Scaffolding Trapdoor Platform

The scaffolding trapdoor platform is also called scaffolding platform with trap door. It is a scaffold platform with an open window that allowed a ladder attached to and accessed for users climbing to a higher platform.
1.Width 610mm(24”), 600mm and 620mm
2. Length is customized from 1.07m to 3.07m
3. Lightweight easy erect and access
4. With wind lock clips and secured from uplifted
5. Aluminium Frame with Plywood Deck
6. Aluminium Frame with Aluminium Decks
7. With Side Opening or Front Opening Trapdoor
8. With an Integrated ladder or allowed a separate ladder hung on it
9. Water Resistant
10. Anti-slip surface treat
11. With plank hooks works for scaffold O ledger or U ledger
12. Conform to EN636, EN 1004 and EN 12811 Standard
13. Compatible with Ringlock, Cuplock, Kwikstage, Tube and Clamp System
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Scaffolding Trapdoor Platform

Scaffold Platform with Trapdoor Types

  1. Aluminium Frame with Aluminium Deck
  2. Aluminium Frame with Anti Slip and Water Resistant Plywood Deck
  3. Galvanized Steel Scaffold Trapdoor Platform


  1. Easy Erection
  2. Compatible with All O and U Ledgers and Transoms
  3. Hinge Ladders Forming Easy Access Ways, No Need for Extra Stairs
  4. Easy Stock With Ladder Fixing Clips
  5. Light Weight
  6. Cover More Areas with a Single Platform 610mm wide
  7. Save Scaffold Planks Quantities
  8. No Conflict with Normal Scaffold Planks
  9. Easy Repair
  10. No Rusty

Ladders for Scaffold Trapdoor Platform

  1. Integrated Ladders Fixed on The Rail of Trapdoors
  2. Separated Steel or Aluminium Ladder Hung On The Rail of The Trapdoors

Hook Types of Scaffolding Platforms with Trapdoor

  • U Hooks Scaffold Platform with Trapdoor
  • O Hooks Scaffold Platform with Trapdoor

U Hook Scaffold Platform with Trapdoor Size & Specifications

WHDU0730.73m U Hatch Access Platform w/ Ladder&Plywwood Panel0.61×0.737.5
WHDU1091.09m U Hatch  Access Platform w/ Ladder &Plywwood Panel0.61×1.099.99
WHDU1571.57m U Hatch Access Platform w/ Ladder&Plywwood Panel0.61×1.5713.49
WHDU2072.07m U Hatch Access Platform w/ Ladder&Plywwood Panel0.61×2.0716.89
WHDU2572.57m U Hatch Access Platform w/  Ladder&Plywwood Panel0.61×2.5721.00
WHDU3073.07m U Hatch Access Platform w/ Ladder&Plywwood Panel0.61×3.0725,75

O Hook Scaffolding Trapdoor Platform Size and Specifications


WHDO0730.73m O Hatch Access Platform  w/ Storey Ladder&Plywwood Panel0.61×0.737.93
WHDO1091.09m O Hatch Access Platform w/ Storey Ladder&Plywwood Panel0.61×1.0910.51
WHDO1571.57m O Hatch Access Platform w/ Storey Ladder&Plywwood Panel0.61×1.5714
WHDO2072.07m O Hatch Access Platform w/ Storey Ladder&Plywwood Panel0.61×2.0717.41
WHDO2572.57m O Hatch Access Platform w/ Storey Ladder&Plywwood Panel0.61×2.5721.53
WHDO3073.07m O Hatch Access Platform w/ Storey Ladder&Plywwood Panel0.61×3.0726.27

Aluminium VS Plywood Decks

No.Aluminium DecksPlywood Decks
HooksO and U HookO and U Hook
Water ResistantYesYes
Anti SlipYesYes
ApplicationCuplock, Ringlock, Tube&Clamp



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