320mm Layher Scaff Plank Ultimate Load

What is the Ultimate Load Capacity of the 320mm Scaffolding Planks of layher scaffolding allround system and speedscaff frame system? Cna 320mm scaffold steel plank meet up with European Standard EN12811 (En12810) and Australian Standard (AS NZS 1576)?

320mm Scaffolding Steel Planks are scaffold platform for layher allround scaffolding system and speedscaff frame system.  There are U Ledger type of 320mm scaffolding planks and O Ledger Type of Scaffolding Steel Planks.
What is the Ultimate Load Capacity for this 320mm scaffolding steel plank? Is it meet up European Scaffolding Standards of EN12810 and EN12811? Is this plank can be used in Australia and New Zealand, Which Requirement is Australian Standard AS/NZS 1576?
Wellmade Scaffold Has Tested 320mm Steel Planks. The  Ultimate Load Capacity according to the test result is 10.57KN (Arround 1790KG)
In EN12811 Standard Requirement,scaffolding Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 are required to load 1.5KN on load area of 500x500mm, while 1.0KN on load area of 200x200mm. Defection Depth can not exceed 1/100 of total length of the planks.
In Australian Standard, Scaffolding Steel planks lighty duty , middle duty and heavy duty load capacity is 220KG, 440KG and 660KG.
So this 320mm plank can meet up with both Australian Standard and European Standard.
320mm plank load 1
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