Scaffolding Pipes Galvanised & Black

Wellmade is Your Professional Scaffolding Pipe Manufacturer & Supplier in China. We Produce Galvanised and Black Scaffolding Pipes In All Diameter. Include 48mm, 60mm, 42mm etc.

  • If You are Oil Gas and Construction Companies:

Wellmade’s Galvanised Scaffolding Pipes Will be Perfect Scaffolding Material For Your Onshore & Offshore Projects.  Our Scaffold Tubes Has Been Approved By Shell, KNPC, Sinopec, KOC Etc.

  • If You are Scaffold Factory:

Welmade’s Black & GI Scaffolding Pipe Is Offering High-Quality Raw Material to Your Market. We Testing Steel Chemical Composition, Tensile Strength, Yield Strength, Elongation, Flatten, Bending & Dimension for your Scaffold Tubes.

Wellmade’s Scaffolding Pipes are Conformed to Scaffold Standard of BS 1139, EN39, EN10219, JIS 3444, AS 1576, ASTM36 etc. Send Inquiry Now to Get Good Price for Your Scaffolding Pipes in Custom Specification.

Wellmade Scaffolding Pipes are Tested Each Batch of Tensile Strength, Yield Strength, Elongation.


Wellmade Black Scaffolding Pipes are In Bending Test.

Wellmade Scaffold is In Scaffolding Pipes Manufacturing. Our Production Capacity is 1000 Tons Per Day.

The Black Scaffolding Tubes are Export to Global Scaffold Factories.

Hot Dip Galvanised Scaffolding Pipes are Export for Pipe & Fitting Scaffolding Constuction.

Wellmade Scaffolding Pipes

Wellmade is a professional manufacturer of scaffolding pipe for more than 10 years. We offer a high-quality scaffolding pipe at a very competitive price.

We manufacture a scaffolding pipe for different industrial applications. Usually, it can be found in construction building, oil & gas, and other industries.

You can use a Wellmade scaffolding pipe for different pipelines such as refinery, cement plant maintenance work, fertilizer factory, power plant, and more.

Furthermore, our series of scaffolding pipes are widely used for all scaffolding systems, tube lock scaffold, cuplock and ringlock scaffolding, props, heavy-duty shoring frame, etc.

As a professional and advanced scaffold manufacturer in China, Wellmade offers a scaffolding pipe with different types and sizes to choose.

Wellmade standard scaffolding pipe sizes:

  • 3 x 3.0mm scaffolding pipe
  • 3 x 3.2mm scaffolding pipe
  • 3 x 3.8mm scaffolding pipe
  • 3 x 4.0mm scaffolding pipe

If any scaffolding pipe sizes request, Wellmade can cut your scaffolding pipe according to your specifications.

For the types, you can choose whether hot-dip galvanized scaffolding pipe, scaffolding welded scaffold tube, steel scaffolding pipes, and more.

Wellmade scaffolding pipes are manufactured with standard Q235/Q345 carbon steel. With Wellmade, you can be sure that our scaffolding pipe surface treatment is hot-dip galvanized guaranteed.

Our scaffolding pipes are manufactured and designed for tube and coupler scaffold. They provide good appearance and sufficient durability especially under the condition of salty air or long-term weather exposure.

scaffolding clamps for tube and clamp scaffolding
scaffolding clamps for tube and clamp scaffolding

Wellmade undergone strict quality management. All Wellmade scaffolding pipes conform to scaffold standards of EN39, BS 1139, JIS 3444, AS 1576, EN10219, ASTM36, etc.

Wellmade manufacturing factory in China is experts in all scaffolding pipe manufacturing. We wholesale scaffolding pipe in different types, sizes, and designs.

During the production, Wellmade stays on top of every detail in the scaffolding pipe manufacturing process. From product monitoring, costing calculation, sample creation, to quality assurance.

Wellmade has rich experienced in scaffolding pipe manufacturing. You rest assured with high-end scaffolding pipe products at Wellmade.

For more than 10 years, we became experts in manufacturing scaffolding pipe then shipping it to Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, and throughout the world.

If you desire a long-lasting business, then consider Wellmade as your immediate go-to wholesale scaffolding pipe supplier, manufacturer, and distributor.

For more information about our scaffolding pipe, please get in touch with us, and let’s get started.

Types of The BS1139 GI Scaffolding Pipes

GI Scaffolding Pipes are Required in Most Construction Companies and Oil Gas Contractors. It is Hot Dip Galvanized in O.D 48.3mm. There are 2 Main Types of GI Scaffolding Pipes:

  • Type 4 GI Scaffolding Pipes: Size of Type 4 GI Pipes are in O.D 48.3mm x. 4.0mm Thickness.
  • Type 3 GI Scaffolding Pipes: Size of the Type 3 Pipes are in O.D 48.3mm x 3.2mm Thickness.

