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Prefabricated Aluminum Stair For Scaffolding

Aluminum stair scaffolding is a type of prefabricated aluminum stairs using for construction scaffolding. There are ringlock scaffold aluminum stairs, kwikstage aluminum stairs, cuplock aluminum stairs.

Wellmade is able to design the scaffold aluminum stairs according to your construction. We custom your aluminum stair scaffolding in sizes, specifications, and hooks. Our Mock-up inspection ensures your aluminum stair scaffolding compatible with scaffold work platform, scaffold hatches, etc.

As a CE-certified scaffold manufacturer, Wellmade supplies you with high-quality aluminum stair scaffolding made of 6061 and 6082 grade aluminium materials.  In addition, steel scaffold stairs are available too.  Send us your steel and aluminum stair scaffolding requirement to get a competitive price now.

Scaffolding Access Aluminum Stair

Rniglock Scaffolding Aluminum Stairs

Aluminum stairs for ringlock scaffolding system with Hooks

Code No.Stair Bay SizeWeight
WRA257.200257×200 cm22.58KG
WRA207.200207×200 cm21.74KG
WRA200.200200×200 cm21.62KG
WRA244.200244×200 cm22.34KG
WRA180.200180×200 cm21.32KG
Kwikstage Scaffolding Aluminum Stairs

Two Different Types of Aluminum Stairs for Kwikstage System to Australia

Code No.Stair Bay SizeWeight
Cuplock Scaffolding Aluminum Stair

Cuplock Scaffolding Aluminium Stairs With Hooks

Code No.Bay SizeWeight

Steel VS Aluminum Scaffold Access Stairs

Steel scaffold stair with handrail for ringlock scaffolding construction

In Wellmade, you can find both steel and aluminum stairs for your construction. Comparing to steel scaffold stairs, aluminum stairs are much lighter in weight. It is also very good in corrosion-resistant.

Steel scaffold stairs are heavier but you can choose different types of steel aluminum stairs. Include painted scaffold stairs, pre-galvanized, and hot-dip galvanized stairs. Among them, hot-dip galvanized scaffold stairs are similar to the aluminum stairs in corrosion resistance.  It is suited for long-term recycling construction and scaffold rental business. While painted and pre-galvanized (GI) scaffold stairs are much cheaper than HDG steel scaffolding stairs.

Access Scaffold Handrails

Steel and aluminum stairs are protected by handrails in construction.  Include interior and exterior handrails on the right and left sides.  The scaffold stair handrails are manufactured by steel hollow sections. It is able to be attached to the scaffold stairs stringers. While you can also form the scaffold stair handrails by the modular system diagonal braces or tube and clamp system.

Wellmade custom your scaffold stair handrails according to the aluminum and steel scaffold stair stringer structures and design.

Aluminum Ladders VS Aluminum Stairs In Scaffolding Construction

aluminium ladder heavy duty d type

The aluminum ladder is another access scaffolding equipment in construction. It is also called single ladders. Aluminium Ladder could be attached to the scaffold tower by ladder clamps or fixed by ladder bracket in scaffolding construction. Compare to aluminum stairs, the aluminum ladder step rungs are simple, made by single hollow sections without a platform.

aluminum stair

With stair treads, aluminum stairs are safer than single aluminum ladders.  The aluminum stair treads are fabricated with a formed walk platform, which is able to walk and climbing easily like walking. The aluminum stair handrails offer further protection at both sides of the access system. In addition, it is much stable and firm at the high-level constructions.

Wellmade Aluminum Stair Features

Wellmade Aluminum Stair for Ringlock System Access

Wellmade aluminium stair has the following features convenient for your construction, transportation, and stock. It also secures your construction scaffolding safety.

With the aluminium stairs, without having to climb vertically up the scaffold ladders

  • Wellmade aluminum stairs are integrated
  • Easy to access to any type of scaffold tower
  •  Easy to move and handle
  • Comply with BS EN & TG 20 standards

Wellmade Philosophy: Win-Win Benefits

If you are looking for aluminium stairs for your construction scaffolding access. You would get great benefits import from Wellmade.

We do not only design custom aluminum stair sizes and specifications according to your construction scaffold modular system. You can also enjoy our high-quality product of aluminum staircases and stair access parts like stair transoms, stair handrails, etc. More than that, competitive prices will save your cost by import directly from the aluminum stair manufacturer.

aluminum stairs with custom logos and marks

With hundreds of global agents and forwarders, Wellmade is able to send the aluminum stair and scaffolding materials to your location. The door-to-door service is available in most countries to include the USA, Canada, European countries, Australian countries, etc.

You can find the CE certificate (EN 1090 & ISO 3834) from Wellmade. With the high-level quality, the aluminum stairs are allowed to sell in European countries as safety construction materials.

More than that, you can have your company name and logos on the aluminum stairs.

Wellmade Aluminum Stair and Scaffold Work Platform

aluminum stairs working with boards forms a scaffold work platform and stairway

In the construction scaffolding access, Wellmade aluminum stairs always work together with the scaffold board & planks and form a work platform and stairway.  Include steel scaffolding planks and aluminum planks.

You can find the following types of steel scaffold boards working with Wellmade aluminum stairs.

Code No.Plank TypePlank Sizes
W 320 P 76Layher Plank320x76mm
W 190 P 50Layher Plank190x50mm
W 250 P 50Economy Plank250x50mm
W 240 P45Economy Plank240x45mm
W 240 P67AT Pac Dog Ear Plank240x67mm
W300 P 50Latin America Plank300x50mm
W450 P 50Double C Profile Plank450*50mm
W500 P 50Double C Profile Plank500*50mm
W480 P 50Double C Profile Plank480x50mm
W420 P 50Double C Profile Plank420x50mm
W230 P 66Cuplock Square Hook Plank230x66mm

Aluminum Stair Package

In transportation and shipping, aluminum stairs are with big volume. Thus it is always mixed with other scaffolding materials in the container to save the ocean freight cost.

You can ask for a bulk package or a pallet to package the aluminum stairs. While some oil and gas companies ask for wooden crates and boxes for the aluminum stair packing to convenient the load and unload in domestic transportation and international shipping.

Usage of Wellmade aluminum stair

Wellmade aluminum stairs are able to be used for both temporary access towers and permanent scaffolding.  Temporary access stair could be steel or aluminum type.  While permanent access stairs will bring more benefits in long term without corrosion and damage in the structural and construction.

We Believe Buyers Win, We Win.

Aluminum Stair Scaffolding FAQ Guide

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