Aluminium Aluma Beam

Aluma Beam is a type of Aluminium Beams. It is used as Aluminium Stringer and Aluminium Joints In Concrete Formwork and Shoring System.

Fabricated with Special Aluminium Alloy Material, Wellmade ‘s Aluma Beams are Light Weight and Heavy Strength.  It is Versatile with All Concrete Formwork Systems.

Wellmade’s Aluma Beam Application:

  • Slab&Beam Formwork: DeeperAluma Beams are Used as Primary Member of the Slab Formwork. Smaller Aluma Beams are used as Secondary Members in Slab Formwork Support.
  • Wall Formwork: Aluma Beam is used as A Stud for Both Horizontal Member and Vertical Member in Wall Forms.

165 mm (6.5 in.) Aluma Beam Table of Load Ratings at Given SpansSpan Deflection1Load1 Deflection2 Load2 L/360L/360L/270L/270

1.2 m2.5 mm38.3 (kN/m)2.5 mm38.3 (kN/m)
4 ft.10 inches2620 (lb/ft).10 inches2620 (lb/ft)
1.53 m4.3 mm26.9 (kN/m)4.3 mm29.5 (kN/m)
5 ft.17 inches1838 (lb/ft).17 inches2020 (lb/ft)
1.83 m5.1 mm15.4 (kN/m)6.8 mm20.6 (kN/m)
6 ft.20 inches1056 (lb/ft).27 inches1408 (lb/ft)
2.13 m5.9 mm9.7 (kN/m)7.9 mm12.9 (kN/m)
7 ft.23 inches664 (lb/ft).32 inches885 (lb/ft)
2.44 m6.8 mm6.5 (kN/m)9.0 mm8.7 (kN/m)
8 ft.27 inches446 (lb/ft).36 inches595 (lb/ft)
2.74 m7.6 mm4.6 (kN/m)10.1 mm6.1 (kN/m)
9 ft.30 inches314 (lb/ft).40 inches419 (lb/ft)
3.05 m8.5 mm3.3 (kN/m)11.3 mm4.4 (kN/m)
10 ft.33 inches228 (lb/ft).44 inches304 (lb/ft)
3.35 m9.3 mm2.8 (kN/m)12.4 mm3.7 (kN/m)
11 ft.37 inches190 (lb/ft).49 inches255 (lb/ft)
3.66 m10.2 mm2.2 (kN/m)13.5 mm2.9 (kN/m)
12 ft.40 inches150 (lb/ft).53 inches198 (lb/ft)
3.96 m11.0 mm1.7 (kN/m)14.7 mm2.3 (kN/m)
13 ft.43 inches115 (lb/ft).58 inches156 (lb/ft)
4.27 m11.9 mm1.4 (kN/m)15.8 mm1.8 (kN/m)
14 ft.47 inches95 (lb/ft).62 inches125 (lb/ft)
4.57 m12.7 mm1.1 (kN/m)16.9 mm1.5 (kN/m)
15 ft.50 inches76 (lb/ft).67 inches101 (lb/ft)
4.88 m13.5 mm0.92 (kN/m)18.1 mm1.2 (kN/m)
16 ft.53 inches63 (lb/ft).71 inches84 (lb/ft)
5.18 m14.4 mm0.77 (kN/m)19.2 mm1.0 (kN/m)
17 ft.57 inches53 (lb/ft).76 inches70 (lb/ft)
5.49 m15.2 mm0.64 (kN/m)20.3 mm0.86 (kN/m)
18 ft.60 inches44 (lb/ft).80 inches59 (lb/ft)
5.79 m16.1 mm0.55 (kN/m)21.4 mm0.73 (kN/m)
19 ft.63 inches38 (lb/ft).84 inches50 (lb/ft)
6.10 m16.9 mm0.47 (kN/m)22.6 mm0.63 (kN/m)
20 ft..67 inches32 (lb/ft).89 inches43 (lb/ft)
  • 1Deflections based on simple spans.
  • 2Design Load: Dead Load and Live Load
  • The factor of Safety: 2.2 to 1. Beam to be laterally supported.

Technical DataMetricImperialWeight*1xxSx max.Sx min.Area

6 kg/m4 lb / ft
7.07 x 1108  mm417.0 in4
102 x 103 mm36.23 in3
72.6 x 103 mm34.43 in3
1721 mm22.67 in2
*Includes 51 x 51 mm (2×2 in) wood railing strip

Standard Lengths and WeightsMetricImperial

2.75 m/16.5 kg9 ft / 36 lb
3.2 m /19.2 kg10.5 ft / 42 lb
3.66 m /21.9 kg12 ft / 48 lb
4.27 m / 25.6 kg14 ft / 56 lb
4.88 m /29.3 kg16 ft / 64 lb
5.49 m / 32.9 kg18 ft / 72 lb
6.41 m /38.5 kg21 ft / 84 lb

Wellmade Customized Your Aluma Beams Size&Specifications

Wellmade Customized Your Aluma Beams in Size and Specification. We have all types and shapes of Aluma Beams for Your Primary Formwork Stringer and Secondary Formwork Joints.  More than that, Wellmade is able to open new moulds to produce according to your Aluma Beam design.   You can the following common Aluma Beams.

Aluma Beam Size & Specification
No.Aluma Beam SizeWeight

You can also find from wellmade Aluma Stringer In 190mm.

Length of Wellmade Aluma Beam

Aluma Beam Length is fabricated according to your construction formwork design and shoring scaffolding arrangement.  You just need simple tell us your length required. Normal Length of the Aluma beam would be  9′ to 21′ (2.75m to 6.4m). Longest Length we produce is 11.8m.

Wellmade Aluma Beam Using In Formwork Projects

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