Scaffold Half Coupler

The forged scaffold half coupler is also called half swivel coupler or check coupler or single coupler. It is the half of drop forged dual swivel coupler.

The half coupler scaffold is the raw material of modular scaffold parts of system scaffolding like ringlock spigot coupler, cuplock diagonal braces with clamps, kwikstage scaffold corner panel filler, etc.

It can be joined with bolts and nuts, eye bolts, and long pins to form the scaffold toe board coupler with hook, Jordan couplers, etc.

For anti-corrosion purposes, we supply both zinc-plated and hot dip galvanized scaffold half couplers.

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Type: Drop Forged

Steel: S235

Coupler Bolt: 8.8 Class

Finishing: Galvanized

Sizes: 48.3mm, 60.3mm, 76mm, 89mm

Standard: EN74, BS1139, AS1576


  • Production Lead Time: 15-35 Days
  • Payment: T/T and LC
  • Shipping: By Sea(Container)
  • Delivery Port: Tianjin, China
  • Brand: Wellmade(WM)
  • Country of Origin(CO): China

Forged Scaffolding Half Coupler

Forged Scaffolding half coupler Size

Scaffolding half coupler sizes include OD48.3mm, OD42mm, OD60mm, OD76mm, and OD89mm. Among them, OD48.3mm is the most common size used to fix between OD48mm standard diameter of scaffold tubes and poles.

Scaffold Swivel Coupler List & Weight

Code No.ItemsSizeWeight
WHFC 4242mm Half SwivelOD42mm(1.65″)0.55 KG
WHFC 48  -B48mm Half Swivel British TypeOD 48.3mm(1.9″)0.60 KG
WHFC 48  -G48mm Half Swivel Germany TypeOD 48.3mm(1.9″)0.71 KG
WHFC 48  -A48mm Half Swivel Australia TypeOD 48.3mm(1.9″)0.65 KG
WHFC 48  -U48mm Half Swivel USA TypeOD 48.3mm(1.9″)0.82 KG
WHFC 6060mm Half SwivelOD60mm ( 2.37″)0.75 KG
WHFC 7676mm Half SwivelOD76mm ( 3″)1,45 KG
WHFC 8989mm Half SwivelOD89mm (3.5″)1.58 KG

Forged Half Swivel Coupler Bolt &Nut

According to EN 74 standard, all forged half-swivel couplers are 8.8 class.  The bolt can be coarsely threaded(quick thread) or acme threaded. Quick-threaded bolt for the scaffold half coupler is mainly exported to Germany. They are hot dip galvanized finishing with the longest durability.

The scaffold half coupler bolt nuts are customized for different countries.

  • Germany type: 22mm Flange Nut
  • British Type: 21mm Cross Nut + Washer
  • Australian Type: 23mm Flange Nut
  • USS Type: 22 Flange Nut

Wellmade Half Swivel Couplers

As a leading scaffold manufacturer in China, Wellmade manufactures all types and sizes of half swivel couplers. All of our scaffold couples and fittings are tested according to EN 74, BS 1139 and AS 1576, ANIS, CSA standards.

We offer product guarantee and door-to-door delivery too. You will get a competitive price import directly from Wellmade with top quality products.

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