Scaffold Hinged Pins

Scaffold hinged pins are one of the ringlock scaffolding accessories. It is used to connect and fix two ringlock vertical standards to increase the height of the ringlock system.

It is simple to use the hinged pin:
1. Put ringlock coupling pins inside of the ringlock standards.
2. Insert the hinged pins into the holes of both coupling pins and ringlock standards
3. Surround the Hinged For Half of the Ringlock Standard Diameter
4. Locks/Closed the Hinged Pins

In construction, you can use the hinged pins to connect complete three types of ringlock scaffolding standards(verticals):

  • Pressed-In Ringlock Standards
  • Bolted Ringlock Standards
  • Open End Ringlock Standards

In addition, the hinged pins work with ringlock coupling pins with both single-hole or cross-holes. Include different sizes of 300mm, 315mm, and 520mm.
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  • Size: M12
  • Grad: C450
  • Class: 8.8
  • Application: For 48mm Poles
  • Weight: 0.15KG
  • Scaffold System: Ringlock
  • Brand: Wellmade
  • Package: Boxes/Cages and Bags
  • Country of Origin: China

Scaffold Hinged Pins

The scaffold hinged pin is also called hinge pins or ringlock lock pins. It is a type of round-head wire pin used to fix between two ringlock scaffolding standards.

The standard hinged pin diameter for allround system ringlock scaffolding is OD12mm. The diameter is matched up with the holes on the ringlock standards of 13-13.5mm.    While there are also other diameter hinged pins in 6-20mm.

The hinged pin length is 60mm for OD48mm ringlock standard poles and 75mm for OD60mm heavy duty ringlock scaffolding poles.  The double wire sizes need to fit the half circle of the ringlock poles.

Scaffold-hinged pins are self – locked and self-closed. It is convenient to use in ringlock scaffolding construction. That is why hinged pins are instead of the traditional bolt and nut sets lock pins for ringlock systems. Traditional bolt and nut is not self-locked and self-closed and has to tighten by spans to make sure safety.

More than the round head wire lock pins. There are also square-head wire locks for scaffolding and ringlock.  More information and consult, please send emails.

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