Aluminium Stair Base Comf

Aluminium stair base is one of the ringlock scaffolding access parts. Why need a stair base and how to assemble it with ringlock?

Aluminium stair base is a type of small aluminum staircase with 2 to 3 steps, designed as a start comf component of the access stairway in the ringlock access system and building construction.

The aluminium stair base is 940mm wide and in an axis size of 794mm horizontally and 500mm in height. Customized sizes are available.

In erection, you need to put one end of the aluminum stair base on the floor and put another end on the ringlock O ledger.  There are two hooks on one end of aluminum stair base. The hooks are in size of OD48.3mm. They are matched with standard scaffold tubes. This design makes the aluminum staircase way more flexible, comfortable, and convenient. Handrails are bolted and fixed at the side of the aluminum stair base comf to make the accessway safer and more comfortable.

How to Assembly Aluminium Stair Base Comf

  1. Fix Handrails on The Aluminum Stair Base Comf
  2. Fix Hooks of the Aluminum Stair Base On Ringlock Ledgers
  3. Fix the Stair Base By Fixing Down the Wedge Pins of the Hooks
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