Allround Scaffolding Ringlock

Allround scaffolding is designed by Layher scaffold, Germany. It is a type of ringlock scaffold system with particular components and sizes.

For example, the allround system includes O ledger and U ledgers. The ringlock ledgers are 0.73m, 1.09m, 1.4m, 1.57m, 2.07m, 2.57m and 3.07m. They are different from other ringlock scaffold systems.

Particular allround scaffolding components include ribbed U ledgers, ribbed U reinforced ledgers LW, U type bridging ledgers, 320mm scaffold planks with O hooks and U hooks, deck to deck and deck to ledger transom, U ledger lift off preventer etc.

A lot of European countries are using this allround scaffolding instead of the USA pin lock scaffold, multi-directional scaffolding etc.

Wellmade manufactures allround scaffolding components and parts according to EN 1090 and ISO 3834 CE requirements. You can put a CE mark on the products when importing the allround scaffolding. Relative certificates, and test reports are available according to ISO 9001 management.

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Allround Scaffolding Components and Parts

Allround Scaffold Standard

The allround ring lock scaffold standards are modular vertical parts of the allround ringlock system.  Called ringlock verticals too. It is with rosette rings at 500mm intervals. The rosette ring thickness is 10mm and S355 steel grade with annealing treatment.

Allround scaffold standards are in OD48.3mm diameter and 3.2mm thickness. It is an S355 higher steel grade compared to the S235 grade.
Between allround scaffold standards, there is a spigot to connect with each other for construction. According to the spigot, there are 3 types of standards:

  1. Pressed In Spigot Standard
  2. Bolted Spigot Standard
  3. Open End Standard (need a spigot assembly at the project)

The pressed-in spigot can not be removed at construction. Thus not suitable for slab and beam concrete shoring. Because in concrete shoring, the standards need to connect with scaffold forkhead and formwork beams, rather than connect with another standard.

Bolted and open-end standards are with removable spigots. They can be used for both construction scaffolding and formwork shoring.

Allround scaffold spigots include two types: 300mm long and 520mm long. While the 520mm long spigot is used for standards with cross holes. Which is double-locked and secures scaffold safety even when need lifting the scaffold in concrete and shuttering. 

Code No. DescriptionWeight(KG)Length(mm)
WLRRS050Round Ringlock Standard 0.5m w/ Pressed In Spigot, Steel2.9500
WLRRS100Round Ringlock Standard 1.0m w/ Pressed In Spigot, Steel5.51000
WLRRS150Round Ringlock Standard 1.5m w/ Pressed In Spigot, Steel7.81500
WLRRS200Round Ringlock Standard 2.0m w/ Pressed In Spigot, Steel10.22000
WLRRS250Round Ringlock Standard 2.5m w/ Pressed In Spigot, Steel12.22500
WLRRS300Round Ringlock Standard 3.0m w/ Pressed In Spigot, Steel14.63000
WLRRS400Round Ringlock Standard 4.0m w/ Pressed In Spigot, Steel19.14000

Rosette Clamp

Allround scaffold ring lock rosette clamps is a scaffold clamps looks like rosette rings. It is openable and closable. The accessories of the scaffold rosette clamps include half-cast steel rosettes, a rivet, and a set of T bolts and flange nuts.
In construction, rosette clamps give extra connection to ringlock ledgers and braces for strengthening ringlock scaffold tower or making ringlock more versatile for all shapes of construction.
Ringlock rosette clamps are always hot dip galvanized that can last the scaffold fittings for long life.

Code No.DescriptionWeight(KG)
WLRC19Rosette Clamp 19WS1
WLRC22Rosette Clamp 22 WS1

Base Collar

You can find from Wellmade all sizes of the ring lock system base collar. While 240mm and 430mm are the most popular 2 types.

  • 240mm Base Collar is an Initial Ringlock System Part for Ringlock Verticals in Construction. It is with Rosette Ring.
  • 430mm Collar is Used Especially for Aluminium Scaffolding Rolling Tower and stage scaffolding.
Code No.DescriptionWeight(KG)Length(mm)
WLRBC24Round Ringlock Scaffolding Base Collar 240mm1.6240mm
WLRBC43Round Ringlock Scaffolding Base Collar 430mm2.7430mm

Ring Lock System Leveling Jack Base

Wellmade’s All Round Scaffolding Levelling Jack Base include heavy-duty type and normal duty type.

