scaffold plank steel aluminum and wood scaffolding boards for construction platform

Scaffold Planks

  • Metal Plank
  • Aluminum Plank
  • Wood Scaffold Planks
  • OSHA, BS1139 EN 12811 Tested
  • ISO9001 & CE Certified Manufacturer

Scaffold Planks

Wellmade is a professional scaffold planks manufacturer in China. We supply wood planks, aluminum planks, and steel boards. All types of scaffold planks are used to form scaffolding work platforms and walkway boards.

Wellmade is an ISO 9001 & CE-certified scaffold plank manufacturer. We control scaffolding plank product quality from raw material to welding line until ultimate load capacity. In addition, all of the scaffold planks are tested according to BS2482, OSHA, AS1577, and EN BS 12811 scaffolding standards.

Hook on scaffold planks and scaffold boards with plain ends(no hooks) are both available.  Meanwhile, we design scaffold plank sizes, dimensions, and hooks to match up with your scaffolding horizontal components.

Send us your scaffold plank requirement to get a competitive price now.

Scaffold Plank Types

Aluminium Planks for scaffold flooring

Aluminum Scaffold Plank is also called Aluma Board. It is 19″ in width. Aluminum scaffold planks are used for steel ringlock scaffold systems and scaffold frames. It is lightweight with plank hooks.

Offshore Scaffold Steel Boards

Steel scaffold board is called metal scaffold planks. You can find plain scaffold board without hooks and scaffold steel plank with hooks. Dimension 200-500mm in width and 0.5m to 4.0m in length.

Wooden Boards Timber Planks for Tubular Scaffolding

Wood scaffold board is called timber scaffolding planks. You can find sizes of 225x38mm and 230x63mm wooden boards for your scaffold platform. The boards are joined by board clamps in construction.

Wellmade wood planks laminated boards lvl

Laminated scaffold plank is also called LVL boards (laminated veneer lumber). The veneers are laminated with glues. LVL planks are stronger than hardwood boards. 225×38 dimension is the most required.

Fire Retardant Scaffold Boards

Fire retardant scaffold boards are wood scaffolding planks with fire-resistant treatment. It is required by oil gas companies to ensure safety using in their construction projects.

cuplock scaffold steel planks with square plank hooks

Cuplock scaffold steel planks with square hooks. It is in size 230x63mm. It is compatible with cuplock, ringlock, kwisktage system scaffold. Hot dip galvanized or pre-galvanized steel finishing.

320mm Scaffold Steel Planks with U Hooks - Scaffolding Platform for Ringlock Scaffolding and Layher Speedy Frame Scaffold

320x76mm scaffold plank is commonly used for the Layher Allround system and frame system. You can find O type and U type plank hooks to joint with O ledgers or U Ledgers.

225 x 38mm scaffold board planks metal deck

225x38mm scaffold steel boards with plain ends are used for tube and clamp scaffold systems. It is made of 1.1-2.5mm steel thickness for light and heavy weight-bearing. BS1139&EN2810 standard.

300 x 50 Scaffold Boards

300x50mm scaffold steel boards with hooks and without hooks. They are used for both tubular scaffolding and system scaffold construction. The plank hooks can be O type and U type.

Scaffold Plank Manufacturing Video

Wellmade is a professional scaffold planks manufacturer in China. You can find all types, and dimensions of scaffolding planks here. Include 320mm planks for Layher system, 241mm door ear plank for USA pin lock system, etc.

Wellmade is an ISO 9001 & CE certified scaffolding board supplier. We bring you the best scaffolding planks with tested material, high-quality welding lines, and great treated and finished surfaces.

More than that, we offer mock-up inspection, welding line penetrate test and ultimate bearing test for each batch. It ensures the scaffolding platforms reaching you are strong, safe, and matched with any scaffold components.

Tell us your scaffold plank requirement now. You will have great benefits in quality, price, and professional services.

Scaffold Plank Ultimate Guide

What are Scaffold Planks

Scaffold plank is also called scaffold boards or scaffolding platforms. It is used to form a work platform or walk board in the construction. You can find wood scaffold planks, aluminum scaffold planks, metal scaffold boards, and scaffolding planks with plywood for your scaffold work and walk.

