Global Scaffolding Standards Download

NO.1BS EN 12811-1 British Standard Scaffolding Performance RequirementBS En 12811-1 British Standard Scaffolding Material and Steel Grade Technical Data Requirement Down Load848K
NO.2BS EN 12811-2-British Standard Scaffolding Material RequirementBS En 12811-2 British Standard Scaffolding Material Requirement Down Load219K
NO.3BS EN 12811-3-British Standard Scaffolding Load Test RequirementBS EN 12811 -3 British Standard European Modular Scaffolding Load Capacity and Safety Technical Data Requirement Down Load464K
NO.4BS_1139-1.1-1990_Metal ScaffoldingBS1139-1.1-1990 British Standard Metal Scaffolding Technical Data Requirement Down Load563K
NO.5BS-1139-2.1-1991EN-74-1988BS1139 EN74 British Standard European Standard Scaffolding Fitting Standard and Technical Data requirement Down Load677K
NO.6BS1139-2.2 SCAFFOLD ALUMINIUM COUPLERS AND SPECIAL COUPLERS IN STEELBS1139-2-2 Scaffolding Aluminium Couplers and Special Coupler in Steel Standard Technical Requirement Down Load 1430K
NO.7BS-4592 Metal Flooring Walkways&Stair TreadsBS 4592 Metal Flooring Walkway & Stair Treads British Standard Requirement Down Load 3691K
NO.8BS-EN-39-2001.2-scaffold tube and coupler standardBS EN 39 Scaffold Tube and Coupler British Standard Technical Requirement Down Load 317K
NO.9BS-EN-74-1-2005-Scaffolding Coupler Standard British StandardBS EN74 -1 -2005 British Standard Scaffolding Coupler Clamp Technical Requirement Down Load 3183K
NO.10BS-EN-1004 METAL SCAFFOLDING SPECIFICATION OR TOWER SCAFFOLDS OUTSIDEBS EN 1004 British Standard Metal Scaffolding Specification or Tower Scaffolds Outside Technical Requirement Down Load 379K
NO.11BSEN1065-1999 Scaffolding Adjustable propsBS EN 1065 Europe Standard British Scaffolding Adjustable Steel Prop Technical Requirement Down Load 658K
NO.12BSEN10058:2003-Hot Rolled Flat Steel BarsHot Rolled Flat Steel Bars British Standard BS EN10058 Technical Data Requirement268K
NO.13DIN EN10219-1 1997-Welded Structural Hollow Section TechnicalEN 10219 British Standard Scaffolding Welded Structural Hollow Section Technical Data Requirement 1232K
NO.14DIN-EN-10056-01 Structural Steel Equal&Unequal Leg AnglesDin EN 10056 -01 Structural Steel Equal & Unequal Leg Angle European Standard Technical Data Requirement 296K
NO.15EN_131-1-2007-European Standard Ladders StandardEN131 – 1 – 2007 European Standard Scaffolding and Construction Ladder Standard Steel and Aluminium Ladder Technical Data Requirement 1411K
NO.16EN_10219-2:2006-Cold Formed Welded Structural Hollow Section Tolerance Dimension Sectional PropertiesEN 10219 -2 : 2006 Version Cold Formed Welded Structural Hollow Section Tolerance Dimension Section Properties and Technical Data Requirement3080K
NO.17EN74-NASCNASC UK Construction and Scaffolding Association Scaffolding Technical Data Requirement Down Load646K
NO.18EN12810-1-2003 European Standard of Facade Scaffolds made of prefabricated componentsEN 12810 -1 -2003 European Standard Facade Scaffolds Made of Prefabricated Components Scaffolding Technical Data Requirement Down Load605K
NO.19KNPC Kuwait Safe Work Practices on Scaffolds and LaddersKNPC Scaffolding Standard Kuwait Safe Work Practices on Scaffold Ladders Technical Data Requirement Down Load1355K
NO.20Kuwait Oil Company Scaffolding Standard – KOC StandardKuwait Oil Company Scaffolding Standard KOC Standard Technical Data Requirement1336K
NO.21Saudi Arabian Oil (Saudi Aramco) Scaffolding StandardSaudi Arabian Oil (Saudi Aramco) Scaffolding Standard Technical Data Requirement Down Load 145K
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