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Manufacture High Quality Wedge Lock Scaffolding

Wellmade manufactures kwikstage type wedge lock scaffolding to Australia, the UK and South Africa. While the rosette type wedge lock scaffolding is exported to the USA, Canada. You can also find quick wedge lock scaffolding here for your slab shoring and building construction.

In scaffolding erection, scaffolding wedge locks are used to connect with the scaffolding verticals and poles. Make the construction scaffolding stable and safe.

As an ISO 9001 wedge lock scaffolding manufacturer, Wellmade supplies you with high-quality wedge lock scaffold products. You can find the test report and certificate for your batch of wedge lock scaffolding materials. With the high-quality products, Wellmade wedge lock scaffolding material has passed CE (ISO3834&EN1090) certification. You can sell the scaffold products in whole European countries.

Wedge Lock Scaffolding Types

kwikstage wedge lock scaffolding-wellmade

Kwik Stage Scaffold Wedge Lock System with Standard, Ledgers, Transom and Diagonal Braces, Tie Bars, Bracket etc.

rosette wedge lock scaffolding -wellmade

Rosette Wedge Lock Scaffold is called Ring Lock Scaffold. It with Rosette Rings On The Standard. Wedges are Fixed on the Ringlock Ledgers.

quick lock wedge lock scaffold - Wellmade

Quick Lock Scaffold are used a lot for Slab Concrete Shoring. The wedges on the Quick Lock Scaffold are Ductile Cast Iron Type.

quick erect wedge lock scaffolding system QES Korean System Support

Quick Erect wedge lock scaffolding is with pressed steel ledger heads. It is also called quick-erect scaffolding (QES). It is exported to Korea and Uzebekistan.

Crab 60 Shoring System Wedge Lock Scaffolding

Crab 60 shoring wedge lock scaffolds are with O.D 60mm scaffold verticals. While the wedges for the Crab 60 wedge lock scaffolding are forged with self-lock function.

Crab 25 Wedge Lock Scaffolding System O.D 48.3x2.5mm Steel Modular Scaffold

Crab 25 is the normal duty of crab 60 shoring system. It is made by O.D 48.3mm scaffold tube. While you can find forged wedges on the crab 25 wedge lock scaffold horizontals.

Wedge Lock and Scaffolding Horizontal Ends

Wedge locks are important components of the wedge lock scaffolding. According to the different wedge lock scaffolding systems. You can find different types of wedge locks. The wedge locks are compatible with each type of horizontal end.

Wedge Lock Types


Pressed Steel Wedge Locks

  • Drop Forged Wedge Locks
  • Cast Iron Wedge Locks
  • Cast Steel Wedge Locks

Wedge Lock Scaffolding Finishing

Galvanized Wedge Lock Scaffolding

Wedge Lock Scaffolding Material Galvanizing Include E-galvanizing, Hot Dip Galvanizing and Premier Galvanized(GI). Among the galvanizing, hot dip galvanizing the most durable galvanizing for the wedge lock scaffold. While pre-galvanized are used a lot for the wedge lock scaffolding system steel planks, stairs etc.

Coated Wedge Lock Scaffolding

Wedge lock scaffolding coating include painting and powder coated. You can ask for spray paint or dip paint for your wedge lock scaffolding. Same layer powder coated is more durable than painting according to Wellmade adhere test. You can choose any colors for your wedge lock scaffolding like red, blue, yellow, green etc.

Wedge Lock Scaffolding Strengths

No matter which wedge lock scaffolding system, you can find the following advantages for the wedge lock scaffolding.

  • Erect Quickly with Modular Components
  • Rigid and Safe for Scaffolding Construction
  • Versatile for All Type of Scaffold and Shoring
  • Conjunction with Tube and Clamp System
  • Firmly Connected with Wedge Locks
  • High Efficient In Assembly and Disassembly
  • Durable with Galvanizing and Coating
  • No Need Further Fittings, Screws, Accessories

Wellmade Wedge Lock Scaffolding Systems

Wellmade wedge lock scaffolding systems are modular type steel scaffolds. It is prefabricated. In the wedge lock scaffolding system, you can find complete modular components include verticals, horizontals, braces, brackets, planks and platforms, levelling jacks, u head and forkhead jacks etc.

The wedge lock scaffolding components are used to form your construction scaffolding for shoring support, frames and access etc.  While there are also cantilevers, brackets in the modular wedge scaffold system, they help the suspended scaffold, handing scaffold. The handing scaffold helps you when the scaffold work platform is outside of the main frames or main buildings.

Wellmade manufactures the steel wedge lock scaffolding according to ISO 9001 management system. You can find all relative test reports through the whole fabrication. Like raw material test, steel grade test, MTC, welding line penetrate test, load capacity test, shearing test, surface treatment adhere test etc.

More than the quality control system, Wellmade custom your wedge lock scaffolding materials. The custom services include sizes and specifications, free designs according to your construction building, emboss with your company name and logos etc.

When you import the wedge lock scaffolding from Wellmade. We are able to deliver the scaffold materials to your address. Wellmade has exported to more than 58 countries, thus we have a wide range of global agents and forwarders to send the required wedge lock scaffolding to your warehouse or project. Especially in the USA, Canada countries.

Wellmade Australia Kwikstage Wedge Lock Scaffolding

Wellmade Australia type kwikstage wedge lock scaffolding is tested according to AS1576 standard in Melbourne. With the safety test, our kwikstage wedge lock scaffold material is certified as Work Safe Material in Australia. Wellmade kwikstage wedge lock scaffolds are manufactured by O.D 48.3×4.0mm high strength steel scaffold tubes. It is heavy-duty scaffold material widely used in civil construction, industrial construction, commercial construction infrastructures and concrete shoring&shuttering.

Welmade South Africa Kwikstage Wedge Lock Scaffolding

South Africa kwikstage scaffolding are manufactured for Peri formwork. This modular system kwikstage wedge lock scaffolding is different from the Australian type. It is with kwikstage ledgers, but no transom for scaffold boards. Thus in South Africa type kwikstage wedge lock scaffolding, there is the hook on scaffold boards, hook-on ladders, hook on stairs etc.

British Kwikstage Wedge Lock Scaffolding

British kwikstage wedge lock scaffolding is exported to UK and Ireland. It is always painted in yellow or hot-dip galvanized. There are also transoms similar to Australia kwikstage wedge lock scaffolding. But the scaffold materials are tested according to BS1139 standard.

Indonesia Speedshore Kwikstage Wedge Lock Scaffolding

The speed shore kwikstage wedge lock scaffold is also called the star shore scaffold. It is always used for heavy-duty formwork concrete in Indonesia. The speed shore kwikstage wedge lock scaffolding is able to bear more weight from the concrete. There is a socket sleeve as the vertical connector for the speed shore kwikstage wedge lock scaffolding.

Speed Shore Wedge Lock Scaffolding Beam Bracket and Ledger
Speed Shore Wedge Lock Scaffold

O.D 48.3mm VS O.D 60mm Rosette Wedge Lock Scaffolding

Compare to O.D 60mm rosette shoring wedge lock scaffolding, O.D 48.3mm is light weight. It is able to meet up most of your construction load and frames. While O.D 60mm rosette wedge lock scaffolding is able to distribute more weight during your hi load shoring construction. Both of the rosette wedge lock scaffolding are hot-dip galvanized. According to the rosette ring types, there are pin lock scaffold, multidirectional scaffolding, allround scaffolding etc

Rosette Wedge Lock Scaffolding Manufacturing
Rosette Wedge Lock Scaffolding Manufacturing

Wedge Lock Scaffolding FAQ Guide

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