Scaffold plank dimensions are customized. The width is 200mm to 610mm. The lengths of the scaffold planks are 0.5m to 4m. Wood scaffold plank minimum size is 225x38mm. The depths of the wooden boards can be up to 63mm. Painted and End bands protect the timber boards from splitting, shrinking, and warping.

Aluminum scaffold planks are with hooks. In erection, simply put the hook on scaffold boards on scaffolding horizontal parts. Steel scaffold boards are the most common scaffolding planks. It is finished in galvanizing, powder-coated, or painted for waterproof purposes. Hot-dip galvanized scaffold board lasts more than 15-25 years.

There are closed and trap door types of scaffold platforms. Scaffolding platforms with trap doors and ladders are integrated scaffolding parts. It makes the scaffolding access system much easier.

Most Common Used Scaffold Planks

The most common used scaffold planks are three types

  1. Steel Scaffold Planks or Metal Planks
  2. Aluminum Planks
  3. Wood Scaffold Planks

Steel scaffold planks are made of steel structures(steel plates and coils). Aluminum planks are made of aluminum profiles. While wood scaffold planks are made of wooden pines. Among them, steel and wood scaffold planks are most suitable for scaffold:

Firstly, steel and wood scaffold planks are able to compatible with all types of scaffolding: single scaffolding, double scaffolding, cantilever scaffolding, bricklayer scaffolding, staging scaffolding, suspended scaffolding, wood scaffolding, aluminum scaffolding, steel scaffolding, or even bamboo scaffolding.

Secondly, steel and wood scaffold planks are cheap scaffold planks compared to aluminum planks.

Thirdly, steel and wood scaffold planks are able to form heavy scaffolding platforms. They are durable and have high strengths. For example, 63mm thick wood scaffold boards OSHA standards are designed for heavy scaffolds. While you can ask for 2.0mm and 2.5mm steel wall thickness steel planks to support your heavyweight scaffold too.

Construction Scaffold Planks Secure

Scaffold planks need to be secured in the construction. You can secure them by scaffold board clamps like board retaining couplers, limpet clamps, etc.

Width of Scaffolding Planks

According to OSHA standards, the minimum scaffold plank width is 225mm. While you can also find scaffold plank width of 200mm at the minimum according to EN and BS standards.

AS1577 is an Australian standard for scaffolding boards. In the AS 1577 standard, the scaffold board’s width is 230mm, the thickness is 63mm.

You can also find 210mm, 240mm, 250mm, 300mm, 420mm, 450mm, 500mm, 483mm, 600mm, and 610mm scaffold board widths too.

Length of Scaffold Planks

Scaffold plank lengths are in the range of 0.5m to 4m. While you can find the most common scaffold plank length in 4 ft(1.2m), 5 ft(1.5m), 6 ft (1.8m), 8 ft (2.4m), 10 ft (3.0m), 13 ft (3.9m)

Scaffold Boards Thickness

The minimum scaffold board thickness is 38mm according to OSHA standard requirements.  Following scaffold boards thickness is very common too:

  1. 60mm scaffold boards
  2. 63mm scaffold boards
  3. 50mm scaffold boards
  4. 45mm scaffold boards
  5. 40mm scaffold boards
  6. 76mm scaffolding platform
  7. 67mm scaffolding planks

Scaffold Board Support Weight

According to EN 12181 standard, scaffold boards load requirement includes 6 classes, class 1 to class 6.

Class 1 Scaffold Board Weight Support

Class 1 is a light-duty scaffolding plank load requirement, uniformly distribute load requirement is more than 0.75KN/m². Concentrated load on the area of 500mm x 500mm requirement is 1.5 KN. Concentrated load on an area of 200mm x 200mm requirement is 1 KN.

