Ringlock Diagonal Braces

Ringlock diagonal brace is a lateral bracing between ringlock scaffolding ledgers and verticals. It is used to stabilize the scaffold towers and transmit load for the ring system modular scaffolding construction. It is also used as the mid and top handrails of the ring system scaffold in conjunction with the scaffold stair system.

The ringlock diagonal braces are composited of one single scaffold tube, two sets of ringlock brace heads with wedge pins as well as the rivet fixing the brace heads to the single scaffold tubes.

Technical Data:

  1. Diameter: OD48.3mm
  2. Thickness; 2.5mm, 3.0mm, and 3.2mm
  3. Finishing: Hot Dip Galvanized
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Vertical VS Horizontal Ringlock Diagonal Brace

  • Vertical Diagonal Brace is the hypotenuse brace of the bay sizes of ringlock horizontals and verticals. Lateral Bracing Parts.
  • A horizontal diagonal brace is called a plan brace or ledger brace. It is the hypotenuse of two ringlock horizontals. Plan bracing parts

Ringlock Diagonal Brace Package

Ringlock diagonal brace is packed by steel racks or pallets. It is easy for loading and unloads into containers in international shipping. It is also convenient for truck transportation and transferring using forklift operations.

The steel racks are stackable and convenient for scaffold storage.

Ringlock Diagonal Brace Size & Specification

Ringlock Diagonal Brace Size & Specification
Code No.ItemsEffective Length
(Pipe Length)
Bay LeightBay HeightWeight
RDB20.0732.12m Diagonal Brace2.12m0.73m2.0m7.47KG
RDB20.0902.19m Diagonal Brace2.19m0.9×2.07.66KG
RDB20.1042.23m Diagonal Brace2.23m1.04m7.78KG
RDB20.1092.25m Diagonal Brace2.25m1.09m7.83KG
RDB20.1292.35m Diagonal Brace2.35m1.29m8.11KG
RDB20.1402.40m Diagonal Brace2.40m1.40m8.25KG
RDB20.1502.50m Diagonal Brace2.50m1.5×2.08.53KG
RDB20.1572.54m Diagonal Brace2.54m1.57m8.64KG
RDB20.2002.83m Diagonal Brace2.83m2.0×2.09.46KG
RDB20.2072.88m Diagonal Brace2.88m2.07m9.60KG
RDB20.2503.20m Diagonal Brace3.20m2.5×2.010.50KG
RDB20.2573.26m Diagonal Brace3.26m2.57m10.66KG
RDB20.2403.12m Diagonal Brace3.12m2.4×2.010.27KG
RDB20.3003.60m Diagonal Brace3.60m3.0×2.011.62KG
RDB20.3073.66m Diagonal Brace3.66m3.07m11.79KG
RDB20.4144.14m Diagonal Brace4.60m4.14m14.42KG
RDB15.0731.65m Diagonal Brace1.65m0.73m1.5m6.15KG
RDB15.1041.79m Diagonal Brace1.79m1.04m6.54KG
RDB15.1091.81m Diagonal Brace1.81m1.09m6.60KG
RDB15.1401.91m Diagonal Brace1.99m1.40m7.10KG
RDB15.1572.11m Diagonal Brace2.11m1.57m7.44KG
RDB15.2072.48m Diagonal Brace2.48m2.07m8.48KG
RDB15.2572.89m Diagonal Brace2.89m2.57m9.63KG
RDB15.3073.32m Diagonal Brace3.32m3.07m10.83KG
RDB10.0731.20m Diagonal Brace1.20m0.73m1.0m4.89KG
RDB10.1041.39m Diagonal Brace1.39m1.04m5.42KG
RDB10.1091.41m Diagonal Brace1.41m1.09m5.48KG
RDB10.1291.55m Diagonal Brace1.55m1.29m5.87KG
RDB10.1401.64m Diagonal Brace1.64m1.40m6.12KG
RDB10.1571.79m Diagonal Brace1.79m1.57m6.54KG
RDB10.2072.20m Diagonal Brace2.20m2.07m7.69KG
RDB10.2572.66m Diagonal Brace2.66m2.57m8.98KG
RDB10.3073.13m Diagonal Brace3.13m3.07m10.30KG
RDB05.1041.08m Diagonal Brace1.08m1.04m0.5m4.55KG
RDB05.1091.10m Diagonal Brace1.10m1.09m4.61KG
RDB05.1401.38m Diagonal Brace1.38m1.40m5.39KG
RDB05.1571.55m Diagonal Brace1.55m1.57m5.87KG
RDB05.2072.03m Diagonal Brace2.03m2.07m7.21KG
RDB05.2572.51m Diagonal Brace2.51m2.57m8.56KG
RDB05.3073.00m Diagonal Brace3.00m3.07m9.94KG

Ringlock Horizontal Brace Sizes

Ringlock Scaffolding Horizontal Brace Sizes & Specifications
Code No.ItemsOverall LengthBay Size(WxW)DiameterWeight
RHB09120.9×1.2m Horizontal Brace1.50m0.9mx1.2mOD48.3mm6.94 KG
RHB09140.9×1.4m Horizontal Brace1.66m0.9mx1.4mOD48.3mm7.51 KG
RHB09180.9×1.8m Horizontal Brace2.01m0.9mx1.8mOD48.3mm8.76 KG
RHB12181.2×1.8m Horizontal Brace2.16m1.2mx1.8mOD48.3mm9.29 KG
RHB14181.4×1.8m Horizontal Brace2.28m1.4mx1.8mOD48.3mm9.72 KG
RHB20202.07×2.07m Horizontal Brace2.93m2.07mx2.07mOD48.3mm12.03 KG
RHB15151.54×1.54m Horizontal Brace2.18m1.54mx1.54mOD48.3mm9.36 KG
RHB23232.32×2.32m Horizontal Brace3.28m2.32mx2.32mOD48.3mm13.28 KG
RHB1541.54m Horizontal Brace1.54m1.09×1.09mOD48.3mm5.52 KG
RHB1911.91m Horizontal Brace1.91m1.57×1.09mOD48.3mm6.56 KG
RHB2222.22m Horizontal Brace2.22m1.57×1.57mOD48.3mm7.42 KG
RHB2232.23m Horizontal Brace2.23m2.0×1.0mOD48.3mm7.46 KG
RHB2832.83m Horizontal Brace2.83m2.0×2.0mOD48.3mm9.14 KG
RHB2192.19m Horizontal Brace2.19m2.07×0.73mOD48.3mm7.34 KG
RHB2322.32m Horizontal Brace2.32m2.07×1.04mOD48.3mm7.71 KG
RHB2342.34m Horizontal Brace2.34m2.07×1.09mOD48.3mm7.76 KG
RHB2932.93m Horizontal Brace2.93m2.07×2.07mOD48.3mm9.42 KG
RHB2672.67m Horizontal Brace2.67m2.57×0.73mOD48.3mm8.69 KG
RHB2792.79m Horizontal Brace2.79m2.57×1.09mOD48.3mm9.03 KG
RHB3013.01m Horizontal Brace3.01m2.57×1.57mOD48.3mm9.64 KG
RHB3303.30m Horizontal Brace3.30m2.57×2.07mOD48.3mm10.46 KG
RHB3643.64m Horizontal Brace3.64m2.57×2.57mOD48.3mm11.41 KG
RHB3163.16m Horizontal Brace3.16m3.07×0.73mOD48.3mm10.06 KG
RHB3263.26m Horizontal Brace3.26m3.07×1.09mOD48.3mm10.34 KG
RHB4344.34m Horizontal Brace4.34m3.07×3.07mOD48.3mm13.37 KG

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