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Wellmade: Your Professional Scaffolding Pipe Manufacturer & Supplier

Wellmade is a professional scaffolding pipe manufacturer in China. You can find all sizes (customized diameters, thicknesses, lengths) and steel grades of scaffolding pipes.

There are steel and aluminum scaffolding pipes available here. We manufacture both scaffolding pipes according to BS1139, EN39, JIS 3444, ASTM, and AS1576 standard.

All of our scaffolding pipes are daily tested during manufacturing. The daily test includes scaffold tube yield strength, tensile strength, elongation, chemical elements, dimension, straightening, etc. You can have all of the relative test reports and certificates for your scaffold pipe orders.

Wellmade is reputed as an approved supplier for oil gas companies. Our main clients include oil gas companies like Shell, Sinopec, KNPC, etc. All Wellmade scaffolding pipes are plain ends treated without burrs.

Famous German and UK scaffold and formwork companies buy scaffolding pipes from Wellmade too. They use the scaffolding pipes as raw material for modular scaffold systems like ringlock, cuplock, kwikstage, frame scaffold, scaffolding props, etc.

We customize your scaffolding pipes in sizes, cut lengths, steel grades, surface treatment, etc. Meanwhile, your company logos are able to engraved(embossed) on your products too.

More than scaffold pipes, we offer one-stop scaffolding materials services for you. You can find all scaffolding products and accessories here. Include scaffolding pipe clamps, scaffold fittings, scaffold boards, accessories, scaffold systems, etc.

Send us your scaffolding pipe requirement to get competitive prices now.

Scaffolding Pipe Types

bs1139 scaffold tubes galvanized 48mm

BS1139 scaffold tubes are British standard scaffolding pipesOD48.3mm. We cut different lengths for your BS1139 scaffolding pipes from 1 ft to 21 feet.

Galvanised Scaffold Tube

EN 39 scaffolding pipes are similar to BS1139 scaffold tubes. But with the Al element in the scaffold tube chemical composition.

Galvanised Scaffold Tube

Galvanised scaffold tube is a type of HDG scaffolding pipe. It is with zinc thickness of more than 40 micros. You can find GI pipes with less zinc thickness and cheaper prices.

Black Scaffold Tube

Black scaffold tubes are used for system scaffold manufacturing. Some construction projects use black scaffold tubes for temporary construction support and frame too.

MS 1462 Scaffold Tube

MS 1462 standard is a Malaysian standard scaffold tube. Wellmade manufactures MS scaffold tubes with CIDB certification, PC, and PPS.

STK 500 GI Pipes for Scaffolding JIS Standard

STK 500 GI pipes are Japanese standard scaffolding pipes. It is galvanized with a thickness of 2.4mm. You can find 1.8mm to 2.5mm thick STK 500 scaffold tubes here too.

Scaffolding Pipe Manufacturing Video

Wellmade is a leading scaffolding pipe manufacturer in China. We supply black and galvanized scaffold tubes for scaffold and formwork companies. and manufacturing galvanised scaffold tubes for oil gas companies for Shell, KNPC, KOC, Saipem, Sinopec, China Petroleum, etc.
Wellmade is ISO 9001 & a CE-certified scaffold manufacturer. Our materials quality is higher than the international scaffolding standard. You can find daily test reports and certificates in raw material chemical composition, tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, etc. We ensure your scaffolding pipe welding line quality, tube straight, galvanizing thickness, and adhere are more than standard requirements.

Our scaffolding pipe production capacity is 1000 tons per day. You can expect a quick delivery for your scaffold tube orders here. In addition, we offer door-to-door delivery to global countries. Tell us your scaffolding pipe requirement now.

Scaffolding Pipe Ultimate Guide

What is Scaffolding Pipes

Scaffolding pipes are also called scaffold tubes or scaffolding poles. It is the component of the tube and clamp scaffolding systems. In the scaffolding pipe clamp system, the scaffolding pipe joints with scaffold parts of scaffolding clamps, scaffold boards, scaffolding ladders, and scaffold beams.

In the building scaffolding construction and formwork concrete shoring, scaffold tube and clamp system form scaffold frames, towers, staging and shoring support.

