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Wellmade is Your Professional Steel Formwork Supplier

Wellmade is an ISO 9001 & CE certified steel formwork manufacturer in China. We supply you with all types of steel formwork systems include large steel formwork and small steel formwork, steel ply formwork, steel soldiers and propping, steel formwork accessories etc.  Custom steel formwork is available too.

  1. Small & Large Steel Formwork Panels
  2. 120mm Steel Plywood Formwork Panels
  3. 63mm Steel Plywood Formwork Panels
  4. Euro Form Formwork System
  5. Formwork Soldiers & Strong Boys

Steel Formwork Systems

small steel formwork panels and corners

Painted small steel formwork panels are made from 3.0mm steel plates. Width of the small formwork is  50mm to 600mm. While the modular formwork thickness is always standard at 50mm.  Small steel formwork lengths are customized up to 2.4m. It is cheap in cost and used a lot in civil constructions&buildings

120 steel ply formwork system for hi load concrete shuttering

120 large steel ply formwork is compatible with the Doka system. The steel frame parts are made from special-shaped structure 120x60mm.  While there is 18mm thickness film faced plywood at top of the steel frames. The 120 steel ply formwork system is used for heavy-duty construction concrete. Lengths of the 120 steel ply formwork are customized up to 3.3m.

63 small steel ply formwork system

Compare to 120 large steel plywood formwork, 63mm steel ply formwork is a type of lighter steel ply formwork system. The steel frame of the 63mm steel ply formwork is special shaped structure too. While it is in a smaller size of 63mm, rather than 120mm. Plywood of 63mm formwork could be 12mm or 15mm.

Euro form Steel Plywood Formwork System

Euro form steel formwork system is a Korean type modular steel formwork.  In fabrication, the euro form formwork panels are made from an F shaped steel structure. In construction shuttering, wedge pins are the only connectors between 2 euro form panels. Thus Euro form steel formwork is very easy to install and dismantle in the concrete shuttering.

Large Steel Formwork System for Bridge High Way Concrete Construction - Wellmade

Large steel formwork panels are made from heavy-duty steel structures. The structure sizes could be 80mm and 200mm. The steel structure of the large steel formwork includes hollow sections, U shape structure and C shape structure etc.  Large steel formwork system is always used in high load bearing infrastructure construction line bridges, highways, tunnels etc.

Steel Formwork Props for Shoring Slab Support Adjustable -Wellmade

Steel formwork props are support components for the slab formwork systems. They are always adjustable according to the slab height.  Wellmade produce steel formwork props according to EN 1065 standard.  The bearing class of the steel formwork props include  A-Class, B Class, C Class, D Class and E Class. While E class is the heaviest standard of the steel formwork props.

Steel Formwork For Concrete

Wellmade steel formwork is able used in all types of concrete forming and shuttering. Include wall formwork, beam formwork, column formwork, chimney formwork, tank formwork, retaining wall formwork, tunnel formwork, bridge formwork, highway, slab formwork etc.  According to the concrete shuttering shapes, steel formwork could be in a circle, square, curved, oval and any other irregular shapes.

Steel Formwork Advantage

There are a lot of advantages for the steel formwork

  • Long Term Construction & Durable
  • Save Budget and Cost
  • Extremely Strong
  • Great Versatility
  • Clean Concrete
  • Non-Porous&Non Absorbent
  • Modular & Easy Integrated
  • Compatible with Accessories and Shoring


Steel Formwork VS Steel Ply Formwork

steel formwork panels with waler for concrete

Wellmade steel formwork is made from high strength steel structures include steel plates, hollow sections, channels etc.  As a type of modular formwork system, steel formwork is convenient for your concrete shuttering by pre-fabricated holes. The holes are on the edge&ends of the steel formwork panels.  In concrete shuttering, the formwork accessories like concrete tie rods, wing nuts, anchor nuts, water stoppers are always used as connectors between panels and corners.  In the steel formwork, there are flat panels, curved panels, outer and inside corners, angles for your construction.

steel ply formwork with steel frame and film faced plywood panels

Wellmade steel ply formwork systems are combined with steel frames and film faced plywood panels.  The steel ply formwork steel frame parts are finished in painted or powder-coated. The timber film faced plywood is at top of the steel ply formwork. You could drill holes when the concrete form ties are needed. Film faced plywood is changeable while keep using the same steel frames.  Wellmade steel ply formwork is in less weight than normal steel formwork. In addition, there are both heavy-duty and light-duty steel plywood for your high load and normal load construction and shuttering.

Steel Formwork Structure Grade

Wellmade steel formwork steel grades are customized according to your construction formwork design. You can choose S355 or S235 steel grade for your steel formwork. While the steel grades are related to the steel formwork weight-bearing and load capacity.  If you want a high load concrete shuttering, a higher steel grade formwork system is required.

