Formwork Water Stopper

Water stopper is Formwork Accessories work with Threaded Concrete Tie rod D15 -D17 
Plastic Caps are at both ends of the Barries in Concrete. It is also called Water Barriers. 
All Water stopper is conformed to GT450 Cast Iron Standard According to European and British Standard. 

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Wellmade Tie Rod Water Stopper

Wellmade tie rod water stopper also called formwork water stopper is formwork accessories that work along with threaded concrete tie rod D15-D17.

Wellmade tie rod water stopper is made from ductile iron, ductile iron Qt450-10, metal, and steel. They have widely used in water retaining structures, helps in saving water, and prevention of water seepage.

Wellmade tie rod water stopper is manufactured for different industrial uses. They can be found in construction, machinery parts, formwork parts, auto parts, etc. Aside from that, you can use Wellmade tie rod water stopper for the scaffolding system, and formwork accessories.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier in China, you can find a wide array of tie rod water stopper according to different sizes, shapes, dimensions, widths, finishes, and specifications.

According to the finishes, you can find natural tie rod water stopper, HDG tie rod water stopper, galvanized tie rod water stopper, electric galvanized tie rod water stopper, or self-color tie rod water stopper.

Also, we can customize your tie rod water stopper as per your needs and demands. Wellmade tie rod water stopper is popular for their features:

  • Accurate dimension
  • Flexibility
  • Superior quality

Wellmade is a leading formwork solution provider in China for 20 years. We are supplying a scaffolding system, formwork system, and related accessories. With more than 20 years of expertise, Wellmade knows exactly what you need.

During the production, Wellmade conducted strict quality control from raw material selection, pre-packing to the production line. These could ensure reliable quality products as per your request.

We are not only supplying excellent tie rod water stopper but also providing a complete and comprehensive range of formwork and scaffolding solutions for you.

Wellmade tie rod water stopper is trusted in the top 500 companies around the world. These companies include oil gas companies, scaffolding and formwork companies, biggest contractors, and construction companies.

For more information about Wellmade tie rod water stopper, please get in touch with our sales representatives right away!

Concrete Formwork Tie Rod Water Stopper
WWS1517Water StopperD15-D170.50KG


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