Scaffolding pipes are round-shaped pipes. It is used as scaffold vertical poles, horizontal ledgers, diagonal braces, scaffold transoms, and handrails in the scaffolding construction.

The standard scaffold pipe size is OD48.3mm in diameter. Scaffolding pipe thickness is 3.2mm or 4.0mm. The longest scaffolding pipe is 21′(6.4m). There are also 20′(6m) and cut lengths from 1′ to 19′.

The scaffolding tubes are made of steel and aluminum plates(coils). According to the raw material structure, there are 3 types of scaffolding pipe: aluminium scaffolding pipes, steel scaffold tubes, and grp scaffold tubes. Among them, the steel scaffold tube is the best in load capacity and cost-saving.

Galvanized scaffolding pipes are a type of steel scaffold tube. It is with galvanized finishing for durable and corrosion protection purposes. According to the galvanizing process, there are hot-dip galvanized and premier galvanized steel scaffolding pipes.

You can paint scaffolding pipes too. Painted scaffolding pipes can be in different colors. Red, blue, green, yellow, etc. You can choose your color for the painted steel scaffolding pipes. In anti-corrosion, painted scaffold tubes are not as durable as galvanized pipes in anti-rusty.

When scaffolding frames and towers are erected by scaffold tubes and couplers, the scaffold system is called tube scaffolding and pipe scaffolding. Tube scaffolding is a type of traditional scaffold system. Thus it is the most commonly used type of scaffolding in globally wide countries.

In the installation, the scaffolding pipes are jointed (fixed) by scaffolding couplers. Scaffolding coupler is also called scaffold clamps, scaffolding pipe joints, scaffolding pipe connectors, scaffolding pipe fittings, etc.

There are many types of scaffolding pipe couplers. Include right-angle couplers (double couplers), swivel clamps, sleeve couples(joint box), putlog couplers, plank clamps(BRC and Limpet clamp), beam clamps(fixed and swivel beam coupler), joint pins, ladder clamps, etc. The scaffolding fittings connect between scaffolding pipes, scaffold pipe and scaffold boards, scaffold tubes and scaffold beams, scaffolding pie and ladders, etc. Scaffolding pipe joints are manufactured according to BS1139, EN 74, AS1576, etc standards in Wellmade.

Scaffolding pipe standards are required different in different countries. you can find BS1139, EN 39, AS1576, JIS 3444, ASTM, and CSA standard scaffolding pipes in Wellmade.

Steel Scaffolding Pipes

Steel scaffolding pipes are the best scaffolding pipes. It is made of high-strength steel structures. You can find welded steel scaffolding pipes and seamless steel scaffolding pipes in Wellmade.  Welded steel scaffold pipes are made of steel plates or steel coils. While seamless steel scaffolding pipes are made from steel round bars.

Black Steel Scaffolding Pipes

Black scaffolding pipes are also called MS scaffolding pipes. It is a type of self-finished steel scaffolding pipe.  Black scaffolding pipes are easy to be rusty.  Thus the black scaffolding pipes need to be with special surface treatments to protect them from rusty.

>Painted and Galvanized Scaffolding Pipes

According to the steel scaffolding pipe surface treatment, there are powder-coated scaffold pipes, painted scaffolding pipes, hot-dip galvanised scaffold tubes and GI scaffolding pipes.   The finished steel scaffolding pipes make the steel pipes’ life extend during pipe scaffolding construction.

Galvanized scaffolding pipes are the most durable type of steel scaffold tubes. There are 3 different types of galvanized steel scaffolding pipes. Include hot-dip galvanized steel pipes, E-galvanized scaffolding pipes, and GI pipes.

Hot-dip galvanized scaffolding pipe is also called HDG scaffold tubes. In the hot-dip galvanizing, the ms black steel tubes are put into high-temperature galvanizing pools to get zinc coated.  Hot-dip galvanized scaffolding pipe zinc thickness is more than 40 micros(280g/m²). Thus it is the most durable type of steel scaffolding pipe.

GI scaffolding pipes are made of premier galvanized (GI) steel coils/plates. The premier steel coil zinc thickness is about 6-35 micro(42g/m² to 245g/m²). The zinc is thinner than hot-dip galvanizing finished tubes. Thus the anti-corrosion function is not as good as hot-dip galvanized scaffolding pipes. GI scaffolding pipes are at less cost and cheaper price. That is why it is very popularly used.