Class 2 Scaffold Board Weight Support

In EN 12811 standard, Class 2 scaffold boards uniformly distribute load is 1.5 KN/m². 500mm x 500mm concentrate load requirement is 1.5 KN. Concentrate load for 200mm x 200mm area is 1.0 KN

Class 3 Scaffold Board Weight Support

Class 3 scaffold boards are medium-duty support in scaffolds.  Uniform distribution needs to be more than 2.0 KN/m². 500mm x 500mm area and 200mm x 200mm area load requirement is the same in 1.5 KN.

Heavy Scaffold Boards

Heavy scaffold boards are used to form heavy platforms in the scaffolding construction and staging.  Heavy-duty scaffold boards include 3 different classes: Class 4, Class 5, and Class 6, in the European standard.

Heavy-duty scaffold boards are strong. It can take more than 300 KG weight for construction work and walk platforms. You can check the following tables of the weight requirement for the 3 different heavy scaffold boards. While The minimum heavy-duty scaffolding platform is 1000mm in width.

Heavy Duty Scaffold Platform Requirement
NoScaffold Board ClassUniform Weight Requirement200x200mm
Concentrate Load
Concentrate Load
1Class 4 Boards3.0 KN/m²3.0 KN1.0 KN
2Class 5 Boards4.5 KN/m²3.0 KN1.0 KN
3Class 6 Boards6.0 KN /m23.0 KN1.0 KN

OSHA Scaffold Boards

OSHA(Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is an American scaffold standard. It gives regulations and requirements for wood(timber) scaffolding planks.

In the OSHA scaffold standards, solid sawn wooden scaffold planks are made of Southern Pines or Douglas Fir.  The lumber rings should be more than 6 per inch. It ensures the scaffold is strong in construction.

Maximum Scaffold Plank Span

Scaffold plank span is the distance between the plank supports. A longer span will be a less weight support (load-bearing capacity). For 2 x 10 (nominal) or 2 x 9 (rough) solid sawn wood planks, the maximum span is as following table.

The maximum gap between scaffolding platforms should be as less as possible. The max gap should be no more than 300mm in any case.

No.Maximum Intended LoadMaximum Permissible Span
Using Full THickness Lumber
Maximum Permissible Span
Using Normal Thickness Lumber
125 lbs/ square foot10 feet8 feet
250 lbs / square foot8 feet6 feet
375 lbs / square foot6 feet  —

How Much Weight Can OSHA Planks Hold

According to OSHA scaffold plank standards, there are light-duty OSHA planks and medium and heavy scaffold boards for scaffolding.  Following is the table that shows how much weight the OSHA plank can hold in the construction.

No.Rated Load CapacityIntended Load
1Light Duty OSHA Planks25 lbs. per square foot applied uniformly over the entire span area
2Medium Duty OSHA Planks50 lbs. per square foot applied uniformly over the entire span area
3Heavy Duty OSHA Planks75 lbs. per square foot applied uniformly over the entire span area
4One-Person Work Platform250 lbs placed at the center of the span (tola 250 lbs.)
5Two-Person Work Platform250 lbs placed 18 inches to the left and right of the center of the span (total 500 lbs)
6Three-Person Work Platform250 lbs. placed at the center of the span and 250 lbs placed 18 inches to the left and ri ght of the center of the span (total 750 lbs)

OSHA Scaffold Plank Lengths

Standard OSHA scaffold planks lengths include 8 ft, 12 ft, and 16 ft. Each wood scaffold plank with OSHA Marks on the surface. You can cut the OSHA plank into a short length if needed.

How Far A Scaffold Be From A Wall (OSHA standard)

According to OSHA standards, if there is no guardrail or protection system, the space between a scaffold and the structure(building or wall) is no more than 14″.

For plastering and stucco construction, the maximum space between scaffolds and walls are maximum 18″.

Weight of OSHA Scaffold Planks

OSHA scaffold plan size is 2″ x10″. Following is the weight of different lengths of the OSHA wood scaffolding planks.

No.Scaffolding Plank SizeWeight  (KG)Weight (LBS)
12″ x 10″ x 8 ft18.941.43
22″ x 10″ x 12 ft28.3462.14
31″ x 10″ x16 ft37.7882.85

Scaffolding Platform Fall Protection

Scaffolding platforms need to be protected if the height is more than 10 ft on the support scaffold. The measures of the scaffolding protection include scaffold guard rail systems, worker arrest systems, and scaffolding netting systems.