Basically, there are 4 types of steel grades fabricated for the steel formwork. You can choose any steel grade for both the steel formwork system and steel ply formwork system. While C45 is the highest steel grade among the 4 steel structures.

  • S235 Steel Grade
  • S275 Steel Grade
  • S355 Steel Grade
  • C45 Steel Grade

As an ISO 9001 & CE certified steel formwork manufacturer, all of the steel raw materials grades are tested according to international standards, like EN 10219, BS EN39, AS1576, JIS A3444 etc. Only qualified steel materials are allowed to be put in steel formwork manufacturing.

Wellmade Steel Formwork

Steel formwork is a type of durable formwork modular system. It is used widely in global countries for versatility concrete shuttering include circle, square, curve, nonstandard concrete shuttering.

In fabrication, you can find steel formwork and steel ply formwork.  Both steel formworks are able to be designed in heavy duty and light duty according to your concrete wall thickness, and bearing weight.

According to the steel formwork panel structure specifications, there are large steel formwork panels and small panels. Large formwork panels are in 80-200mm sizes structures. While the steel structure thickness could be 3-12mm.  Small steel formwork panels are always the normal duty or light duty. Steel structure sizes used for small steel formwork panels are 50-60mm.

Steel Formwork VS Timber Formwork

Timber Formwork with Steel Formwork Waler
Timber Formwork with Steel Formwork Waler and Push-Pull Prop

Timber formwork is a traditional formwork system. It includes solid timbers, H20 beams, film faced plywood etc. Timber formwork is convenient in concrete and shoring. It is easy to cut into different sizes. In concrete, the timber formwork is able to be fixed by nails etc.

In the timber formwork, H20 beams and film faced plywood are compatible with other formwork systems and scaffolding support systems: steel formwork, aluminium formwork, cuplock scaffolding, ringlock scaffolding, quick lock scaffolding, frame scaffolding etc.

Steel formworks are made from steel structures. Different from timber formwork, the steel formwork components and parts are always modular with moulds. In order to integrate steel formwork and timber formwork, Wellmade manufactures you the steel ply formwork system to satisfy both long term durable and fast erection for your concrete construction.

Both steel and timber formwork is able to be painted. While you can also ask for a powder-coated or galvanized steel formwork system.

Steel Formwork VS Aluminium Formwork

Aluminum Formwork For Concrete Formwork
Aluminum Formwork For Concrete Formwork

Both steel formwork and aluminium formwork are made from metal structures. While the steel formwork system is much cheaper than the same sizes of aluminium formwork panels.

Aluminium formwork is much lighter in weight.  In the concrete formwork, steel formwork could bear more weight than the same specifications of aluminium formworks.

Aluminium formwork is always self-finished. It is not easy to be rusty even with a self-finished surface.  Aluminium formwork is able to work with timber formwork too. While steel formwork is finished in painted, galvanized or powder coated for protection purposes.  In some countries, M.S Formwork (Black) are also required.

If you want a high load concrete shuttering, a large steel formwork system would be the best choice.

Steel Formwork Disadvantages

As one of the formwork systems, steel formwork has a lot of advantages.  But there are a lot of disadvantages too.

  1. Heavy in Weight
  2. Need to connect from holes
  3. Not as durable as aluminium
  4. Modular cannot change at the concrete project

Steel Formwork HS Code In Export and Shipping

When you want to import the steel formwork system components from China. Need to check the HS code and consult your forwarder/custom reporter about the import tax and tariffs.

Normally Wellmade export the steel formwork system and components using the international hs code of 7308.40.  In shipping documents, Wellmade is able to offer all custom docs include Bill of lading, CI & PL, Quality Certificate, Test Report, MTC, Form E, Form A, Form F, CO etc.  While Form E, Form A and Form F are used for free tax duty or tariff in Southeast Asia, Africa, South America etc.

Steel Formwork System Components and Accessories

More than steel formwork systems components, you can have one-stop sourcing of the steel formwork accessories. Wellmade steel formwork accessories include drop forged type and pressed steel type, cast iron and cast steel types.

Bring Benefits to You 

If you are seeking a formwork system for your concrete shuttering construction, steel formwork would be one of your best choices.  While Wellmade, as the leading ISO9001 formwork and scaffolding manufacture can bring you a lot of benefits:

  1. Competitive Manufacturing Prices
  2. ISO9001 Management Quality Control System from Steel Raw Material to Load Capacity & Mock Up
  3. CE Certified Welding Quality with Penetration Test
  4. Surface Adhere Test and Zinc/Paint Thickness Test
  5. Size and Specification Mock Up
  6. Professional Consult
  7. Door to Door Delivery
  8. Professional Export Docs and Custom Clearance Help
  9. Quality Warranty

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