GI steel scaffolding pipes are not suitable for thickness wall scaffold tubes. It is available for 1.6mm to a maximum of 2.5mm thick scaffolding pipes.

Nevertheless, GI pipes are better than the painted tubs in anti-rusty. That is why both hot-dip galvanized tubes and GI pipes are used widely in all pipe scaffolding constructions. Include civil, industrial, infrastructural construction, pipe racking in onshore and offshore projects, chemical plant building, shipping building, maintenances of pipelines, equipment, building, etc.

Scaffolding pipes after galvanizing will be heavier than the black scaffold tubes. The galvanized zinc makes the galvanizing scaffold pipes about 3% heavier than ms black scaffolding pipes.

Scaffolding Pipes Hot Dip Galvanzied Zinc Thickness

BS1139 & EN39 Standard Steel Scaffolding Pipes

BS1139 and EN 39 standard scaffolding pipes are the most used globally wide. You can download  BS1139 and EN 39 standard regulations from Wellmade scaffold standards.

The differences between BS1139 and EN 39 are the chemical composition. In the BS1139 scaffolding pipe stand, no need for aluminum elements in chemicals. While in the EN 39 scaffolding pipe standard, Aluminium elements are required more than 0.02%.

Both BS1139 and EN39 the scaffold standards are British standards. They give safety regulations and guidelines for both steel and aluminium scaffolding pipes.

According to the standard, BS1139 and EN 39 scaffold tubes are in 48mm diameter. You can find the following pipe wall thickness for the BS1139 and EN 39 standard scaffold tubes.

  1. 3.0mm thick scaffolding pipes
  2. 3.2mm thick scaffolding pipes
  3. 3.6mm thick scaffolding pipes
  4. 3.7mm thick scaffolding pipes
  5. 3.8mm thick scaffolding pipes
  6. 4.0mm thick scaffolding pipes

BS1139 and EN39 scaffolding pipes are required in hot-dip galvanized. if you want to use them in the construction. For steel grade for BS EN 39 scaffolding pipes grades include S235, S275, and S355.

JIS3444, KSD3566 & AS1576 Standard Scaffolding Pipe

More than the British standard scaffolding pipes, there are Japanese standard and Korean standard, and AS1576 standard scaffolding pipes.

Japanese scaffolding pipe standard is JIS G 3444(STK). Korean pipe standard for scaffolding is KSD 3566(STK). The AS1576 standard is an Australian standard.

The outside diameter for Japanese and Korean standard scaffolding pipes is 48.6mm. The scaffolding pipe dia is different from 48.3mm British standard scaffold pipes.

JIS3444 and KSD3566 standard scaffolding pipe thicknesses are in the range of 1.8-2.5mm. It is thinner than the British standard scaffold tubes. So we call JIS and KSD standard scaffolding pipes light weight scaffold tubes.

You can find the following different pipe thicknesses for the Japanese and Korean standard steel scaffolding pipes:

  1. 1.8mm thick scaffolding pipes
  2. 2.0mm thick scaffolding pipes
  3. 2.1mm thick scaffolding pipes
  4. 2.2mm thick scaffolding pipes
  5. 2.3mm thick scaffolding pipes
  6. 2.4mm thick scaffolding pipes
  7. 2.5mm thick scaffolding pipes

According to scaffolding pipe finishing, you can find hot-dip galvanized and premier-galvanized scaffolding pipes for the Japanese and Korean standard scaffolding pipes. JIS Premier Galvanized scaffolding pipes are also called pre-gal steel scaffold pipes or GI pipes. Because of the cheap price and cost, GI scaffolding pipes are commonly required in Japanese and Korean scaffolding construction.

JIS and KSD standard scaffolding pipe steel grades are STK 400 and STK 500. They are different from the S235 and S355 British standard scaffold tube requirements too.