Thinner Wall Thickness of O.D 48.3mm GI Pipes thickness Include of 1.6mm, 1.7mm, 1.8m, 2.0mm, 2.2mm, 2.4mm, 2.5mm, 2.7mm, 2.9mm, 3.0mm etc.

In Singapore, Japanese and Korea, Sri Lanka Countries, GI Scaffolding Pipe in 2.4mm JIS 3444 Standard is Popular Used.

Emboss Marks of GI Scaffolding Pipes BS1139

Scaffolding Pipe with Marks BS 1139 Standard 4mm Scaffolding pipes
Scaffolding Pipe with Marks BS 1139

According to the BS1139 Scaffolding Standard, GI Scaffolding Pipes Should Include Emboss Marks:

  • Standard Code No.
  • Manufacturer Track No.
  • Manufacturing Month and Year
  • Type of Pipes

For Example BS1139 WM 10/20 Type 4 

Zinc Thickness of The GI Scaffolding Pipes

According to the BS1139 Standard, GI Scaffolding Pipes Zinc Thickness Should Be Not Less Than 40 Micro.

Scaffolding Pipes Hot Dip Galvanzied Zinc Thickness
Galvanized Scaffolding Pipes with zinc thickness

Ms Black Scaffold Pipes

 Black Scaffold Pipes O.D 48.3mm is the Most Used Steel Scaffolding Material, As Raw Elements of Producing Modular System Scaffolding Include Ringlock ScaffoldingCuplock ScaffoldingKwikstage ScaffoldingTube Lock Scaffolding, Heavy-Duty Shoring FramesAcrow Props Etc.

The thickness of the Black Scaffold Pipes Include 4.0mm,3.2mm, and 3.0mm

Black Scaffold Pipes are Imported by Scaffolding Companies Aboard China.

Steel Grade of BS1139 Scaffolding Pipes

BS1139 Scaffolding Pipes Steel Grade Include S235, S275, S355 for Both GI and Black Types. According to the Steel Grade, S355 Scaffolding Pipes are High Yield and Tensile Strength to Ensure a Bigger Load Capacity.

S355 Steel Grade Scaffolding Pipes are used to Produces Vertical Standard and Ledgers of the Modular System Scaffold for Stable and Great Safety Load.

Wellmade Scaffolding Pipes Test

Wellmade Scaffold Produces All Types of BS1139 Scaffolding Pipes GI and Black. The Company has its own Test House Controlling Scaffolding Pipe Quality from the Following Steps:

1) Steel Grade of Raw Material

Scaffolding Pipe Raw Material is Steel Plate. Only Tested Past Steel Plate Coil are Approved Accepted in Raw Material Stock. Raw Material Testing Including Chemical Composition According to BS1139, Physical Property of Tensile Strength, Yield Strength, Elongation.

 2) Welding Line Testing

Scaffolding Pipe Welding Line Quality is Tested According to ISO3834 and EN1090 CE Requirement. While Flatten Testing is also Essential in Scaffolding Pipe Welding Line Testing.

 3) Finished Scaffolding Pipe Testing

GI Scaffolding Pipes are Tested After Galvanizing, While Black Tube are Tested after Welding Directly.

The Testing Include Chemical Composition, Physical Property and Flatten

Clients Can get Mill Certificated, Test Report from Wellmade for Each Batch of Material

Scaffolding Pipe Specifications

Galvanised Scaffolding Pipe Type 4 EN39  Scaffolding Pipe Type 321 Foot Galvanised Scaffold Pipes 2.4mm GI Pipe Scaffolding STK400 & STK500 (48.6mm)2.2mm GI Scaffolding Pipe 48.6mm2.0mm Galvanised GI Pipe 48.6mm 1.8mm GI Pipe OD 48.6mmBlack Scaffold Pipes O.D 48.3mm

Galvanised Scaffolding Pipe Type 4 BS1139

CodeItemsSizeScaffold StandardLength
WST40BGalvanised Scaffolding PipeOD48.3×4.0mmBS11390.5m-6m

Galvanised Scaffolding Pipe Type 3 BS1139

WSP48032Galvanised Scaffolding PipeOD48.3mm3.2mmGalvanised
WSP48030Galvanised Scaffolding PipeOD48.3mm3.0mmGalvanised

