding systems. It is used to support scaffold planks and decks with U hooks including 320mm layher planks, 190mm planks, and 600mm trap door aluminium decks.

Sizes of the U-type truss ledgers for the European ringlock scaffolding include 1.40 to 3.07m. For anti-corrosion purposes, the ringlock truss ledgers are finished in hot dip galvanized.

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  • Material: Steel
  • Specifications: 50x52mm
  • Grade: S235
  • Finishing: Hot Dip Gal
  • Brand: Wellmade (WM)

Ringlock Scaffolding Truss Ledgers U Type

Truss ledgers are reinforced high load scaffolding horizontal parts for ringlock scaffolding. It is used to connect two ringlock scaffolding standards to increase the load of the scaffold decks.

Compare to O type truss ledger of ringlock system. The U-type ringlock truss ledger advantages include:

  • Allow scaffold planks to connect from both sides of the truss ledger without conflicts.
  • Separate loads of two sides of scaffold decks
  • Easy erection for workers at the construction site
  • Compatible with all scaffold decks, planks, and boards with U hooks
  • Work for both steel and aluminum scaffolding platforms and stairs with U hooks

U Type Truss Ledger Weight

Ringlock Truss Ledger U Type Weight & Spec
Code No.SizesWeight (KG)SpecFinishing
WRUTL-1091.09m Truss Ledger U Type7.5450x52mmHDG
WRUTL-1401.40m Truss Ledger U Type9.5850x52mmHDG
WRUTL-1571.57m Truss Ledger U Type10.4950x52mmHDG
WRUTL-2072.07m Truss Ledger U Type13.5550x52mmHDG
WRUTL-2572.57m Truss Ledger U Type16.6050x52mmHDG
WRUTL-3073.07m Truss Ledger U Type19.6650x52mmHDG

Truss Ledger VS Reinforced Ledger LW

A u-type Truss ledger is a type of heavy-weight reinforced ledger. There is also another reinforced ledger called LW(lightweight) reinforced ledger. It is simpler than the truss ledger but reinforced, so can take more weight from overhead than the ringlock single U ledgers.  The following photos show the different shapes between the truss ledger and LW-reinforced U ledgers.

Safety Tips Using U Reinforced Ledgers

Please cover lift-off preventer on the ringlock U truss ledgers to prevent the scaffold planks from lifting in construction.

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