Steel Scaffolding Pipe Weight, Diameter &Specifications

In the following details and table, you can find different types of steel scaffolding pipe details. Include the outer diameter, tube wall thickness, weight, lengths in both meter&inches, steel grade, etc. We list the following types of steel scaffolding pipe details:

  • Galvanised Scaffolding Pipe 48mm Type 4
  • EN39  Scaffolding Pipe 48mm Type 3
  • 21 Foot Galvanised Scaffold Pipes
  • 2.4mm GI Pipe Scaffolding STK400 & STK500 (48.6mm)
  • 2.2mm GI Scaffolding Pipe 48.6mm
  • 2.0mm Galvanised GI Pipe 48.6mm
  • 1.8mm GI Pipe OD 48.6mm
  • Black Scaffold Pipes O.D 48.3mm
  • 42mm Scaffolding Tubes
  • 60mm Scaffold Tubes
  • 6-meter Scaffolding Pipe Weight
BS1139 Scaffolding Pipe Type 4 Weight
CodeItemsSize(Dia x Thk)LengthWeight/Meter
WST40B4.0mm Scaffolding PipeOD48.3×4.0mm0.5m-6m4.40 KG
BS1139 Scaffolding Pipe Type 3 Weight
CodeItemsSize(Dia x Thk)LengthWeight/Meter
WSP480323.2mm Scaffolding PipeOD48.3×3.2mm0.5m-6m3.56 KG
WSP480303.0mm Scaffolding PipeOD48.3×3.0mm0.5m-6m3.35 KG
21 FT Scaffold Tube Size and Weight
CodeItemsSize(Dia x Thk)LengthWeight/PC
W4864421′ Scaffold Tube 4.0mmOD48.3×4.0mm6.4 m27.97 KG
W4864321′ Scaffold Tube 3.2mmOD48.3×4.0mm6.4 m22.78 KG
6m (20 ft) Scaffold Tube Size and Weight
CodeItemsSize(Dia x Thk)LengthWeight(KG)
W4806256.0m scaffold tubeOD48 x 2.5mm6.0 m16.94 KG
W4806246.0m scaffold tubeOD48 x 2.4mm6.0 m16.30 KG
W4806276.0m scaffold tubeOD48 x 2.7mm6.0 m18.22 KG
W4806326.0m scaffold tubeOD48 x 3.2mm6.0 m21.36 KG
W4806306.0m scaffold tubeOD48 x 3.0mm6.0 m20.11 KG
W4806406.0m scaffold tubeOD48 x 4.0mm6.0 m26.21 KG
W6006326.0m scaffold tubeOD60 x 3.2mm6.0 m27.04 KG
W6006356.0m scaffold tubeOD60 x 3.5mm6.0 m29.41 KG
W6006406.0m scaffold tubeOD60 x 4.0mm6.0 m33.32 KG
W4206306.0m scaffold tubeOD42 x 3.0mm6.0 m17.62 KG
W4206256.0m scaffold tubeOD42 x 2.5mm6.0 m14.87 KG
W4206246.0m scaffold tubeOD42 x 2.4mm6.0 m14.31 KG
2.4mm Scaffolding Pipe Size & Weight 
CodeItemsSize(Dia x Thk)LengthWeight/Meter
W4824-1BS1139 Steel PipesOD48.3x 2.4mm0.5m-6m2.72 KG
W4824-2JIS 3444 Steel PipesOD48.6x 2.4mm0.5m-6m2.74 KG
2.2mm Scaffolding Pipe Size and Weight
CodeItemsSize(Dia x Thk)LengthWeight/Meter
W4822-1BS1139 Steel PipesOD48.3x 2.2mm0.5m-6m2.50 KG
