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Scaffolding Frame

Frame scaffolding is one type of scaffolding system. Wellmade is a scaffolding frame manufacturer in China. We supply you all types of scaffolding frames. For each type of scaffolding frame, You can find the complete parts and sizes. In fabrication, Wellmade manufactures scaffolding frames according to ISO9001 & CE and conformed to OSHA&ANSI, CSA standard.

In scaffolding frame system daily quality control, we test your scaffolding frame system parts from steel raw material to welding quality and ultimate load capacity, mock-up inspection etc.

You can use our scaffolding frames in all-purpose construction, include mason scaffolding construction, sidewalk shed, stucco and plastering, shoring scaffold support etc.

Send us your scaffolding frame requirement to get a competitive price and professional service.

Scaffolding Frame to the USA

Wellmade produces scaffolding frames to the USA. The American scaffolding frame system includes walk through frame, mason frame, ladder frame, shoring frame, narrow frame, snap on scaffolding frame etc.

Scaffolding Frame to Canada

Wellmade’s Canada type scaffolding frames include mason scaffolding ladder frame, end frame, shoring frame etc. Canada scaffolding frames with canada lock pin.

Scaffolding Frame to Europe

You can find all Europe types of scaffolding frames in Wellmade. Include Layher type and Plettac type. The Europe scaffolding frames are with O.D 48.3mm Scaffolding Poles.

Scaffolding Frame to Chile

You can find traditional scaffolding frames in O.D 42mm Scaffolding Poles to Chile.  O.D 48.3 mm Euro Frame Scaffolding (Marco Euro) is available too.

Scaffolding Frame to South East Asia

Wellmade produces paint&galvanized scaffolding frames to South East Asia. Include Main Frame & Ladder Frames.

scaffolding frame to Argentina

Wellmade manufacturer scaffolding frames to Argentina companies too. The scaffolding frames are with special hooks finishing in paint or galvanizing.

Types of Scaffolding Frame

Wellmade customized your scaffolding frames. While you can find all major brand scaffolding frames here.  According to the type of frame, there is walk-through frames, ladder frames, h frames, narrow frames, shoring frames, cantilever frames and A-frames, arch frames etc. Frame scaffold lock pin could be customized too. You can find flip-lock pin frames, drop lock pins, fast lock, C lock, V lock, snap-on lock and Canada lock pin scaffold frames here.

If you feel steel scaffolding frame is heavy, our Aluminium scaffolding frames would be a good solution too.  Wellmade’s Aluminium scaffolding frames are lightweight and durable. It is used for both interior mobile scaffold tower and exterior construction.

walk through scaffolding frame

Walk through scaffolding is a popular scaffolding frame. It is allowed access walk thru across under scaffolding frames. Thus walk through scaffolding frame is an application of general and special building construction like mason, sideway shed in cities.

mason scaffolding frame

Wellmade’s mason scaffolding frame is a type of ladder frame system. The mason frames are functionally integrated with ladders and frames. You can have mason scaffolding frame with fast lock, flip lock or Canada lock.

ladder frame scaffolding 2

There are many types of Ladder Frame Scaffolding: Single ladder frame, Double Ladder Frame, Walk Through Ladder Frame etc. Ladder frame scaffold system saving access ladders in assembly. It is used for in masonry, building and construction.

narrow frame scaffolding

Narrow frame scaffolding is another type of ladder frames. The narrow frame scaffolding is in 2′ or 3′ width. Narrow frame scaffolding height could be 5′ and 6’4″, 6’7″  etc.

snap on scaffolding frame

Snap on scaffolding frame system include walk-through frames, box frame, mason frame, box frame, apartment frame, walk thru frames with ladder etc. It is used popularly in stucco and plaster scaffolding in the USA

a frame scaffolding

A Frame Scaffolding is also called trestle scaffolding. Wellmade manufactures all sizes of a frames to UK and other European Countries.

