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Scaffold Aluminium Platform with Ladder is Access Scaffolding Parts in Ringlock Scaffolding Modular System.  Size of the Aluminum Planks Keeps Same as Ringlock Ledger Horizontals.
The Aluminum Plank Hooks are Connected with Scaffolding Ledger and Transom. According to the Hooks Type, There are O Type Aluminum Planks and U Types. O Types Alu Planks are Connected with O Ledger. U Type Aluminum Planks are Connected to U Ledger In-Ring Lock System.

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Types of the Aluminum Platform Ladder Planks

Aluminium Planks Panels Can be Full Aluminium, while Plywood Type Panels with Aluminium Frames are also Used Popular. Plywood makes the Planks Light Wight too. But Cheap in Cost.
The Aluminium Planks can be with a Hatch Window in Construction, Building an Access Way for Workers Climbing to Work Platform.
Aluminum Ladders Can be Integrated to the Hatch Windows if Needed. Separate Type of Aluminum Ladder is also Workable.

Aluminium Platform Ladder Size

The width of the Aluminum Platform Planks is mostly in 610mm. Customized Width is Available too Like 620mm Width.

O Hatch Robust Hatch Aluminium Plywood Platform with Trapdoor&Ladder(Plywood Non-Slip Panel)

U Hatch Type Aluminium Platform Ladder

WHDU0730.73m U Hatch Access Platform w/ Ladder&Plywwood Panel0.61×0.737.5
WHDU1091.09m U Hatch  Access Platform w/ Ladder &Plywwood Panel0.61×1.099.99
WHDU1571.57m U Hatch Access Platform w/ Ladder&Plywwood Panel0.61×1.5713.49
WHDU2072.07m U Hatch Access Platform w/ Ladder&Plywwood Panel0.61×2.0716.89
WHDU2572.57m U Hatch Access Platform w/  Ladder&Plywwood Panel0.61×2.5721
WHDU3073.07m U Hatch Access Platform w/ Ladder&Plywwood Panel0.61×3.0725,75

O Hatch Robust Hatch Aluminium Plywood Platform with Trapdoor&Ladder(Plywood Non-Slip Panel)

O Hatch Robust Hatch Aluminium Plywood Platform with Trapdoor&Ladder

WHDO0730.73m O Hatch Access Platform  w/ Storey Ladder&Plywwood Panel0.61×0.737.93
WHDO1091.09m O Hatch Access Platform w/ Storey Ladder&Plywwood Panel0.61×1.0910.51
WHDO1571.57m O Hatch Access Platform w/ Storey Ladder&Plywwood Panel0.61×1.5714
WHDO2072.07m O Hatch Access Platform w/ Storey Ladder&Plywwood Panel0.61×2.0717.41
WHDO2572.57m O Hatch Access Platform w/ Storey Ladder&Plywwood Panel0.61×2.5721.53
WHDO3073.07m O Hatch Access Platform w/ Storey Ladder&Plywwood Panel0.61×3.0726.27

Wellmade also offer full aluminium platform with trap door.

Aluminium Scaffolding Plank
Full Aluminium Scaffolding Plank


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