W4822-2JIS 3444 Steel PipesOD48.6x 2.2mm0.5m-6m2.52 KG
2.0mm Scaffolding Pipes Size and Weight
CodeItemsSize(Dia x Thk)LengthWeight/Meter
W4820-1BS1139 Steel PipesOD48.3x 2.0mm0.5m-6m2.28 KG
W4820-2JIS 3444 Steel PipesOD48.6x 2.0mm0.5m-6m2.30 KG
1.8mm Scaffolding Pipe Size & Weight
CodeItemsSize(Dia x Thk)LengthWeight/Meter
W4818-1BS1139 Steel PipesOD48.3x 1.8mm0.5m-6m2.06 KG
W4818-2JIS 3444 Steel PipesOD48.6x 1.8mm0.5m-6m2.08 KG
2.5mm and 2.7mm Scaffold Tube Weight
CodeItemsSize(Dia x Thk)LengthWeight/Meter
WST27Scaffold Pipe 2.7mmOD48.3×2.7mm0.5m-6m3.04 KG
WST25Scaffold Pipe 2.5mmOD48.3 x 2.5mm0.5m-6m2.82 KG
OD42.7 mm Scaffold Steel Pipe
CodeItemsSize(Dia x Thk)LengthWeight/Meter
WST421642mm Scaffolding PipesOD42.7×1.6mm0.5m-6m1.62 KG
WST421742mm Scaffolding PipesOD42.7×1.7mm0.5m-6m1.72 KG
WST421842mm Scaffolding PipesOD42.7×1.8mm0.5m-6m1.82 KG
WST422042mm Scaffolding PipesOD42.7×2.0mm0.5m-6m2.01 KG
WST422242mm Scaffolding PipesOD42.7×2.2mm0.5m-6m2.20 KG
WST422442mm Scaffolding PipesOD42.7×2.4mm0.5m-6m2.39 KG
WST422542mm Scaffolding PipesOD42.7×2.5mm0.5m-6m2.48 KG
WST422742mm Scaffolding PipesOD42.7×2.7mm0.5m-6m2.66 KG
WST423042mm Scaffolding PipesOD42.7×23.0mm0.5m-6m2.94 KG
WST423242mm Scaffolding PipesOD42.7×3.2mm0.5m-6m3.12 KG
WST423542mm Scaffolding PipesOD42.7×3.5mm0.5m-6m3.38 KG
M.S Black Scaffold Steel Black Tube Weight
Code No.ItemsSize(Dia x Thk)LengthWeight/Meter
WST482048mm Scaffold TubeOD48.3 x 2.0mm0.5-6m2.29 KG
WST482248mm Scaffold TubeOD48.3 x 2.2mm0.5-6m2.50 KG
WST482548mm Scaffold TubeOD48.3 x 2.5mm0.5-6m2.82 KG
WST482848mm Scaffold TubeOD48.3 x 2.8mm0.5-6m3.14 KG
WST483048mm Scaffold TubeOD48.3 x 3.0mm0.5-6m3.35 KG
WST483248mm Scaffold TubeOD48.3 x 3.2mm0.5-6m3.56 KG
OD60mm Steel Scaffolding Pipe Weight 
 CodeItemsSize(Dia x Thk)LengthWeight/Meter
WST601760mm Scaffold TubesOD 60.3×1.7mm0.5-6m2.46 KG
WST601860mm Scaffold TubesOD 60.3×1.8mm0.5-6m2.59 KG
WST602060mm Scaffold TubesOD 60.3×2.0mm0.5-6m2.88 KG
WST602260mm Scaffold TubesOD 60.3×2.2mm0.5-6m3.15 KG
WST602560mm Scaffold Tubes OD 60.3×2.5mm0.5-6m3.56 KG
WST603060mm Scaffold TubesOD 60.3×3.0mm0.5-6m4.24 KG
WST603260mm Scaffold Tubes OD 60.3×3.2mm0.5-6m4.51 KG
WST603660mm Scaffold Tubes OD 60.3×3.6mm0.5-6m5.04 KG
WST604060mm Scaffold TubesOD 60.3×4.0mm0.5-6m5.55 KG

