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Wellmade offers you one stop and top quality tie rod wing nuts

As a leading formwork products manufacturer, Wellmade manufactures formwork wing nut for more than 20 years.

You can find all types of wing nut for your different sizes of tie rod. For instance, 12mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 17mm, 20mm etc.

There are forged type and cast type tie rod wing nut for your choosing in Wellmade. The tie rod wing nuts include single wing nut, butterfly wing nut, anchor wing nut with round plate, combination wing nut(dome nut) etc.

Wellmade is an ISO9001 & CE Certified scaffolding and formwork manufacturer. We produce top-quality wing nut in China exporting to global 55 countries.

In addition, you can enjoy the benefits of buying the formwork wing nut and accessories at good price, door to door delivery, customizes marking and packing etc.

Tie Rod Wing Nut Types

Butterfly wing nut and tie rod

The butterfly wing nut is a simple type of tie rod wing nuts. Therefore, it is working with a washer plate in concrete formwork. There are D12, D14, D17, D22 wing nuts in Wellmade. You can choose cast type and forged type butterfly wing nut. Wing nut plate sizes are customized according to your construction design and requirement.

Anchor Wing Nut with Plate for d16 tie rod

The anchor wing nut is a type of tie rod wing nut with the round plate. According to the round plate diameter, there are 60mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, 105mm, 110mm, 130mm wing nut.  Wellmade customized your anchor nut too.  There are forged and cast anchor nut for your consideration.

Combination Wing Nut for tie rod 16mm

The combination wing nut is called combi nut or dome nut too. The butterfly wing nut combines a washer plate. Washer plate would be fabricated in the cast or pressed steel.  You can find the round type, square type combi nut in Wellmade. While both forged and cast combination wing nut are available.

D12 Wing Nut for tie rod 12mm

D12 wing nut includes wing nut, anchor nut. It is a type of wing nut used for tie rod in 12mm. D12 wing nut is always smaller and lightweight.

D14 wing nut for tie rod 14mm

You can find D14  butterfly wing nut and anchor nut too in Wellmade. The D14 wing nuts are used with 14mm tie rod in construction.

D16 Wing Nut for 16mm tie rod

Among all of the wing nut sizes, D16 wing nut is the most used size.   It is applied with 15/17mm concrete tie rod.  You can find butterfly wing nut, anchor nut, combination nut, hex nut for 16mm tie rod here.

Wing Nut and Tie Rod

Wellmade’s tie rod include cold rolled ties and hot rolled rebars. The tie rod grades are multiple according to construction concrete safety load and ultimate load. Less concrete load requirement, can choose cold rolled tie rod in steel grage S235 and 450 steel.

If your formwork need high strength steel, you can choose high tensile steel grade like hot rolled rebar 900/1100 and cold rolled tie made from 42CrMo

Wellmade’s wing nut work together witi the concrete tie rod make the formwork system fixing.  Among all type of wing nut, anchor nut with round plate are the most used type. Use the anchor wing nut, you do not need to apply tie rod plate. It is integrated with plate and wing nut.

Anchor Wing Nut

Wellmade customizes your anchor wing nut diameter, shape and types.  You can find from us following regular dimensions for your anchor wing nuts.

Forged Wing nut for tie rod formwork

Forged Tie Rod Wing Nut VS Cast Wing Nut

Formwork combination wing nut package

If you are using Dwidag tie rod in your construction, Forged wing nut would be better accessories suit your construction. It is with higher load capacity and much stable and very smooth surface. According to dywidag requirement,  forged wing  nut is also required.

Casted wing nut for tie rod

Cast wing nut is more popular using in concrete formwork systems. It is less cost than forged tie rod wing nut.  People use it for both dywidag construction and normal form tie system.

Wellmade Tie Rod and Wing Nut Workable for All Types of Formwork

Wellmade’s tie rod and wing nut is popular used in steel formwork, timber formwork, aluminium formwork, plastic formwork. With great quality tested and certified, Wellmade’s tie rod and wing nut are offering you complete solution for all of your formwork systems.

  • Wall Formwork
  • Slab Formwork
  • Column Formwork
  • Suspended Formwork
  • Tunnel Formwork
  • Climbing Formwork
  • Beam Formwork
  • Table Formwork

Wellmade Philosophy: Win-Win Benefits

As an OEM scaffolding and formwork manufacture factory,  Wellmade is always working well with clients in long term. We do not only give you great quality for the formwork wing nut and tie rod, but also bring you nice manufacturer prices.

Our cost is much lower than small or medium sizes of formwork and scaffold factory. More over, we all time improving ourselves to keep more and more efficient work. Wellmade brings you the benefits of quality and cost management to you by good prices.

We always believe clients’ eye is bright to choose the right manufacturer.

Send us your inquiry to get an immediate professional price now.

We Believe Buyers Win, We Win.

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