The heavy duty jack base spindles’ out diameter is in OD.38mm. It is with a Pitch of 8.1mm. We called it Round Threads jack base scaffolding levelling jack too. This heavy duty jack base includes a heavy-duty jack nut. The jack nut is 205mm long external wing length dimension.

The normal duty jack base leveling spindle is also called a square threaded jack base. It is in 6.35mm teeth threaded.

Both ring lock system jack base is customized with hollow or solid threaded bar.

Jack base footplate is made from a high strength steel plate. Sizes of the screw jack base plate are 150x150mm for ring lock system. You can find the base plate thickness from 5mm, 6mm to 8mm and 10mm.

Wellmade test the ring lock system scaffolding jack base safety and load according to EN 12811-1 standard.  In addition, we offer you both E-galvanized and hot-dip galvanized ring lock system jack bases.

Scaffolding O Ledger

Ring Lock System Scaffold Ledger O Type

Code NO.DescriptionWeight(KG)
WLROL025Ringlock O Ledger 250mm1.6
WLROL039Ringlock O Ledger 390mm2.1
WLROL045Ringlock O Ledger 450mm2.4
WLROL073Ringlock O Ledger 730mm3.4
WLROL090Ringlock O Ledger 900mm3.9
WLROL103Ringlock O Ledger 1040mm4.4
WLROL109Ringlock O Ledger 1090mm4.6
WLROL129Ringlock O Ledger 1290mm5.3
WLROL140Ringlock O Ledger 1400mm5.8
WLROL157Ringlock O Ledger 1570mm6.3
WLROL207Ringlock O Ledger 2070mm8.2
WLROL257Ringlock O Ledger 2570mm10
WLROL307Ringlock O Ledger 3070mm12
WLROL414Ringlock O Ledger 4140mm15.1

Ring Lock System Intermediate Transom

Ring Lock System Transom

WLRIM0730.73m Ring Lock System Intermediate Transom8.15 KG
WLRIM1090.73m Ring Lock System Intermediate Transom9.78 KG

U Ledger

Ring Lock System Scaffold Ledger U Type Horizontal

WLRUL0250.25m U Ledger 2.25KG
WLRUL0390.39m U Ledger 2.96KG
WLRUL0450.45m U Ledger 3.20KG
WLRUL0730.73m U Ledger 4.32KG
WLRUL1091.09m U Ledger 5.75KG
WLRUL1401.40m U Ledger 7.00KG
WLRUL1571.57m U Ledger 7.68KG
WLRUL2072.07m U Ledger 9.68KG
WLRUL2572.57m U Ledger 11.67KG
WLRUL3073.07m U Ledger 13.67KG

Steel Ladder

Ring Lock System Steel Ladder

WLRL2002m Steel Ladder16.35KG
WLRL3003m Steel Ladder23.59KG
WLRL4004m Steel Ladder30.35KG

320mm Scaffold Planks

Ring Lock System Scaffold 320mm Platform Steel Plank Layher Type





You can find 320mm Scaffolding Plank Designed for All Round Scaffolding O Ledger and U Ledger In Wellmade.

CodeDescription Weight (kgs)
ASSD0730.73 x 0.326kgs
ASSD1091.09 x 0.328.4kgs
ASSD1291.29 x 0.329.8kgs
ASSD1401.40 x 0.3210.6kgs
ASSD1571.57 x 0.3211.6kgs
ASSD2072.07 x 0.3215kgs
ASSD2572.57 x 0.3218.2kgs
ASSD3073.07 x 0.3221.5kgs
ASSD4144.14 x 0.3229.8kgs

190m Scaffold Decks

CodeDescription Weight (lbs/kgs)
2ASSD0730.73 x 0.195.1kgs
2ASSD1091.09 x 0.196.4kgs
2ASSD1401.40 x 0.198kgs
2ASSD1571.57 x 0.198.5kgs
2ASSD2072.07 x 0.1910.2kgs
2ASSD2572.57 x 0.1913.2kgs
2ASSD3073.07 x 0.1915.3kgs

Scaffold Hatch Deck with Alu Ladder and Trap Door

Hatch Access Decks with Trap Door Make Access Way for All Round Scaffolding. Aluminium Ladder Can be Integrated on The Access Hatch Scaffold Decks or Separated from the Platform.