All of the steel scaffolding pipes are carbon steel types. More than standard size scaffolding pipes, we custom your scaffold tube dimensions in diameters, wall thickness, lengths, and steel grade too.

BS1139 Galvanized(GI) Scaffolding Pipe Specification

BS1139 scaffolding pipes are widely used in most countries. You can find type 3 and type 4 scaffolding pipes for your BS1139 scaffold materials.

  • Type 4 scaffolding pipes are with 4.0mm wall thickness
  • Type 3 scaffolding pipes are with 3.2mm wall thickness

More than the above 2 popular scaffold tubes. you are able to find thinner scaffolding pipes Including:

  •  1.6mm
  • 1.7mm
  • 1.8m
  • 2.0mm
  • 2.2mm
  • 2.4mm
  • 2.5mm
  • 2.7mm
  • 2.9mm
  • 3.0mm

Thin wall thickness scaffolding pipes are used popularly in South East Asia countries like In Singapore, Japan and Korea, Sri Lanka, etc. You can ask for both GI and HDG for the thin thick scaffold tubes.

BS1139 Steel Scaffolding Pipes Marks

Scaffolding pipes always need a mark embossed on the pipe body. The mark always includes the standard code number, manufacturer name, production year, pipe thickness etc. You can find the following mark sample: BS1139 WM 10/20 Type 4 

Scaffolding Pipe with Marks BS 1139 Standard 4mm Scaffolding pipes
Scaffolding Pipe with Marks BS 1139

More than BS 1139, EN 39 normal standard scaffolding pipes, you can find  EN10219, JIS 3444, AS 1576, ASTM36, ASTM53, STK400, STK500 scaffold tubes here too.
Wellmade is a professional manufacturer of scaffolding pipes for more than 20 years. Our scaffolding pipe materials are used in all industrial, commercial, infrastructure, and civil construction. Include building construction, oil gas, airport, sports stadium construction, etc.

Aluminium Type Metal Scaffold Tube

Metal scaffold tubes not only include steel scaffolding pipes but also include aluminium scaffolding pipes. The sizes and specifications are customized for the aluminum scaffolding pipes. While aluminium scaffold tube grades could be 6061 and 6082.  While standard aluminium scaffolding pipe sizes:

  • O.D 48.3×4.5mm aluminium scaffold tubes
  • O.D 48.3×4.0mm aluminium scaffold tubes
  • O.D 48.3×5.0mm aluminium scaffold tubes

Aluminium scaffolding pipes are lighter weight than steel scaffolding pipes. It is circled pipes in outside diameter of 48mm too.

Compare to steel scaffold tubes, aluminium scaffolding pipes are more expensive in price. Weight-bearing in construction is not as much as steel scaffold tubes too.  But aluminium scaffolding pipes are anti-rusty in construction, easy handling and stock. You can consider using aluminium scaffolding pipes if you want to repeat construction in different sites and places.

Both steel and aluminium scaffolding pipes are connected and fixed by scaffolding couplers in the pipe and fitting scaffolding construction.

scaffolding clamps for tube and clamp scaffolding
scaffolding clamps for tube and clamp scaffolding

Scaffolding Pipe Dia

The scaffolding pipe’s outside diameter is 48mm. You can find 48.3mm for British and European, Australian standard scaffolding pipes. While Japanese and Korean standard scaffolding pipe diameter is 48.6mm.

Scaffolding Pipe Wall Thickness

4.0mm and 3.2mm is the most used scaffolding wall thickness. There are also thinner thick scaffolding pipes in 1.5-3.0mm. Thicker scaffolding pipe wall thickness includes 4.5mm, 5.0mm and 6.0mm. These thicker scaffolding pipes are mainly aluminium scaffolding pipes and seamless scaffolding pipes.

Scaffolding Pipe Cut Video

You can find in the following video how to cut scaffolding pipes into short and required lengths.

Scaffolding Pipe Package

Scaffolding pipes are always packed in bundles. In every bundle, you can find 61 pcs, 33 pcs or 91 pcs scaffolding pipes.  While 61 pcs scaffolding pipes per bundle package is the most used in export and container loading. Short scaffold tubes can be put into steel pallets.

How to Lift Scaffolding Pipes In Container Load and Unload

Following is the video showing how to load and unload scaffolding pipes from containers.

How Strong is the Scaffolding Pipes

Scaffolding pipe yield strength is 235 Mpa(N/mm²). If you scaffolding pipes stronger that load more weight, can choose scaffold tubes with a yield strength 355Mpa(N/mm²).

