Beam Formwork

Wellmade beam formwork is a type of steel formwork material.  It is formed by high strength steel double c profile.

This type of steel beam formwork is designed for peri formwork. It is used in both slab and beam shuttering in construction.

You can find all components and accessories of the modular beam formwork system here include beam angle brackets, adjustable forkhead(crosshead) jacks, etc.

If you have a special beam and slab construction requirement, tell us your ideas, Wellmade is able to customize the beam formwork system products according to your construction design.

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Wellmade’s Beam Formwork Using In Construction Concrete Formwork

Peri Beam Formwork Walers Usage Examples In Construction Concrete

Raw Material In Test

Load Test

Mock Up

Wellmade’s Steel Beam Formwork

If you are seeking beam formwork material for your concrete temporary shuttering, this type of steel beam formwork would be your best choice.

Compare to the traditional timber H20 beams, the steel beam formwork is a type of modular formwork system. It is assembly by prefabricated formwork components and parts.

You can use Wellmade’s steel beam formwork material working for all other types of concrete formwork support. Include column formwork, wall formwork, etc.

Wellmade’s metal beam formwork is finished in the paint.  While galvanizing beam formwork products are available too.

Engineeringly, the metal beam formwork is versatile with other types of formwork system, including steel panel formwork system, aluminium formwork and plywood formwork etc.

Beam formwork Peri type beam parts
Beam formwork Peri type beam parts

Feature of the Peri steel beam formwork system:

  • Modular forms work fast in construction
  • Double C Profile Formwork Beams
  • Fabricated with 100mm Spigot Steel Structure at Both Ends of the Beam Formwork
  • Use the Steel Formwork Beams as Waler Beam or Stud Support in Construction Engineering.
  • Adjustable Beam Formwork Angle Bracket Components Fixes the Formwork Beams According to Your  Shuttering Beam Sizes In Construction Concrete.
  • Adjustable Forkhead with Spindle is a Component of the Beam Formwork. It Connects with the Formwork Beams Vertical Tube Spigot.
  • Wellmade’s Beam Formwork System Parts and Components Can be Used In Slab Formwork and Wall Formwork By Changing Installation and Design.

Beam Formwork System Usage In Construction

Beam Formwork Shoring Scaffolding Materials

During construction, temporary formwork scaffolding is used as temporary support for your beam formwork system. You Can choose Wellmade’s modular scaffolding systems to support your beam formwork.  The shoring scaffolding modular system includes cuplock scaffolding system, ringlock scaffolding system, kwikstage scaffolding system, frame scaffolding, etc.
For the frame scaffolding system, there are traditional scaffolding frames and heavy-duty shoring frames.
  •  Traditional scaffolding frames are used in normal civil, commercial, and industrial construction
  • If you want heavy-duty loading scaffolding frames, please apply shoring frames.

More than a scaffolding system, you can use an adjustable post shore for the beam formwork support too. The scaffolding post shores are adjustable to your construction concrete height. You can ask for heavy duty, lightweight, and medium-duty scaffolding steel props for your concrete.

How is Beam Formwork Calculated

In construction concrete, you need to calculate the area of your beam formwork.  You can use following steps to calculate the beam formwork framework:

  • Measure the cross-section area of your beam formwork, what is the width and what is the height?
  • Measure the span of the beam formwork. How long of the beam formwork concrete?
  • Multiply each cross section and beam span
  • Sum each cross-section area to get the complete beam formwork frameworks.

What are the types of beam formwork?

According to the shape of the beam formwork, there are ring beam, t beam etc. Whatever the types of beam formwork. Wellmade’s beam formwork materials are able to give full support during your concrete pouring.

Technical Data of Wellmade’s Steel Beam Formwork

  • Peri Beam Formwork Waler Loading Capacity
Slab ThicknessSecondary GirderSpaceMain GirderSpindle LoadBeam Load
  • Wellmade’s Peri Beam Formwork Waler Sizes
  • Peri Beam Formwork Angle Sizes

Peri Beam Formwork Angle

  • Peri Beam Formwork Forkhead Spindle Sizes

Beam Formwork Forkhead Jack U Head Crosshead



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