Formwork Dome Nut & Combination Nut

Formwork dome nut is also called combi nut, super plate, or combination nut. It is one of the formwork accessories used a lot in concrete shuttering.
The super plates are the combination nuts of the formwork wing nut and washer plate(waler plate). These two components are fixed by the super rivets.
Formwork super plate sizes include D15 and D20 two types. D15 combi nuts are used together with 15/17mm concrete tie rods. D20 combi nuts are for D20 tie rods and bars. Both of them are compatible with dywidag bars.
There are forged and cast types of super plates. Forged super plates are required by Doka and Peri formwork companies. Which can take more weight from concrete. While cast super plates are cheaper in price and quicker in delivery.
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  •  Material: Cast Steel & Forged Steel
  • Steel Grade: S235
  • Finishing: Galvanized
  • Size: D15 and D20
  • Brand: Wellmade(WM)
  • Package: Timber Cages(Box)


  • Production Lead Time:  15-35 Days
  • Transportation: By Sea & By Train
  • Shipping Port: Xingang Port, China
  • City: Tianjin
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Mark: Available

Formwork Super Dome Nut with Plates

Super plate design comes from construction sites. In formwork concrete, the wing nuts need to work together with the washer plates to avoid concrete leaking.  So engineers design the combi nut to reduce the assembly work during concrete construction.

There are square type and round type super plates. Square-type dome nuts with square-shaped washer plates. While round-type super plates are combined with round-shaped washer plates.

The square-type super plates are in 120mm and 115mm dimensions. While round super plates are in diameter of 130mm.  Wellmade customizes the dimensions according to your drawing too.

As one of the formwork accessories, the combi nuts are used to fix and fasten tie rods and dywidag bars in concrete.  Using the combi nuts makes your concrete faster, safer and nicer.
For anti-corrosion purposes, the combi super plates are finished in galvanized. Send us a mail to get more details.

Formwork Combit Nuts Weight List

No.ItemsTie Rod SizeTypesWeight
WDB115-15Combi Dome Nut 115mm15/17 (D15, D16)Cast Iron1.05KG
WDB120-15Combi Dome Nut 120mmD15/17 (D15,D16)Cast Iron1.20KG
WDB130-20Combi Dome Nut  OD130mmD20Forged1.3 KG
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