21 FT Galvanized Scaffold Tubes

CodeItemsSizeThicknessSteel Grade
WSP486421 Ft Scaffold Tube GalvanisedOD48.3mm x 21 FT4.0mmS235

2.4mm Scaffolding GI Pipes STK 400 & STK 500

CodeItemsSteel GradeSurfaceLength
WSP4824-400GI Pipe 48.6mm x 2.4mmSTK 400Galvanised1-5.8m & 6m
WSP4824-500GI Pipe 48.6mm x2.4mmSTK 500Galvanised1-5.8m & 6m

2.2mm Scaffolding GI Pipes

WSP4822GI Pipe OD48.6 x 2.2mm48.6mm x 6000mmGI1m-5.8m & 6m

2.0mm Scaffolding GI Pipes

WSP4820GI Pipe OD48.6×2.0mm48.6 x 6000mmGI1m-5.8m & 6m

1.8mm Scaffolding GI Pipes

WSP4818GI Pipe OD 48.6 x 1.8mm48.6 x 6000mmGI1m-5.8m & 6m

Galvanized Scaffold Tube 2.5mm & 2.7mm

WST27Scaffold Pipe 2.7mmOD48.3×2.7mm18.22
WST25Scaffold Pipe 2.5mmOD48.3 x 2.5mm16.95

OD42.7 mm Scaffold Steel Pipe

WST42161.6mm Scaffold Tube O.D 42.7mmOD42.7×1.6mmGalvanized | Black
WST42171.7mm Scaffold Tube O.D 42.7mmOD42.7×1.7mmGalvanized | Black
WST42181.8mm Scaffold Tube O.D 42.7mmOD42.7×1.8mmGalvanized | Black
WST42202.0mm Scaffold Tube O.D 42.7mmOD42.7×2.0mmGalvanized | Black
WST42222.2mm Scaffold Tube O.D 42.7mmOD42.7×2.2mmGalvanized | Black
WST42242.4mm Scaffold Tube O.D 42.7mmOD42.7×2.4mmGalvanized | Black
WST42252.5mm Scaffold Tube O.D 42.7mmOD42.7×2.5mmGalvanized | Black
WST42272.7mm Scaffold Tube O.D 42.7mmOD42.7×2.7mmGalvanized | Black
WST42303.0mm Scaffold Tube O.D 42.7mmOD42.7×23.0mmGalvanized | Black
WST42323.2mm Scaffold Tube O.D 42.7mmOD42.7×3.2mmGalvanized | Black
WST42353.5mm Scaffold Tube O.D 42.7mmOD42.7×3.5mmGalvanized | Black

Scaffold Steel Black Tube M.S O.D 48.3mm

Code No.ItemsDescriptionSteel Grade
WST4820Black Scaffold Tube 48×2.0mmOD48.3 x 2.0mmQ235| Q345
WST4822Black Scaffold Tube 48×2.2mmOD48.3 x 2.2mmQ235| Q345
WST4825Black Scaffold Tube 48×2.5mmOD48.3 x 2.5mmQ235| Q345
WST4828Black Scaffold Tube 48×2.8mmOD48.3 x 2.8mmQ235| Q345
WST4830Black Scaffold Tube 48×3.0mmOD48.3 x 3.0mmQ235| Q345
WST4832Black Scaffold Tube 48×3.2mmOD48.3 x 3.2mmQ235| Q345

OD60mm Steel Scaffolding Pipes

 CodeItems Size Steel GradeSurface
WST60171.7mm Scaffold Black Tube OD60.3mmO.D 60.3×1.7mmQ235|Q345Galvanized | Black
WST60181.8mm Scaffold Black Tube OD60.3mmO.D 60.3×1.8mmQ235|Q345Galvanized | Black
WST60202.0mm Scaffold Black Tube OD60.3mmO.D 60.3×2.0mmQ235|Q345Galvanized | Black
WST60222.2mm Scaffold Black Tube OD60.3mmO.D 60.3×2.2mmQ235|Q345Galvanized | Black
WST60252.5mm Scaffold Black Tube OD60.3mm O.D 60.3×2.5mmQ235|Q345Galvanized | Black
WST60303.0mm Scaffold Black Tube OD60.3mmO.D 60.3×3.0mmQ235|Q345Galvanized | Black
WST60323.2mm Scaffold Black Tube OD60.3mm O.D 60.3×3.2mmQ235|Q345Galvanized | Black
WST60363.6mm Scaffold Black Tube OD60.3mm O.D 60.3×3.6mmQ235|Q345Galvanized | Black
WST60404.0mm Scaffold Black Tube OD60.3mmO.D 60.3×4.0mmQ235|Q345Galvanized | Black
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