Scaffold guard rail systems are erected by scaffold guard rail posts, scaffold guard rails, and scaffolding toe boards. The guard rail system needs to be installed surrounding the scaffolding platforms.  While scaffolding should have nettings in construction and stating. The scaffolding nettings are arranged around the whole scaffold towers or frames. You can ask for fire-resistant scaffold nettings if needed.

Scaffolding Tags

Scaffolding needs to be tagged. The scaffold tags are used to protect the lives of your workers. It identified if a scaffold is safe or unsafe for use.

In the scaffolding tag system, you can find red tags, yellow tags, and green tags. Green tags mean the scaffolding is safe for use. Yellow tags mean the scaffolding needs to be modified before using. When the scaffold is modified, the yellow tags need to be changed into green tags. While you can not use a scaffold with a red tag.

Waterproof Scaffolding Planks

Timber scaffolding planks with water repellent treatment are waterproof. Hot-dip galvanized steel scaffolding planks and aluminum scaffolding planks are also waterproofed.

Scaffolding Planks In Pipe Scaffolding

Pipe scaffolding is a type of steel scaffolding. It is installed by scaffolding pipes and fittings, scaffolding planks, etc. Mostly, pipe scaffolding is galvanized.

The scaffolding pipes are round tubes with a diameter of 48mm and wall thickness of 3.2mm and 4.0mm,2.4mm, etc. They run as scaffold components of verticals, horizontal, braces, transoms in scaffold construction, and shoring.

Steel and timber scaffolding planks are popularly used in the pipe scaffold system. It forms a staging tower with walk boards and work platforms.  The lengths of the pipe scaffold planks are 1m, 1.5m, 2.0m, 2.5m, 3.0m, 3.5m, and a maximum of 4.0m.

Scaffolding Plank in Kwikstage System

Kwikstage is also called quick stage scaffolds. It is a type of steel modular scaffold system with stars on vertical standards. The quick stage scaffold is commonly used in Australia, the UK, Ireland, South African Countries, and Gulf Countries.

Steel scaffolding planks without hooks are used in Australia and UK types of kwikstage scaffolding. Because there are kwikstage components of transoms and hop-ups to support the steel scaffolding boards. Kwikstage scaffold boards are in sizes of 230x63mm. 230mm width and 63mm thickness. The length of the kwikstage scaffold boards needs to be compatible with kwikstage ledger and horizontals.  Thus, standard kwikstage boards lengths include 0.74m for 0.76m ledgers, 1.25m for 1.27m ledger, 1.81m for 1.83m ledgers, and 2.42m for 2.44m kwikstage ledgers.

Hook-on scaffold boards are used in African-type kwikstage scaffolding(q/stage system).  While plank hooks are connected with OD48.3mm kwikstage ledgers. Hook-on scaffold boards are steel with a painted or galvanized finish. The standard size of the hook on scaffold boards is 230x63mm. Lengths are matched with the kwikstage horizontal sizes including 2.5m, 1.219m, 1.294m,0.9m, 2.0m,1.5m, etc.

Mobile Scaffolding Tower Planks

Mobile scaffolding is a scaffold tower with wheels. The advantages of the scaffold towers with wheels are portable, foldable, and movable.

Mobile scaffolding is always lightweight. That is why mobile scaffolding towers are always installed with aluminum planks. Aluminum planks are light and easy to handle.

In the mobile scaffolding, aluminum planks are with hooks. The hooks make the mobile scaffolding stable in moving and easy to fix.

Mobile scaffolding with aluminum planks is popularly used for indoor and outdoor(exterior) construction, building, and maintenance.

Steel Scaffold Planks

Steel Scaffold Plank Include:
  • Plain Scaffold Plank without Hooks
  • Steel Planks with Hooks
1) Plain Steel Plank W/O Hooks

Plain end steel scaffold plank without hooks is a component for scaffold tube&clamp system. They are jointed and fixed by board retaining couplers or by GI steel wire.

