Pressed Formwork Rapid Clamp(Spring Clamp)

The pressed rapid clamp is a type of formwork clamp used to tighten tie rod systems in concrete formwork. It is made of pressed steel plates with heat-treated teeth and spring clip sets.

The pressed rapid clamp is also called the formwork spring clamp. In construction, the concrete tie bar is inserted into the hole of the pressed steel rapid clamp. Open the clips and fix the tie into the formwork panels by using the spring clamp tensioner(tools).

Formwork pressed rapid clamp can work together with the tie rod in diameter of be 5-12mm. The dimension of the spring clamp is 75mm in width and 105mm or 110mm in length. The thickness of the rapid clamp is 3-6mm.  As a leading manufacturer, Wellmade customizes sizes and dimensions according to your request.

For anti-rusty purposes, the pressed formwork rapid clamps are finished in zinc-plated(E-galvanized) or coated, or painted.

More than pressed steel type of formwork rapid clamps, there are cast iron type (ductile) rapid clamps as well. Send us mail to get more details and prices.

Formwork Rapid Clamps

Formwork rapid clamps are clamps used to tighten and straighten rebars in concrete forming.  There are two types of formwork rapid clamps in the tie rod forming system:

  1. Cast Iron Rapid Clamps (Flat Clamp)
  2. Pressed Rapid Clamps (Spring Clamps)

In rapid clamp assembly, a rapid clamp tensioner is an important tool to make the tie rod system easier to fix.

Wellmade is a formwork rapid clamps manufacturer and supplier in China.  Our rapid clamps are of top quality confirm to EN and BS standards.

According to the formwork rapid clamp surface treatment, you can find galvanized and painted rapid clamps. The galvanizing formwork scaffolding material secures your formwork system concrete material more durable in longer life.

Other formwork accessories available:

  1. Concrete Tie Rods
  2. Formwork Water Stopper
  3. formwork Wing Nut
  4. Anchor nuts
  5. Formwork Panels
  6. Formwork Film-faced Plywood

Scaffold to Support Formwork System

Formwork Rapid Clamp Specifications & Weight

CodeItemsSizeRebar SizeWeight
WSP01Spring Clamp 105mm75x105mm5-10mm0.33KG
WSP02Spring Clamp 110mm75x110mm5-12mm0.42KG
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