Scaffolding Pipe Painting Video

Weight for Long and Short Scaffolding Pipes

3.2mm Scaffolding Pipe Length and Weight

11.0m Scaffolding Pipes3.64 KG
21.5m Scaffolding Pipes5.46 KG
32.0m Scaffolding Pipes7.28 KG
42.5m Scaffolding Pipes9.10 KG
53.0m Scaffolding Pipes10.92 KG
63.5m Scaffolding Pipes12.74 KG
74.0m Scaffolding Pipes14.57 KG
84.5m Scaffolding Pipes16.39 KG
94.8m Scaffolding Pipes17.48 KG
105.0m Scaffolding Pipes18.21 KG
115.5m Scaffolding Pipes20.03 KG
125.8m Scaffolding Pipes21.12 KG
136.0m Scaffolding Pipes21.85 KG
146.4m Scaffolding Pipes23.30 KG

4.0mm Scaffolding Pipe Lengths and Weight

15 ft Steel Pipes6.62 KG
26 ft Steel Pipes7.94 KG
37 ft Steel Pipes9.27 KG
48 ft Steel Pipes10.59 KG
59 ft Steel Pipes11.91 KG
610 ft Steel Pipes13.24 KG
711 ft Steel Pipes14.56 KG
812 ft Steel Pipes15.88 KG
913 ft Steel Pipes17.21 KG
1014 ft Steel Pipes18.53 KG
1115 ft Steel Pipes19.86 KG
1216 ft Steel Pipes21.18 KG
1317 ft Steel Pipes22.50 KG
1418 ft Steel Pipes23.83 KG
1519 ft Steel Pipes25.15 KG
1620 ft Steel Pipes26.47 KG
1721 ft Steel Pipes27.80 KG

2.4mm Scaffolding Pipe Lengths Weight

11.0m Scaffolding Pipes2.78 KG
21.5m Scaffolding Pipes4.17 KG
32.0m Scaffolding Pipes5.56 KG
42.5m Scaffolding Pipes6.95 KG
53.0m Scaffolding Pipes8.34 KG
63.5m Scaffolding Pipes9.73 KG
74.0m Scaffolding Pipes11.12 KG
84.5m Scaffolding Pipes12.51 KG
94.8m Scaffolding Pipes13.34 KG
105.0m Scaffolding Pipes13.90 KG
115.5m Scaffolding Pipes15.29 KG
125.8m Scaffolding Pipes16.12 KG
136.0m Scaffolding Pipes16.68 KG
146.4m Scaffolding Pipes17.79 KG

How to Set Up The Pipe Scaffolding

In pipe scaffolding, scaffolding pipes are erected by scaffolding clamps. According to the scaffold tube function in the pipe scaffold system. There are scaffold standard poles, scaffold ledger pipe, scaffold brace pipe, and handrail pipe, etc. The following video shows how to set up the scaffolding pipes with the scaffold couplers.

Scaffolding Types and Scaffolding Pipes

Pipe scaffolding can be used in all types of scaffolding. Include

  • single scaffolding
  • double scaffolding
  • cantilever scaffoldin
  • suspended scaffolding
  • patented scaffolding

The main purpose of the scaffolding types are

  1. Support scaffold workers and materials during construction
  2. Support temporary concrete shuttering
  3. Permanent scaffolding for structure and machinery repair, and cleaning. It is used in oil gas, industrial, pipeline industrial

How Height Can a Scaffolding Built

According to OSHA standards, scaffolding use scaffold tubes or system scaffolds, the height can not be higher than 125 feet. More than this height, need a professional registered engineer for safety design.

Scaffolding Plank for Pipe Scaffolding

In pipe scaffolding, you can use timer scaffolding planks and steel scaffold boards. Timber scaffold plank depth could be 38mm and 63mm. While steel scaffolding plank depths are 38mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, and 63mm. Lengths of the scaffold planks are customized from 0.5m to 4.0m.

What Is The Wide of Pipe Scaffolding

Pipe scaffolding width is normal 600-1200mm. According to different designs, the most popular pipe scaffolding width include 600mm, 730mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1200mm.

You can choose pipe scaffolding width according to your scaffolding plank width. So we can choose pipe scaffolding width in one-board wide, two-board wide and three-board wide.

Scaffolding Pipe Prices

If you buy scaffold pipes from China. The scaffolding pipe price calculations are composited by

  1. Steel raw material cost
  2. Circling and Forming
  3. Galvanizing Cost
  4. Short Pipe Cut Cost
  5. Transportation Cost(Ocean Freight)

Wellmade Scaffolding Pipes

Wellmade is Your Professional Scaffolding Pipe Manufacturer & Supplier in China. You can find steel scaffolding tubes and aluminium scaffold pipes here.

