Scaffolding Pipes

Oil Gas Suspended Scaffolding Pipe&Tube

Scaffolding Pipe,Galvanized and M.S Black, is Conform to BS1139 EN39 Scaffolding Standard, In Standard Size of OD48.3mm.

Scaffolding Pipes are Used for Scaffolding Building Construction, Industrial Scaffolding Of Oil and Gas ,Ptroleum Offshore and Onshore Construction, Marine Services.Galvanized Scaffolding Pipes Used for Oil and Gas Construction should be Conform to Oil and Gas Scaffolding Standard of Saudi Aramco Scaffolding, KNPC&KOC and Sinopec&China Petroleum. Steel Grade  of BS EN39 Standard Pipes can be S235,S275 and S355. JIS 3444 Standard Scaffolding Pipe in Galvanised &GI Type is in Standard Size of OD48.6mm for Japanese Standard Scaffolding and Korean&Singapore Scaffolding Construction. Steel Grade of JIS 3444 Standard Scaffolding Pipes can be STK400 and STK500. H.R Black Scaffolding Pipe in All Sizes&Lengths are Produced and Exported to Global Scaffolding Companies for Scaffolding System Production.

BS EN39 Galvanized Scaffolding Pipes


Code No. Items Size&Spec Steel Grade Length (mtr) Finishing
WST32 Galvanized Scaffold Tube Type 3 OD48.3 x 3.2mm Q235 | Q345 0.5-6.4m Galvanized
WST40 Galvanized Scaffold Tube Type 4  OD48.3 x 4.0mm  Q235 | Q345 0.5-6.4m Galvanized

JIS3444 GI Scaffolding Pipe


Code No. Size&Spec Steel Grade Length (mtr) Finishing
WST24 OD48.6 x 2.4mm STK500 | STK400 0.5-6m GI|HDG
WST20 OD48.6 x 2.0mm STK500 | STK400 0.5-6m GI|HDGI
WST18 OD48.6 x 1.8mm x 6mtr STK500 | STK400 0.5-6mtr GI|HDG


OD48.3mm Black Scaffold Tube

black scaffold tube

Code No. Items Description Steel Grade
WST4820 Black Scaffold Tube 48x2.0mm OD48.3 x 2.0mm Q235| Q345
WST4822 Black Scaffold Tube 48x2.2mm OD48.3 x 2.2mm Q235| Q345
WST4825 Black Scaffold Tube 48x2.5mm OD48.3 x 2.5mm Q235| Q345
WST4828 Black Scaffold Tube 48x2.8mm OD48.3 x 2.8mm Q235| Q345
WST4830 Black Scaffold Tube 48x3.0mm OD48.3 x 3.0mm Q235| Q345
WST4832 Black Scaffold Tube 48x3.2mm OD48.3 x 3.2mm Q235| Q345

 OD60mm M.S Black Pipe

OD60mm M .S Black Pipe

 Code  Items  Steel Grade
WST6017 Black Tube OD60x1.7mm Q235|Q345
WST6018 Black Tube OD60x1.8mm Q235|Q345
WST6020 Black Tube OD60x2.0mm Q235|Q345
WST6022 Black Tube OD60x2.2mm Q235|Q345
WST6025  Black Tube OD60x2.5mm Q235|Q345
WST6030  Black Tube OD60x3.0mm Q235|Q345
WST6032  Black Tube OD60x3.2mm Q235|Q345
WST6040  Black Tube OD60x4.0mm Q235|Q345

 OD42mm Scaffold Tube

OD42mm Steel Black Tube steel Pipes scaffolding construction parts

Code Size Steel Grade
WST4216 OD42.7x1.6mm
  • S235
  • S355
WST4217 OD42.7x1.7mm
WST4218 OD42.7x1.8mm
WST4220 OD42.7x2.0mm
WST4222 OD42.7x2.2mm
WST4224 OD42.7x2.4mm
WST4225 OD42.7x2.5mm
WST4227 OD42.7x2.7mm
WST4230 OD42.7x23.0mm
WST4232 OD42.7x3.2mm
WST4235 OD42.7x3.5mm



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