Scaffold Ledger to Deck Transom

Ledger-to-deck transoms allow the creation of an opening on a deck platform with one side connect to scaffold ledgers and another side connect to a flap of steel scaffold planks.   It is also called ledger-to-plank intermediate transom. It is created by Layher and is popularly used in ringlock scaffold systems.

In construction, the opening area allows scaffold ladders to go through the scaffold platform and create access for the building and construction scaffolding system.

According to the transom structure, there are tubular type(O type) and U  type ledger-to-deck transoms.

Sizes of ledger-to-deck scaffold transoms include one-board, two-board, and three-boards. Send us a mail to get more details and prices.

Scaffold ledger-to-deck Transom Types

Scaffold ledger-to-deck transoms are used to create an opening area at the side of the scaffold platform. In construction, you can put scaffold decks(planks) in the middle space of the transom.  While the space used for scaffold decks can be made by scaffold tube OD48.3mm or made by special ribbed steel U profiles. Thus there are two types of ledger-to-deck transoms in ringlock system:

O steel ledger to deck transom

O steel ledger-to-deck transoms are made by OD48.3mm scaffold tubes. Scaffold decks or planks with O-type hooks are used to work with the O steel ledger-to-deck transom.

U steel ledger to deck transom

When the ledger-to-deck transom is made of a special U profile, it is called a U steel ledger-to-deck transom. They are compatible with scaffold decks and platforms with U hooks.

Sizes of scaffold ledger-to-deck transom

According to the lengths of the scaffold ledger-to-deck transom, there are 3 sizes for the ledger-to-deck transom: One board ledger-to-deck transom, Two board ledger-to-deck transom, and Three board ledger-to-deck transom.

In Europe, the scaffold deck width is always 320mm, thus one to three board ledger-to-deck transom sizes are 0.32m, 0.64m, and 0.96m.

While in the USA&Canada, the scaffold plank width is 240mm, thus the sizes of one board to three board ledger-to-deck transom are 0.24m, 0.48m, and 0.72m.

Scaffold Ledger to Deck Transom Size & Specifications
CodeDescriptionSizeDeck WidthWeight
WLDT024O1 BRD O Ledger to Deck240mm240mm3.37
WLDT048O2 BRD O Ledger to Deck480mm240mm4.22
WLDT072O3 BRD O Ledger to Deck720mm240mm5.07
WLDT032O1 BRD O Ledger to Deck320mm320mm3.66
WLDT064O2 BRD O Ledger to Deck640mm320mm4.79
WLDT096O3 BRD O Ledger to Deck960mm320mm5.92
WLDT032U1 BRD U Ledger to Deck320mm320mm3.73
WLDT064U2 BRD U  Ledger to Deck640mm320mm4.93
WLDT096U3 BRD U Ledger to Deck960mm320mm6.13


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