Quick Lock Scaffolding

Wellmade is Quick Lock Scaffolding Manufacturer In China. You Can Find Full Parts and Components of the Quick Lock Scaffolding System In our Factory.
Wellmade’s Quick Lock Scaffolding is Produced According to CE Certificate Requirement. You Can Find Plump and Strong Welding Seam Line from Wellmade’s Quicklock Scaffolding Products.
We Do Daily Test to Each Lot of Quick Lock Scaffolding In Our Lab. That Ensures Get Your Quick Lock Scaffolding Material Safely.
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Wellmade Quicklock Scaffolding

Wellmade is one of the world’s largest formwork and scaffolding manufacturer in China with 20 years of expertise. One of the most popular scaffolding we offer is a quick lock scaffolding.

Wellmade quick lock scaffolding is made up of Q235 steel material. They are widely used to support slab beams and concrete walls by connecting the jack base and U head jack.

Wellmade is an expert in most quick lock scaffolding manufacturers. Mainly are scaffolding ring system, metal façade quick lock scaffolding, quick lock standard galvanized ring lock scaffolding, aluminum quick-lock scaffolding, high-load capacity quick lock scaffolding, and many more.

You can use Wellmade quick lock scaffolding for construction such as modern construction building work, concrete construction work, masonry construction, building construction projects, and so on.

Aside from construction uses, you can also use Wellmade quick lock scaffolding in scaffolding access tower, concrete formwork slab, and beam formwork support.

quick lock scaffolding access tower and standards ledger parts

Our quick-lock scaffolding is available in various sizes and weights based on a competitive price. If you require your own sizes for quick lock scaffolding, Wellmade quick lock scaffolding can be cut to your specified sizes.

You can find from Wellmade a quick lock scaffolding including vertical leg post & horizontal, adjustable screw jacks, steel scaffolding planks, and stairs.

All parts and components of quick-lock scaffolding are modular; thus, it is a type of fast lock scaffolding system.

Wellmade quick lock scaffolding’s verticals and horizontals are made by a 48.3mm scaffold tube. Commonly, quick lock scaffolding vertical legs come with disc rings that can be connected to the quick lock scaffolding horizontal. During concrete forming, it is convenient to compatible with all parts, beams, and accessories.

We manufacture and supply quick lock scaffolding with numerous advantageous features. Our quick-lock scaffolding is easy to maintain, multi-functional, high-efficient, resist high load, safety, and reliability.

At Wellmade, you can find full parts and components of a quick-lock scaffolding system for your concrete construction work.

As an ISO9001 and CE certified company, we guarantee all of our quick lock scaffolding is manufactured according to CE certification requirements.

We do a daily test to each of the quick-lock scaffolding in our lab that ensures you get quick lock scaffolding material safely.

Wellmade is the biggest quick lock scaffolding factory in China, covering 50,000m2 automatic production area, 50 production lines for all scaffolding system manufacturing.

Wellmade quick lock scaffolding is manufactured and exported to more than 500 companies around the world. Companies include scaffolding and formwork companies, oil gas companies, and construction companies.

We hope to include you as our new satisfied client. If you are looking for a long-term business partner for your scaffolding system, Wellmade is always the best place you can rely on.

For more information about our quick lock scaffolding, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away! Let us know your concerns so we could get started!

Quick Lock Scaffolding Leg(Posts)

Items CodeItemsSize & SpecificationWeight
WMLG-30003.0m Quick-Lock Scaffold LegOD48.3×3.25x3000mm17.06
WMLG-24002.4m Quick-Lock Scaffold LegOD48.3×3.25x2400mm13.82
WMLG-18001.8m Quick-Lock Scaffold LegOD48.3×3.25x1800mm10.52
WMLG-12001.2m Quick-Lock Scaffold LegOD48.3×3.25x1200mm7.31
WMLG-9000.9m Quick-Lock Scaffold LegOD48.3×3.25x900mm5.67
WMLG-6000.6m Quick-Lock Scaffold LegOD48.3×3.25x600mm3.92

Quick Lock Scaffolding Horizontal

WMHG-24002.4m Quick-Lock HorizontalOD48.3×3.25x2400mm9.93
WMHG-18001.8m Quick-Lock HorizontalOD48.3×3.25x1800mm7.63
WMHG-15001.5m Quick-Lock HorizontalOD48.3×3.25x1500mm6.48
WMHG-12501.25m Quick-Lock HorizontalOD48.3×3.25x1250mm5.52
WMHG-12001.2m Quick-Lock HorizontalOD48.3×3.25x1200mm5.32
WMHG-9000.9m Quick-Lock HorizontalOD48.3×3.25x900mm4.17
WMHG-6000.6m Quick-Lock HorizontalOD48.3×3.25x600mm3.02
WMHG-5000.5m Quick-Lock HorizontalOD48.3×3.25x500mm2.71
WMHG-3000.3m m Quick-Lock HorizontalOD48.3×3.25x300mm1.87
WMHG-2500.25m Quick-Lock HorizontalOD48.3×3.25x250mm1.75
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