The plain end scaffold plank without hooks is also named scaffold battens in system scaffolds of kwikstage system (Australia&UK Type), cuplock system.

In construction, the kwikstage transom or hop up brackets and cuplock omega transom offer seats for the non-hook scaffold battens. Custom sizes and designed scaffold steel plank is available.

2) Steel Scaffold Plank With Hooks

Steel scaffold planks with hooks are designed to match up with horizontal parts of different modular scaffold systems. Each scaffold system has its special hook types: ring lock, cuplock, kwisktage, frames, etc.

Hook-on scaffold board length is decided by the system scaffold horizontal lengths. While the scaffolding plank width needs to be compatible with the horizontal size too.  While the most common widths of the steel hook-on scaffold planks are in the range of 210-500m.

Steel scaffold planks are slip-resistant. According to the weight-bearing, there are light-duty and heavy-duty scaffold planks. You can ask for the ultimate load test report for your scaffold steel boards from Wellmade.

Load test is a regular test in Wellmade QC controlling system. We have our own lab house to do the test and offer the test report and certificate.

With the ultimate load test, you can calculate the safety load for your construction work platforms.  According to the scaffolding regulation, the scaffold plank safety factor is 3:1 or 2:1. You can calculate your safe load according to the ultimate bearing test result.

According to surface treatment, there are painted and galvanized steel scaffolding planks. While galvanized steel scaffold planks are the most common types. It is durable to recycle and repeat using for your scaffolding construction works.

Galvanized & Painted Steel Scaffolding Boards

You can find different surface-treated steel scaffold planks here. Include painted and galvanized steel planks.

There are 2 Types of Galvanized Steel Scaffold Planks in Wellmade:

  1. Pre-Galvanized Steel Planks
  2. Hot Dip Galvanized Scaffold Planks.
Pre-galvanized Steel Planks

Pre-galvanized scaffold plank is also called GI metal decks. It is made from premier hot-dip galvanized steel plates or steel coils. After the steel C profile was formed, we fabricated and welded end plains and hooks, and stiffeners on the pre-galvanized steel scaffold plank structures.

Welding lines will be painted with rich zinc paints for the pre-galvanized scaffolding planks. According to the fabrication process, you can find that GI scaffold boards are also good in anti-rusty. But welding line will be the weak point compared to hot-dip galvanized scaffold boards.

Compare to hot-dip galvanized steel planks, GI metal decks are cheap in cost and price.

Wellmade Offers Your Pre-galvanized Scaffold Plank In Zinc Thickness Range of  40-210 g/sqm.

Hot Dip Galvanized Scaffold Plank

Hot Dip Galvanised Scaffolding Boards are Made from Black Steel Plate Material. Galvanizing will be done after welding.

The zinc thickness of hot-dip galvanized scaffold planks are more than 40 micros and normally in the range of 280-700 g/sqm.

Thus HDG steel scaffolding planks are the most durable in anti-corrosion among different surface treatments of steel boards.

But because the zinc cost is higher, the HDG scaffolding planks are more expensive than pre-galvanized planks.

The HDG scaffold boards are waterproof. The life of HDG steel planks can last 15-25 years. That is why it saves your cost in long term.  Offshore construction projects required the hot-dip galvanized scaffolding planks mostly. Include oil gas companies, they buy the HDG scaffolding planks for permanent maintenance of gas lines and equipment.

Wellmade Scaffold Plank Production Video

Wellmade has a big capacity for scaffold board manufacturing with more than 50,000m2 automatic production lines. We ensure the fastest delivery.

Pre-Galvanized Scaffold Plank Painting After Welding
Painted Scaffold Boards

Painted is another surface treatment for steel scaffolding planks. You can ask for different colors for your steel planks. You can ask for full paint on black steel scaffold boards or make some color on the ends of the galvanized steel scaffold boards.

Scaffold board paint not only helps with durability, but different colors also help you in recognizing boards sizes and brands in construction.

All metal scaffold planks are slip-resistant in Wellmade. Meanwhile, the steel scaffold planks are tested according to EN 12811, EN 1004, and BS 1139 standards too.

