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Wellmade’s scaffolding shoring props are confirmed to EN 1065 standard.
We produce all sizes and specifications of adjustable steel shoring props for your construction post and formwork support.
More than manufacturing, we are also offer your free design and door-to-door delivery for your shoring props.
Engineeringly, according to construction weight and acrow props loading weight requirement, you can find the shoring props here in lightweight, medium-duty, and heavy-duty here.
Wellmade manufactures the steel shoring props according to ISO 9001 management. The scaffold shoring props welding quality are confirm to EN 1090 and ISO 3834 CE certificate requirement.
Send us your construction and shoring props requirement to get a competitive price for sale now.

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Wellmade’s Adjustable Steel Shoring Props

Wellmade is a scaffolding shoring props OEM manufacturer in China. We produce all types of shoring props to global 55 countries.

You can find galvanized, painting and powder coated finishing scaffolding shoring props here. According to your construction concrete and formwork design requirement, Wellmade is able to offer you shoring props according to the weight load requirements.  You can not only find the normal lightweight shoring props.   Other steel acrow props in medium duty and heavy duty are available too.

Wellmade’s scaffolding shoring prop jacks are popularly used in euro in their scaffolding and concrete formwork post.  The shoring steel props are adjustable in height. You can ask Wellmade to design the shoring props according to your customized slab and floor height.

In fabrication, the scaffolding shoring props and jacks include scaffolding parts of prop inner tubes, outer tubes, top and bottom steel plates, G pins or straight pins, prop nuts and handles etc.

You can find Wellmade’s shoring props inner tube in O.D 40mm and O.D 48mm. While the shoring props outer tube would be O.D 48mm and O.D 56mm. According to the inner tube and outer tube, we called the shoring props Spanish Props and Italian Shoring Props.
We have other steel acrow props for different countries for their construction and concrete support requirements.
If you want a door-to-door delivery service,  simply tell us your address. Wellmade has a wide international forwarder and agents, we are able to send the shoring props and scaffolding material until your door by our global international forward and agent.
When you are seeking shoring props for sale, Wellmade would be your best choice. We do not only ensure your shoring props quality by strict QC plan, we are able to bring you more benefits in service, prices, and professional consulting.
Tell us your scaffolding and shoring props requirement now.

Scaffolding Shoring Prop I (OD40|OD48mm)

Code No.Adjustable LengthInner TubeOuter TubeTube Thickness

Scaffolding Shoring Prop II (OD48|OD56mm)

Code No.Adjustable HeightInner TubeOuter Tube


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