Aluminium Scaffolding Frame

Wellmade manufactures all sizes of aluminium scaffolding frames. It is a type of lightweight scaffolding used popular in mobile scaffold tower by scaffold caster wheels.

Arch frame scaffolding

Arch Frame is in 1m width and 2m height. There are different styles of arch frames. It is also called Italian scaffolding frame. Wellmade manufactures all types of arch frames.

Euro Frame Scaffolding

Euro Frame scaffolding is made by O.D 48.3mm scaffold tube, which is different from traditional O.D 42mm scaffolding frame. The width of the euro frame scaffold is 0.73m in width.

Scaffolding Frame System Parts & Accessories

Scaffolding Frame is the main vertical frame parts of the modular system scaffold. In scaffolding construction, the vertical frames are connected by scaffolding braces, include cross brace(x brace) and single diagonal braces(for euro frame).

More than scaffolding braces, there are also other scaffolding frame parts and accessories in the frame system. Include guard rails, guard rail post, adjustable jack base, scaffold caster wheels, scaffolding gin wheels, cantilever scaffolding bracket, truss, coupling pins, base plate, 24″ extension base plate etc.

Scaffolding frame accessories include scaffold lock pins, roll pins, gravity lock pins, spring pins, rivet pin, span pin are available in Wellmade.

Wellmade: Your Best Scaffolding Frame Manufacturer In China

Wellmade is professional scaffolding frame manufacturer in China. We do not only able to manufacture your scaffolding frame style and sizes. We are also able to design scaffolding frame according to your construction scaffolding and formwork design as well as safety load capacity requirement.

Steel Scaffolding Frame VS Aluminium Scaffolding Frame

Steel Scaffolding Frame is the most popular frame system using in both construction building and concrete shoring. It is cheaper in cost and heavy-duty load capacity.  Wellmade has all types of steel scaffolding frames from walk through frame, masonry scaffolding frame, ladder frame, narrow frame, box frame and h frame to hi load shoring frame.  The steel scaffolding frames are suitable for both interior and exterior scaffolding.  In interior scaffolding, bake scaffolding frame system is used the most in the USA. It is foldable in easy stock and stack.Baker Scaffold Tower

Baker Scaffold TowerAluminium scaffolding is used in external scaffolding construction and interior mobile scaffold tower too.  It is light-duty and easy handling. Aluminium scaffolding is a higher cost than similar sizes and specifications of the steel scaffold tower. Wellmade designs all sizes of aluminium scaffold tower for your construction and maintenance.

Aluminium Scaffolding Frame
Aluminium Scaffold Mobile Tower

You One Stop Scaffolding Frame System Solution

If you are looking for scaffolding frames, simply tell us which country are you from. We will give your country a scaffolding frame suggestion for your choosing.

If you have any exact scaffolding frame photos/image style, you can show us the image. We are full sizes of each type of scaffolding frames.

When you have no idea which type of frame is suit for your construction loading. Tell us your safety load requirement, Wellmade’s engineers will help you on the scaffolding frame design and quantity calculation.

More than scaffolding mainframe types and sizes, you can also find all frame scaffolding system components and parts here. Scaffolding cross braces tubular type and angular type, single guard rails for normal lock pin and snap-on lock pin, side bracket tubular and angle type, adjustable screw jack base solid type and hollow type. scaffolding aluminium plank and steel walk board, access scaffolding stairs, scaffolding steel ladder and aluminium ladder etc.

scaffolding frame set with braces
Scaffolding Frame Set with Braces

 Scaffolding Frame Surface Treatment

In scaffolding frame surface treatment, there are powder-coated, painting and galvanizing.

