Ringlock Scaffold Gap Sheet 320mm & 190mm

In scaffolding construction, gaps on the work platform need to be covered for safety purposes. In this situation, you need to use the product of a gap sheet to fill the gaps. What is a gap sheet? What are the sizes of the gap sheet and how to fix the gap sheet and make them join with the ringlock system scaffold components?

Ringlock scaffold gap sheets are types of modular steel scaffold boards with plain ends, less thickness, and surface holes, used to cover the gaps on the work platform or gaps between the platform and bays. They are also used to close the corner gaps on circular scaffolds.

The gap sheet standard sizes include 320mm and 190mm width in European ringlock scaffold. The thickness of the gap sheet is 40mm. Lengths of the gap sheet are customized from 1.0m to 2.5m.

In the ring system erection, the gap sheets are fixed by a specially designed scaffold coupler (half coupler with a plate and bolt), the coupler fixes gap sheets onto the scaffold tube by holes on the sheets.

Ringlock Scaffold Gap Sheet Size & Specifications

320mm Ringlock Gap Sheet  Sizes

Code No.DescriptionHeightThicknessWeight
WG32011.0m Gap Sheet 320mm40mm2.0mm8.39 KG
WG32021.5m Gap Sheet 320mm40mm2.0mm12.41 KG
WG32032.0m Gap Sheet 320mm40mm2.0mm16.44 KG
WG32042.5m Gap Sheet 320mm40mm2.0mm20.47 KG

190mm Ringlock Gap Sheet Sizs

Code No.DescriptionHeightThicknessWeight
WG19011.0m Gap Sheet 190mm40mm2.0mm5.74 KG
WG19021.5m Gap Sheet 190mm40mm2.0mm8.85 KG
WG19032.0m Gap Sheet 190mm40mm2.0mm11.29 KG
WG19042.5m Gap Sheet 190mm40mm2.0mm14.06 KG

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