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Wellmade is Famous CE Certified H Frame Scaffolding Manufacturer&Supplier in China. You Can Find High-Quality H Frame Scaffolding System and Parts here.

Wellmade’s H Frame Scaffolding System Include Lightweight H Frames and Heavy-Duty Shoring H Frames.

We Customized Your H Frame Scaffolding According to Your Construction Design and Safety Load Capacity Requirement.

Wellmade Offers Door to Door Delivery of H Frame Scaffolding.

One Year Warranty for Our H Frame Scaffolding Against Manufacturing Defects is Available.

Send us Your H Frame Scaffolding Requirement to Get Competitive Price.

H Frame Scaffolding Mock Up Video  In Wellmade

H Frame Scaffolding Main Frames

Wellmade H-frame Scaffolding

Wellmade H Frame scaffolding is Called Ladder Scaffolding or Mason Frame Scaffolding.

Light Weight H Frame Scaffolding is made from O.D 42mm(1.69″) Scaffold Tube.

Heavy Duty H Frame Scaffolding is Made By O.D 48mm, O.D 57mm, O.D 60mm Scaffold Tube.

You can find it from Wellmade Pre-galvanized H Frame Scaffolding, Painted& Coated H Frames, Hot Dip Galvanized H Frames.

H Frame Scaffolding Systems  Include Components and Parts of Scissor Cross Braces, Spigot Coupling Pins, Adjustable Screw Jack Base, Guard Rail Post, Guard Rails, Metal Catwalk Decking, and Scaffolding Access Stairs, etc.

Wellmade’s H Frame  Scaffolding is in Plump and Strong Welding Line Which are Certified According to EN 1090 and ISO 3834 Standard.

ISO 9001 Management is Congtroling our H Frame Scaffolding In High Quality from Steel Grade Quality to Welding Line, Load Capacity  Until Surface Treatment and Package Label, etc.

As an OEM Scaffolding H Frame Factory, you are able to get Your Company Brand Logo on the H Frame Scaffolding Material Parts.

You can find South East Asia H Frames, Italian & Spain Type H Frames, USA Type H Frames, and Shoring H Frame Scaffolding From Wellmade.

With more than 20 years of OEM Manufacturing Experience, We are your No.1 H Frame Scaffolding Supplier In One-Stop Purchase and Highest Quality.

H Frame Scaffolding
H Frame Scaffolding Set

H Frame Scaffolding Tower 1219mm Width

NoItemSize(mm)Tube Spec.Surface
1H Frame Scaffolding 1219mm1219(W)x1700(H)
  1. OD42.7mm
  2. OD48.3mm
  1. Pre-galvanized
  2. Painted
  3. Powder Coated
  4. Hot Dip Galvanized
1524mm h frame scaffolding ladder frames
1524mm h frame scaffolding ladder frames

 Italian Type Light Duty H Frame Scaffolding

 No. Desription1 Size(mm) Tube Size
 1Italian Scaffolding Ladder Frame 990(W)x2000(H)
  • OD42.7mm
  • OD48.3mm
 2Italian Scaffolding Arch Frame 990(W)x2000(H)
 3Italian Scaffolding Main Frame 990(Wx2000(H)
arch frame scaffolding painted italian type
Italian Type Arch Frame In painting

 H Frame Scaffolding Cross Braces

H Frame Scaffolding Cross Brace

CodeItemFrame Distance(L)Lock Span(H)Length(LG)
WH301AH Frame Scaffolding Cross Braces1829mm1219mm2198mm

Some Other H Frame Scaffolding in Wellmade

h frame scaffolding walk through type walkthru scaffold

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