  1. Powder Coated Scaffolding Frame: Powder Coated is the most popular scaffolding frame treatment in the USA country. This surface treatment is applied in all types of scaffolding frames: Traditional walk thru, mason frame, ladder frame, box frame, narrow frame and hi load shoring frame. Powder-coated scaffolding frame is very smooth and shiny surface. Before coating, there is a blasting process. Thus powder-coated scaffolding frames are with very strong adhere strength. It is more durable than painting scaffolding frame in corrosion resistance and anti outside force.
  2. Painting Scaffolding Frame: Painting scaffolding frame is the cheapest surface treatment, compared to powder coated or galvanizing finishing. Painting scaffolding frames are requested in south-east Asia and Africa countries. More maintenance cost is required for Painting scaffolding frame in long term consideration.
  3. Galvanizing Scaffolding Frames: There are hot dip galvanizing and pre-galvanizing(GI) scaffolding frames. Pre-galvanized scaffolding frames are made from the galvanized tube.  After welding, the GI Scaffolding frames need further paint on the welding line which place zinc are damaged after the welding process.  Hot dip galvanized is galvanizing after welding. Thus there is no weakness point compare to GI scaffolding materials. While hot dip galvanizing zinc thickness is thicker than GI Frames. In anti-rusty consideration, hot-dip galvanizing scaffolding frames are the most durable type in long life span. Thus hot dip galvanized scaffolding frame is export for sale and for the rental companies.

Scaffolding Frame Braces

As one of the most important scaffolding frame system components and parts, scaffolding braces are connecting between two fabricated frames.

  1. Cross braces: Cross braces is also called x brace. It is used in pairs. Cross braces are the most common braces for the scaffolding frames.  4 ends are connecting with scaffolding frame lock pins. According to fabrication steel material, there are tubular type and angular type cross braces. According to the scaffolding lock pin different, there are cross braces with holes and cross braces with snap on locks. Hole type cross braces are for most lock pin, like the flip lock, fast lock, Canada lock, C lock, Drop Lock, V Lock etc. While the snap on type cross brace is for snap on lock pin only using in snap on scaffolding frame system.  Cross braces are made by O.D 19mm, O.D 21mm, O.D 22mm, O.D 25mm and O.D 32mm Scaffold Tube.
scaffolding frame set with cross brace
Frame Set with Cross Brace

2. Single diagonal braces for scaffolding frames: this is the type of scaffolding frames used for speedy euro frame scaffold.  It is made by heavy duty scaffolding pipes O.D 42mm and O.D 38mm etc. Frame single diagonal brace could with holes at both ends or with clamps. Special designed Layher Speedy scaffolding frame braces are available in Wellmade too.

layher speedy scaffolding frame with diagonal single braces
Frame with Single Brace

Cantilever Scaffolding Frame

In frame scaffolding, side bracket forms cantilever frame scaffolding. Every type of scaffold frame system has its side bracket parts. Each type of side bracket has different sizes in one board, two boards and three boards sizes.  According to fabrication, there are tubular type side bracket and angular type of side bracket. Cantilever scaffolding could be in powder coated or hot dip galvanized too.

Sidewalk Scaffolding Frame

Sidewalk Scaffolding is popularly used in New York City. The is formed by walk through frame and bridge leg post. The Walk through frame scaffolding using in sidewalk makes the sidewalk scaffolding walkable under construction and building maintenance.  Welmade produces 5’x6’7″, 5’x6’4″ 5’x7’6″ and 6’x6’7″ walk thru scaffolding frame for the sidewalk shed scaffolding system.  More than that, the accessories of sidewalk scaffolding include bridge post, beams, guard rails, Bridge Post Heavy Duty O.D 89mm Scaffolding Clamps, C Clamp etc are available too.

In a conclusion, Wellmade is your professional scaffolding frame factory. We do not only give scaffolding frame warranty in quality but also offer a competitive price to bring you the most benefit in import the scaffolding frames from Wellmade, China. Our complete scaffolding frame types, sizes and components parts make your scaffolding procurement much easier. More than that, our global services make door to door delivery until your stock and yard.  Send us a mail then enjoy your One-stop scaffolding frame buy here.

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