Aluminum Scaffold Plank

You can find both solid aluminium scaffolding planks(full aluminium) and aluminum scaffold planks with plywood decks.  Both of them are used to form the scaffold platform for your scaffold frames and towers.

Aluminum scaffold planks are always with hooks. The hooks joints with scaffold horizontal parts in the modular scaffold system: pin lock scaffold, frame scaffold, scaffold tower, etc. There are wind protection lock pins on both ends of the aluminium scaffold planks. The locks help joint the aluminum planks with scaffold frames without moving during the construction, even under the bad weather like windy and rainy days.

Scaffold aluminum plank hooks include O type and U type. O hooks work with scaffolding system tubular horizontals like OD48mm, OD40mm, OD42mm, etc. While U hooks are joined with U profile-made ledger and transoms.

The price for plywood platform aluminum scaffold boards is cheaper than solid aluminum planks. Meanwhile, You can ask for white plywood decks or marine plywood decks for the alu-ply aluminum scaffolding planks.

Aluminum Plank with Plywood Platform and Trap Door Ladder

Aluminum scaffold planks include closed types and trap door types. Trap door aluminum planks are also called scaffold hatch platforms. It is integrated with aluminum ladders sometimes. Aluminum plank is a good access solution for the access scaffolding construction and building.

Aluminium scaffold plank dimensions are always customized according to your scaffold arrangement. You can the most common aluminum plank lengths are 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, and 8 ft, 10 ft.

The most common widths for the scaffold aluminum planks are 19″ and 24″ and 10″(250mm). While you can ask for special wide aluminum planks according to your horizontal and transom metrics.

Wood (Timber) Scaffold Plank

Timber Scaffold Boards include laminated scaffolding planks and solid scaffolding planks.

  • Solid Wood Scaffold Planks:  Our Solid Wood Planks are Tested and Conform to BS 2482 Standard with End Plates at Both Ends. It is Cut from European White Pine with Minimized Natural Knots.
  • LVL Scaffold Planks: Lumber veneer laminated scaffold planks are manufactured according to OSHA & AS1576 standards. We use WBP glues in LVL plank manufacturing.

The timber scaffolding boards are made from 6 rings of European Yellow Pine.  This lumber makes our scaffold boards strong. The wooden scaffold planks meet OSHA, AS 1577, and BS 2482 standards requirements. 

End paint and end bands(plates) on the timber scaffold boards protect the wood scaffold planks from splitting and shrinking. It gives extra strength to our scaffold boards at the same time.

Wood Scaffold Boards Timber Planks

If you want fire retardant timber scaffold boards, we will do fire retardant treatment for your wood planks according to EN 15301 standard.

Solid Wood and Laminated Wood Plank Weight
Code No.DescriptionWeight(LBS/KGS)
WMWB04DI-65 Plank 4′16 LBS / 7.27KGS
WMWB06DI-65 Plank 6′24 LBS/  10.90KGS
WMWB08DI-65 Plank 8′32 LBS/  14.55KGS
WMWB10DI-65 Plank 10′40 LBS/  18.19KGS
WMWB12DI-65 Plank 12′48 LBS/  21.82KGS
WMWB16DI-65 Plank 16′64LBS/  29.09K

Scaffold Plank Package

Scaffold Boards can be packed by racks for loading and unloading containers conveniently. Racks help easy truck and transportation between the construction site and stock.

Scaffold Plank Test Report &Certificates

Wellmade scaffold boards are tested in Australia according to AS 1576 Standard. It is also tested according to EN 12810 and EN1004 by SGS. You can get Wellmade’s Daily Internal Test Report Against Your Order too.

Scaffold Plank Mock-Up Inspection

Wellmade has its own QC Plan and Controlling System according to ISO 9001. Scaffold Boards Raw Material, Welding Lines, Sizes Inspection Ensures your Scaffold Boards Quality. While Our Scaffold Boards Mock-Up Inspection Ensures Your Scaffold Boards Compatible with System Scaffold Components and Parts.

