Formwork Dome Combi Nut - Tie Rod Wing Nut with Waler Plate

Wellmade is Tie Rod Wing Nut Manufacturer & Supplier In China. You can find All Types Tie Rod Wing Nut for Formwork Concrete.
The Dome Nut is a Combination Nut with Tie Rod Wing Nut and Waler Plate.
Use Wellmade’s Dome Combination Nut to  Faster Your Concrete Formwork.
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Wellmade’s Formwork Dome Nut is Combination Nut Integrated with Formwork Wing Nut and Washer Plate.
The Combi Tie Rod Nut Size is in D15, D16, D17 according to Concrete Tie Rod Threaded Bar Diameter and Specifications.
It is one of the Formwork Accessories to Fix and Fasten Tie Bars in Concrete Shuttering and Forming, Dywidag. Make Concrete Work Faster and Safer. 
There are Cast Iron Type Tie Rod Wing Nut Combination Nut and Pressed Washer Plate with Tie Rod Wing Nut.
Concrete Dome Nut Tie Rod is always in E-galvanized (Golden or White Color)
The Combination Nut’s Washer Plate Size is in 115 x 115mm and 120x120mm.
Weight of the Combination Tie Rod Wing Nut is in 1KG-1.3KG.

Concrete Tie Rod Dome Nut (Wing Nut & Washer Plate)

WDB115Combi Dome Nut 115X115mmD15-171.05KG
WDB120Combi Dome Nut 115X115mmD15-17mm1.20KG
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