Ringlock Scaffolding Twin Wedge Head Coupler

Wellmade’s twin wedge head coupler is a part of ringlock scaffolding system. We use the twin wedge head coupler to connect with rosette ring between two ringlock scaffolding standard.

The ringlock scaffolding twin wedge head coupler is a type of cast steel scaffold coupler. It is the same material with ringlock scaffolding ledger head.

Wellmade’s twin wedge head coupler include wedge pins. The wedge pin is used to insert into the ringlock scaffolding standard and locked by the bottom rivet.

Twin wedge head couplers are always hot dip galvanized for the durable purpose for your construction.

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Wellmade’s Twin Wedge Head Coupler Sizes

Welmade’s twin wedge head make the ring lock scaffolding frame is more stable and safe. It is used in all ringlock construction industrial include industrial scaffolding, commercial scaffolding, civil scaffolding and infrastructure scaffolding etc.

Product NameWeightSurfaceMaterialCode No.
Twin Wedge Coupler1.1 KGHot dip galvanizedCast SteelWHC22


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