More Types and Sizes of Scaffold Planks

More than steel, aluminum, and wooden scaffold planks. You can more types of scaffold boards  as following:

In addition, if you want to customize sizes in width, depths, thickness, and length for your scaffold boards. Just tell us. Our engineers offer free design for your special scaffolding system construction.

Wellmade Scaffold Planks

Wellmade is a scaffold plank manufacturer and exporter in China. We produce all types of scaffold boards, Including aluminum scaffolding planks, wood scaffold planks, and steel scaffold boards.

  1. Aluminum Scaffold Planks Include Planks in Full Aluminium and with Plywood Platform etc. Wellmade Aluminum Scaffold Planks are Light Weight. Easy Handling In Construction Projects. They are exported to the USA&Canada scaffolding companies, construction companies, and contractors for their pin lock scaffold and frame system scaffolding.
  2. Wood Scaffold Planks include Solid Wood Plank BS 2482 Standard and Laminated Veneer Scaffold Planks(LVL) AS1576 and OSHA standard. According to the scaffold plank treatment, you can find Fire Retardant Wood Scaffold Boards and Normal Timber Planks. Wellmade Scaffold Boards Conform to BS EN and OSHA Standard too.
  3.  Steel Scaffold Boards are the Most Popular Type of Scaffold Boards. You can find Steel Scaffold Boards with Hooks or Plain Ends w/o Hooks. Galvanised or Painted Scaffold Steel Boards are produced for different scaffolding systems: Ringlock System, Tube and Clamps Scaffold, Cuplock, Kwikstage, and Frame Scaffolding. Steel scaffold planks include galvanized steel planks and painted scaffolding planks.

Wellmade is your best scaffold plank manufacturer:

  • All Types&Sizes of Scaffold Boards
  • EN12810, EN1004, AS1576 Safety Load Tested
  • CE Certificated Scaffold Boards Manufacturer
  • Daily Internal Scaffold Boards Test Against Order
  • Free OEM Service with Your Logo On Scaffold Boards
  • Door to Door Delivery

Wellmade’s Scaffold Boards Safety

Scaffold Boards are an important component for scaffolding and access construction. It has to be strong enough and of good quality to support workers, equipment, and materials.   Wellmade scaffold boards are tested by independent testing houses. The deflection meets and exceeds the scaffolding standard requirement.

Scaffold Boards Fits Your Scaffolding Frame Span

As scaffolding components, scaffold boards have to fit with the scaffolding frame span.  Scaffold boards Size is a very important factor. You have to make sure your scaffold boards are workable with your scaffold system.  Wellmade’s Engineers works before mass production to make sure your scaffold boards are compatible with other scaffold system components. Mock Up Inspection in Wellmade Workshop by QC department Help you inspect before material comes to your construction project site.

Scaffold Board on Frame System

Anti-slip Surface of Wellmade’s Scaffold Boards

All of Wellmade’s scaffold boards are designed considering anti-slip surfaces. Wellmade also considers what you are concerned about.

Free Emboss and Customized Mark OEM Service on Your Scaffold Boards

Wellmade offers you customized emboss or sticker with your brand name and logo.  This helps your scaffolding market and advertisement.  The Emboss mark is always free.

Door to Door Delivery Service for Your Scaffold Boards Order

Wellmade Export and Sell Scaffold Boards to Global 55 Countries. We have strong forwarder and agent net to help your door to door delivery.

If your company does not have import licenses, bonds, etc, Wellmade can offer you the licences and imports by our own agent in some countries.

Wellmade is China’s largest Scaffold Boards Manufacturer

With more than 50,000m2 automatic scaffold boards lines, Wellmade is China Largest Scaffold Boards Manufacturer.  Our Production Capacity is 500 tons per day. You can get fast delivery against your scaffold boards order.

CE Certificate to Ensure Your Scaffold Boards with Excellent Welding Quality

Wellmade is CE Certificated scaffold factory.  Our Scaffold Boards and Scaffolding materials welding are tested according to EN 1090 and ISO 3834 standard. You can find excellent welding quality for each piece of the scaffold board.

