Ringlock Scaffolding Standards

Ringlock standards are the vertical parts of ring system modular scaffold. It is also called ringlock uprights.
Ringlock standards are manufactured by steel round scaffold tubes. On the scaffold tube, round rosette rings are welded at 500mm intervals. The round rosettes of the ringlock standards are in 10mm thickness for most ring systems.
Wellmade‘s ringlock standards are always hot dip galvanized(HDG). HDG ringlock scaffold standards life is more than 20 years, it is good in anti-corrosion.
According to the ringlock connector(spigot) fixing type, there are 3 different types of ringlock standards:

  1. Bolted Ringlock Scaffolding Standard
  2. Pressed-In Ringlock Scaffolding Standard
  3. Open End Ringlock Scaffolding Standard

Wellmade manufactures ringlock scaffold standards according to ISO 9001. Our ring system scaffold materials are certified by CE in Europe and past AS1576 tested.
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  • Raw Material: S355 Steel
  • Specifications: OD48.3×3.2mm
  • Standard:  EN 12810 & AS 1576
  • Sizes: 0.5m, 1.0m, 1.5m, 2.0m, 2.5m, 3.0m, 3.5m and 4.0m
  • Finishing: Hot dip galvanized


  • Port: Xingang Port, Tianjin, China
  • Transportation:  By Sea
  • Lead Time: 25-35 Days
  • Payment: LC & T/T (CIF)

Ringlock Standards Details

Ringlock Scaffolding Standards Size

CodeItemsNormal Duty SizeHeavy Shore System Size
WRSP0500.5m Ringlock Standard PostO.D 48.3 x 500mmO.D 60.3 x 500mm
WRSP0660.66m Ringlock Standard PostO.D 48.3 x 660mmO.D 60.3 x 660mm
WRSP1001.0m Ringlock Standard PostO.D 48.3 x 1000mmO.D 60.3 x 1000mm
WRSP1501.5m Ringlock Standard PostO.D 48.3 x 1500mmO.D 60.3 x 1500mm
WRSP2002.0m Ringlock Standard PostO.D 48.3 x 2000mmO.D 60.3 x 2000mm
WRSP2502.5m Ringlock Standard PostO.D 48.3 x 2500mmO.D 60.3 x 2500mm
WRSP3003.0m Ringlock Standard PostO.D 48.3 x 3000mmO.D 60.3 x 3000mm
WRSP3503.5m Ringlock Standard PostO.D 48.3 x 3500mmO.D 60.3 x 3500mm
WRSP4004.0m Ringlock Standard PostO.D 48.3 x 4000mmO.D 60.3 x 4000mm

Ringlock standards are connected by coupling pins between each other in scaffolding construction. The coupling pin is also called spigot pins or joint pins, spigot connectors, etc.  In construction, they are inserted inside of the standard poles and fixed by bolt and nut through the holes on the ringlock standards.
According to coupling pin fixing ways, there are several different types of ringlock standards: fixed pressed-in spigot, bolted spigot ringlock standards, and standards without any spigot (open end standards).

Fixed Spigot Ringlock Standards

Fixed ringlock standards is also called pressed-in standards. The coupling connectors are fixed inside of the ringlock standard tubes by punching (pressing) way.
Fixed spigot ringlock standards are convenient in construction that save connector assembly time. But it is not removed. So will not suit concrete slab and beam shoring, which need to put scaffold U heads inside of the standards to support the formwork(scaffold) beams.

Bolted Spigot Ringlock Standard

When ringlock couplings are bolted on the ringlock standards. The standards are called bolted ringlock standards.
Bolted standard spigot is removable. It is very convenient to use in normal construction same as fixed spigot standards. When you remove the bolt and nut and coupling pins, the ringlock standard can work with scaffolding adjustable U head jacks or fixed U head to support concrete slabs and beams.

Open End Ringlock Standards

The open-end ringlock scaffold standards are designed for concrete formwork and shuttering. Basically, it is used to work together with the scaffold top head(U head, fork head etc) for slab and beam formwork sysetm. If you want to use them for normal construction, need to assemble the ringlock coupling pins to connect with other ringlock uprights.

How to Assembly Ringlock Scaffolding

Ringlock Ledgers and Standards

Ringlock ledgers and ringlock standards are two important parts of the modular ring lock system. Ringlock ledgers are horizontal of the ring system, while the ring lock standards are the vertical parts of the ring system.

In construction, the ledgers are connected to the standard from 4 directions to form the ringlock scaffolding towers and frames for accessing and working, shoring, construction and building, etc.

Wellmade Ringlock Standards

Wellmade’s Ringlock Scaffolding Standards Includes with Rosette Rings and Coupling Pins. It is Post Poles Forming Ring Lock System Scaffold Tower.
Wellmade Produces All Types of Ringlock Scaffolding Standards Include are USA & Canada Type, Singapore Type, New Zealand Type, Chile Type, Europe Layher Type, etc.
In Fabrication, We Produce O.D 48.3mm Light Weight Ringlock Scaffolding Standard and O.D 60.3mm Ringlock Scaffolding Poles.
O.D 48.3mm Ringlock Scaffold Standard is Most Common Used In All Construction Include Civil, Industrial, Chemical, Gas, Staging etc.
OD 60.3mm Ringlock Scaffolding Standard is Heavy Duty Ringlock System. It is Hi Load Capacity for Infrastructure Bridge, Highway and Heavy Duty Required Shoring and Shuttering and Temporary Propping.
You can have hot dip galvanized ringlock scaffolding standard. While Painted and Powder Coated Ringlock Scaffolding is available too with Customized Colour.
Welding Quality of the Ringlock Scaffolding Standard is according to EN1090-1 and ISO 3834-2 Standard of  CE certificate.


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