Ringlock Scaffold Ledger Heads

Ledger heads are accessories of ringlock scaffold horizontals. It is also named ledger ends, ringlock fittings, etc.

In ringlock manufacturing, the ledger ends are welded on two ends of the ringlock ledger tubes.

In construction, the cast ledger ends connect the ringlock horizontals (ledgers) to the ringlock standards(vertical parts of ringlock system) and are fixed by wedge pins to the rosette rings of the ringlock standards. Then form the scaffold frames and temporary support for building and shoring.

There are two types of ledger heads include O ledger heads and U ledger heads.

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  • Material: Cast Steel
  • Grade: C 25
  • Weight: 0.45-0.55KG
  • Finishing: Black(self-finished) & Galvanized
  • Package: Ton Bags
  • Applications: Ringlock O Ledger & U Ledger
  • Weldable
  • Insertable with Wedge Pin
  • Strong and Durable
  • Smooth Surface
  • Easy For Galvanizing
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