Ringlock Scaffold Diagonal Brace Head

Ringlock scaffolding diagonal brace heads are accessories of diagonal brace parts of the modular ringlock system scaffold. It is cast steel ring system accessories including left-hand and right-hand types.

In ringlock system scaffold, the diagonal brace heads are assembled at two ends of the scaffold tubes in OD48.3mm. Each cast steel diagonal brace head works with one ringlock scaffold wedge pin. The wedge pins lock the scaffold diagonal braces to the holes of ringlock scaffold standards rosettes and rings.

According to surface treatment, there are hot dip galvanized and black type brace heads.

Wellmade manufactures different types of diagonal braces heads. Send us a photo of your diagonal brace head to get a competitive price now.

  • Steel Grade: C25
  • Cast Type: WAX Cast
  • Quality: High
  • Usage: Ringlock Diagonal Brace
  • Size: 48.3mm
  • Brand: Wellmade
  • Weight: 0.61KG
  • Finishing: HDG & Black(Self-finished)
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