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Welllmade is Formwork Props Manufacturer In China.

We Offer All Types Formwork Props for Your Custom Designed Construction. Our Formwork Props Are Compatible with All Your Concrete Formwork System and Different Formwork Brand, include Soffit Formworks, Ulma, Peri, etc In Shuttering and Forming Works.

Our Formwork Props are Tested According to Europe Standard of EN1065 Standard.

Wellmade is CE Certificated Formwork Props Factory Audit According to EN 1090 and ISO3834 in Europe.

You Can Get Highest Quality Formwork Props From Wellmade In Competitive Price.

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Video of Adjustable Formwork Props Manufacturing in Wellmade China

This is Video Showing How Wellmade Control and Test Formwork Props

Wellmade Acrow Prop

Wellmade is a professional acrow formwork prop manufacturer with more than 20 years of expertise. Wellmade acrow prop has been appreciated in different industrial applications.

Wellmade acrow prop was the first adjustable prop in the world. We manufacture simple and innovative design acrow formwork props for your projects.

Wellmade acrow formwork prop is very useful in the construction industries, temporary scaffolding, concrete formwork slab & soffit shuttering support. You can find a Wellmade acrow formwork prop for temporary support of walls, ceilings, formwork, and trenches.

formwork props wellmade construction

At Wellmade, you will find different sizes of acrow formwork props. They are available in five sizes ranging from 1050mm to 4900mm. You have a choice of five different prop sizes:

  • Size 0: 1.014m Closed, 1.829m Fully Open
  • Size 1: 1.753m Closed, 3.124m Fully Open
  • Size 2: 1.981m Closed, 3.352m Fully Open
  • Size 3: 2.590m Closed, 3.962m Fully Open
  • Size 4: 3.200m Closed, 4.876m Fully Open

Wellmade can customize your acrow formwork prop according to adjustable height, inner & outer tube dimension, top & bottom plate size, and shape.

In terms of load capacity, there are lightweight, middle duty acrow prop, light-duty acrow formwork prop, and heavy-duty acrow prop. These acrow formwork props have their own features, characteristics, and uses.

What’s more, you will find a Wellmade acrow formwork prop available in different finishes. Depending on your specific applications, you can choose our painted acrow formwork prop, hot-dip galvanized acrow formwork prop or zinc-plated acrow form work prop.

They are manufactured in different finishes to protect against rusting, corrosions, elements, and general wear & tear.

Wellmade is a professional formwork props manufacturer in China. As a leading formwork manufacturer, we can expertly manufacture the following:

As a CE certified to EN1090 and ISO3834 factory, we ensure that all of our acrow formwork props are tested according to European standards of EN1065 standards.

Indeed, Wellmade is the best choice for your acrow formwork props need. Most of our customers are from different countries and regions like Mid East, Southeast Asia, South America, Europe, and more. And we hope to include you as part of our growing list of satisfied clients.

We are equipped with extensive product lines and a professional team of staff to work with you on your project.

For more details regarding the Wellmade acrow formwork prop, please feel free to contact us today with your requirements. We are eager to cooperate with you!

Size 0-4# Acrow Formwork Props

ItemsClosedOpenInner TubeOuter TubeHead&Base PlateMax Load(KN)
Acrow Prop Size 01.04m1.83m48.3mm60.3mm150×150102KN(1.04m)
Acrow Prop Size 11.75m3.12m48.3mm60.3mm150×15073KN(1.75m)
Acrow Prop Size 21.98m3.35m48.3mm60.3mm150×15072KN(1.98m)
Acrow Prop Size 32.59m3.96m48.3mm60.3mm150×15064KN(2.59m)
Acrow Prop Size 43.2m4.86m48.3mm60.3mm150×15050KN(3.2m)

Light Duty Telescopic Scaffold Props(2 Types)

Light Duty Telescopic scaffold Prop is popularly used in Formwork and Shuttering Concrete Globally which is Easy Handle, Safety, and Easy Erection, Cheap In-Unit Cost
There are 2 types of light-duty scaffold props as the following photos. One with Prop Sleeve Plus Prop Nut.
Another One with Cup Sleeve.
Item No.Adjustable HeightInner|Outer Tube SizeWeight
9.33 KG

Middle Duty Adjustable Scaffolding Steel Props (3.2mm)

Code No.Adjustable HeightTube SizeWeight
WP250M1.4-2.5mOD48x3.2mm Inner Tube
OD60x3.2mm Outer Tube

 Heavy Duty Acro Prop (4.0mm)

Code No.Adjustable HeightTube Size Weight
WP300H1.7-3.2mOD48.3×4.0mm Inner Tube
OD60.3×4.0mm Outer Tube

Formwork Post Shore

Code No.Adjustable LengthInternal TubeExternal TubeWeight

Size of Post Shores I

Code No.Adjustable LengthInner Tube(O.D)Outer Tube(OD)
PS01HI5’7-9’62.38 Inch2.75 Inch
PS02HI7’3-12’102.38 Inch2.75 Inch
PS03HI8’10-16’12.38 Inch2.75 Inch

 Size of Post Shore II

Code No.Adjustable LengthInner Tube(OD)Outer  Tube(OD)
PS00HII1.3-2.5m(4.3‘-8.2’)2.5 Inch (63.5mm)3 Inch(76.2mm)
PS01HII1.6-3.0m(5.2′-9.8′)2.5 Inch(63.5mm)3 Inch(76.2mm)
PS02HII198-3.35m(6.5′-11′)2.5 Inch(63.5mm)3 Inch(76.2mm)
PS03HII2.2-4.0m(7.2′-13.11′)2.5 Inch (63.5mm)3 Inch(76.2mm)
PS04HII3.0-5.0m(9.8′-16.4′)2.5 Inch(63.5mm)3 Inch (76.2mm)
PS05HII3.5-5.5m(11.5′-18′)2.5 Inch(63.5mm)3 Inch(76.2mm)

Heavy Duty Post Shore Props III

Code No.Adjustable LengthInner TubeOuter Tube(OD)
PS00HIII1.15-1.85m3 Inch(76.2mm)3.5 Inch(89mm)
PS01HIII1.75-3.05m3 Inch(76.2mm)3.5 Inch (89mm)
PS02HIII2.0-3.5m3 Inch(76.2mm)3.5 Inch (89mm)
PS03HIII2.4-4.0m3 Inch(76.2mm)3.5 Inch(89mm)
PS04HIII3.3-5.0m3 Inch(76.2mm)3.5 Inch(89mm)
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