ISO 9001 Management in Scaffold Boards Manufacturing

According to the ISO9001 Management system, Wellmade has its complete testing facilities and QC system to control scaffold boards quality from steel raw material to welding lines to safety load capacity.  You can get Mill Certificate, and Test Report according to our daily test and inspection figure.

Scaffold Boards Surface Treatment Salty Spray Testing

Surface treatment of scaffold boards is very important. Wellmade test scaffold boards by salty spray system to control our surface treatment is durable for repeated use.

One-Stop Scaffold Boards Solution In Wellmade

Wellmade is not only an OEM scaffold boards manufacturer,  we Design Scaffold Boards According to Your Construction Scaffolding System requirements.  You can find all types of scaffolds for global scaffold systems here.

Competitive Price to Help Your Scaffold Boards Market

Comparing buying from local, Wellmade is able to bring you benefits during scaffold boards import. Our scaffold boards cost is saved from our efficient management and production proceed. We will be satisfied when you got great benefits import from us.

Wellmade is a CE Certified Scaffold Factory. Thus, You can Find the Top Quality Scaffold Planks at Competitive Prices.

In Addition, Wellmade Customizes Scaffold Planks According to Your Design, Drawing, and Samples. You can find Scaffold Planks with Hooks and Without Hooks for Your Modular System Scaffold and Tube and Clamp System.

If you are looking for a verified manufacturer of scaffold planks, Wellmade is the best place for you. We are a leading scaffold planks manufacturer with more than 20 years of expertise.

Wellmade scaffold plank is manufactured for different industrial applications. You can use Wellmade scaffold planks for a building site, construction, ringlock scaffolding, internal access, scaffolding, etc.

Wellmade is a leading scaffold planks manufacturer in China that produces most scaffold planks. We are experts in manufacturing lumber concrete planks, metal scaffold planks, galvanized floor support planks, metal scaffold planks, and many more.

Commonly, scaffold planks are made up of steel, metal, poplar, aluminum alloy, pine, and Q235. You can find all scaffold planks from Wellmade available according to different sizes, specifications, dimensions, and styles.

According to styles, there are multi-pole scaffolding planks and tower scaffolding planks. At Wellmade, you can find hot-dip galvanized scaffold planks, steel scaffold planks, pre-galvanized scaffold planks, painted scaffold planks, and fixed scaffold planks.

If you are looking for the cheapest and most economical type of planks, then you must use pre-galvanized scaffold planks.

We have scaffold planks for cuplock scaffolding system, ring lock scaffolding system, kwikstage scaffolding board, and frame scaffolding.

cuplock scaffold steel planks with square plank hooks
Cuplock Scaffold Steel Planks with Square Type Hooks

In oil gas companies, hot-dip galvanized scaffold planks are usually the requirements for offshore and onshore construction and maintenance.

Wellmade scaffold planks are safe-proof load tested. We ensure your scaffold plank compliance with OSHA, BS2482, and EN12811 deflection limits.

You can find all types and all sizes of scaffold planks here in Wellmade. You will get one-stop scaffold planks in our factory.

As the biggest scaffold planks manufacturer in China, Wellmade is able to custom your scaffold planks according to construction & load design.

Meanwhile, Wellmade wood scaffold planks are made of imported premium yellow pine timbers. It is the first-class wooden raw material for scaffold boards.

Huge and Stable Timber Import Volume Makes Our Scaffold Planks Cost Saver. Thus Wellmade Can Bring You Competitive Price Wood Planks In Top Quality.

Aside from scaffold planks, we also offer excellent quality scaffold racks, cuplock vertical, quick lock scaffolding, shoring scaffolds, formwork beams, scaffolding pipe, scaffold tubes, kwikstage scaffolding, and many more.

Wellmade provides business solution services for resellers, OEM, and commercial customers. As an ISO14001, ISO9901, and SA8000 certified company, we ensure the quality of each scaffold planks we deal with.

Just feel confident purchasing scaffold planks here at Wellmade. You will be experiencing outstanding services and innovative solutions for your scaffold plank needs.

For more information about Wellmade scaffold planks, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly sales representatives now!

We Believe Buyers Win, We Win.

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