For steel scaffolding pipes, there are galvanised, black, painted and powder-coated finish. Hot-dip galvanized and painted(coated) scaffold tubes are used for tubular scaffold construction. While black scaffolding pipes are required for scaffold parts and modular system components manufacturing.  The outside diameter of the black and GI scaffolding pipe material is customized from OD20  to OD89mm. Among them,  OD48mm, OD60mm, and OD42mm scaffolding pipes are the most common sizes.

Wellmade scaffold pipes are widely used in a lot of industries. You can choose the right scaffold tubes according to your projects needs:

  • If You are Oil Gas and Construction Companies:

You can buy galvanised scaffold tubes. The galvanised scaffold tubes are conformed to EN 39 standard. They are working together with scaffolding clamps like right-angle couplers, swivel couplers, putlog etc. Wellmade is an authorised scaffolding pipe manufacturer and supplier for oil gas companies of   Shell, KNPC, Sinopec, KOC, Saipem, Sinopec, China Petroleum Etc.

More than galvanised scaffold tubes, the scaffold fittings we manufactured for the oil gas companies are hot-dip galvanized too. The pipe and fitting scaffolding are used in offshore construction, pipeline maintenance, oil tank building, refinery, cement plant, and powder plant construction. Hot-dip galvanizing make the tube and clamp scaffold more durable under sea weather condition.

  • If You are Scaffold Factory:

Wellmade Black & GI Scaffolding Pipe Is Offering High-Quality Raw Material to Your Market. We test the black and galvanized scaffolding pipes in chemical and physical. Include

  • Steel chemical composition
  • Tensile Strength
  • Yield Strength
  • Elongation
  • Flatten
  • Bending

More than the above steel grade and quality test, you can find the scaffolding pipe outside diameter inspection report, thickness report, galvanizing quality report, welding report etc. All of the tests and inspections are aimed to High-quality raw material ensuring high-quality scaffolding pipes reach you for the safety of construction staging and support.

Scaffold systems are prefabricated modular scaffolds with the system components manufactured by scaffolding pipe materials. More than the standard scaffold tubes with an outer diameter of 48mm, you can find other outside diameters of 60mm, 42mm, 34mm, 33.7mm, 76mm, and 89mm for your scaffolding system manufacturing.

Different from galvanized and painted scaffold tubes for direct pipe scaffolding construction, steel scaffold systems can be made of galvanized scaffold tubes and GI pipes. You are able to ask for painted tubular scaffold, black scaffold, powder-coated scaffolding etc.

With scaffold tube raw materials, you can manufacture the following system scaffolds include:

  1.  tube lock scaffold
  2. cuplock scaffolding
  3. ringlock scaffolding
  4. formwork adjustable steel props
  5. scaffolding frames
  6. quick loc scaffolding 
  7. shoring systems and frame

Wellmade has undergone strict quality management. All Wellmade scaffolding pipes conform to international scaffold standards.

During the production, Wellmade stays on top of every detail in the scaffolding pipe manufacturing process. From product monitoring, costing calculation, sample creation, to quality assurance.

Wellmade has rich experience in scaffolding pipe manufacturing. With more than 20 years of export, our scaffolding pipes are used popularly in Europe, USA&Canada, South America, Southeast Asia, Australia, and Africa throughout the world.

If you desire a long-lasting business, then consider Wellmade as your immediate go-to wholesale scaffolding pipe supplier, manufacturer, and distributor.

For more information about our scaffolding pipe, please get in touch with us, and let’s get started.

How to Buy Scaffolding Pipes

You can send your scaffolding pipe diameter, thickness, and lengths needed to Wellmade. We will quote you the price. Then place orders, do the payment. We will send the scaffold tubes to your port or address.

How to Estimate Scaffolding Pipe Quantity

Wellmade is able to calculate how many pieces of scaffolding pipes and fitting are used for your area of the scaffold. You can also use software to calculate the quantity according to your construction arrangement

What is the Scaffolding Pipe Lead Time and Delivery

Scaffolding pipe manufacturing takes 3-10 days. Galvanized takes 3-5 days. We can finish the normal quantity of scaffolding pipes within 15 days.  Delivery will be arranged after finished the manufacturing.

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