Scaffold Half Coupler with Joint

In the European ringlock scaffolding modular system(allround system), when you want to fix the steel infill planks/gap sheet on the ringlock system. You need to use a specially designed scaffolding coupler with joints called a receptacle coupler. What is a receptacle coupler and how to erect it in construction?

The scaffold receptacle coupler is a type of forged German scaffolding coupler designed by Layher. It is composited by one German high-strength half coupler with one screw bolt, and one thick plate welded on the half coupler.  In the usage, the screws of the receptacle couplers are inserted into the holes of the steel planks. The thick plates are put under the platform to support the scaffolding planks. The half coupler connects to a horizontal part of the ringlock system, which with a standard tube in diameter of OD48.3mm.

The scaffolding receptacle coupler is a type of coarse thread German scaffolding coupler. It is finished mostly in hot dip galvanized and conforms to EN 74 standards.

How to Use Receptable Coupler (Half Coupler with Joint)

A Receptacle Coupler is a type of half coupler with joints that are designed to work together with infill planks. The plates of the receptacle coupler are under the steel plank in usage to strengthen the load of the scaffolding platform.  The screws are compatible with the diameter of the holes on the planks.  Coarse threaded bolts and nuts of the receptacle coupler are convenient for hot dip galvanizing finishing and easier to run.

scaffold receptacle coupler - half coupler with joints
scaffold receptacle coupler – half coupler with joints
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