Spring Rapid Clamp for Quick Formwork

Wellmade Manufactures Pressed and Cast Rapid Clamps. Rapid Clamp is also Called Shuttering Spring Clamps and Wedge Clamps.

Wellmmade’s Rapid Clamp is a Tool for Quick Form System. In Concrete Forming, Rapid Clamp is  Tightened By CLamp Tensioner.

You Can Find All Size&Specification of Rapid Clamp Here.  Galvanizing on Rapid Clamps Secures a Longer Life during Your Form System Concrete.

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Raw Material In Test

Load Test

Mock Up

Wellmade’s Spring Rapid Clamps is a Quick Tool as one of the Formwork Accessories. It is Fast and Easy Using In Quick Forming System.

You Can choose Rapid Clamp for Tie Bar Size of  5-12mm. The Spring Rapid Clamp Tensioner Tighten and Pull Out Tie Rods Conjunctions During Concrete.

Formwork Spring Clips
CodeItemsSizeRebar SizeWeight
WSP01Spring Clamp 105mm75x110mm5-10mm0.33KG
WSP02Spring Clamp 110mm75x110mm5-12mm0.42KG


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