CodeDescription Weight (lbs/kgs)
ASLD2572.57 x 0.6126.6kgs
ASLD3073.07 x 0.6130.5kgs

Allround Scaffold Side Brackets

In Wellmade, You can find All Sizes and All Types of  All Round Scaffolding Brackets, Include Adjustable Side Brackets.

According to the  Horizontal Parts of the All Round Scaffolding Brackets. You can find U Type Side Bracket and O Type Side Brackets for Your All Round Scaffolding Construction.

U Console Side Brackets
CodeDescription Weight (lbs/kgs)
O Console Side Bracket
CodeDescription Weight (lbs/kgs)
Adjustable O Console Side Bracket
CodeDescription Weight (lbs/kgs)

Lattice Beams

Lattice Beams Allows Long Span  Between All Round Scaffolding Components. You can Find All Sizes of Lattice Beams In Wellmade.

The Lattice Beams with 4 Wedge Heads and Wedge Pins. Offers Strong High Load Support in Construction.

CodeDescription Weight (lbs/kgs)
ASLB2072.07 x 0.523.4kgs
ASLB2572.57 x 0.529.5kgs
ASLB3073.07 x 0.535.6kgs
ASLB4144.14 x 0.544kgs
ASLB5145.14 x 0.555.7kgs
ASLB6146.14 x 0.563.6kgs

O Type Reinforce Ledger

Allound Scaffolding O Ledger Reinforce Allowed High Strength Load In Construction.

CodeDescription Weight (lbs/kgs)

U Type Reinforce Ledger

U Ledger Reinforce Strength All Round Scaffolding U Ledgers In Load.

CodeDescription Weight (lbs/kgs)

U Bridging Ledger ( Truss Ledger)

CodeDescription Weight (lbs/kgs)

Lift-off Preventer

CodeDescription Weight (lbs/kgs)

Steel Deck to Deck Ledger

You can find O Ledger and U Ledger Special Design to Connect Steel Deck Plank Flank with Security Flap In Wellmade

CodeDescription Weight (lbs/kgs)

Diagonal Braces

CodeDescription Weight (lbs/kgs)
ASD212for 0.73 m bay length, 2.0 m bay height(2.12m)7.3kgs
ASD223for 1.04 m bay length, 2.0 m bay height(2.23m)7.6kgs
ASD225for 1.09 m bay length, 2.0 m bay height(2.25m)7.7kgs
ASD240for 1.40 m bay length, 2.0 m bay height(2.4m)8.1kgs
ASD249for 1.57 m bay length, 2.0 m bay height(2.49m)8.4kgs
ASD281for 2.07 m bay length, 2.0 m bay height(2.81m)9.2kgs
ASD318for 2.57 m bay length, 2.0 m bay height(3.18m)10.3kgs
ASD358for 3.07 m bay length, 2.0 m bay height(3.58m)11.4kgs
ASD451for 4.14 m bay length, 2.0 m bay height(4.51m)14kgs
ASD221for 0.73 m bay length, 1.0 m bay height(1.2m)4.2kgs
ASD222for 0.73 m bay length, 1.5 m bay height(1.65m)5.4kgs
ASD110for 1.09 m bay length, 0.5 m bay height(1.1m)4kgs
ASD141for 1.09 m bay length, 1.0 m bay height(1.41m)4.8kgs
ASD181for 1.09 m bay length, 1.5 m bay height(1.81m)5.8kgs
ASD155for 1.57 m bay length, 0.5 m bay height(1.55m)5.7kgs
ASD179for 1.57 m bay length, 1.0 m bay height(1.79m)6.3kgs
ASD211for 1.57 m bay length, 1.5 m bay height(2.11m)7.3kgs
ASD203for 2.07 m bay length, 0.5 m bay height(2.03m)7.2kgs
ASD220for 2.07 m bay length, 1.0 m bay height(2.2m)7.4kgs
ASD248for 2.07 m bay length, 1.5 m bay height(2.48m)8.2kgs
ASD251for 2.57 m bay length, 0.5 m bay height(2.51m)8.4kgs
ASD266for 2.57 m bay length, 1.0 m bay height(2.66m)8.8kgs
ASD289for 2.57 m bay length, 1.5 m bay height(2.89m)9.5kgs
ASD300for 3.07 m bay length, 0.5 m bay height(3m)9.6kgs
ASD313for 3.07 m bay length, 1.0 m bay height(3.13m)9.9kgs
ASD330for 3.07 m bay length, 1.5 m bay height(3.30m)10.5kgs
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