Ringlock Scaffold One Board Bracket - Extend Work Platform

One board bracket is a type of ringlock modular system scaffold side bracket. It is a component to extend the scaffolding platforms where the main scaffold structure is not able to be erected.
Wellmade produces three sizes of ringlock scaffolding side brackets:
  1. One Board Side Brackets
  2. Two Boards Side Brackets
  3. Three Boards Side Brackets
According to the horizontal members, there are O-type and U Type side brackets for the ringlock scaffolding. The O-type side bracket horizontals are made of OD48.3mm scaffold tubes. While the U Type side bracket horizontal parts are made of special ribbed profiles.
The side bracket sizes are designed according to the scaffold board width.  Send us your request to get more details by mail.

Ringlock Scaffolding Side Brackets

The one-board side bracket of the ringlock allows one scaffolding plank on it and forms the scaffold work platform. It is allowed possible of extended the scaffold tower access platform closer to the building structure where the main scaffold tower can not be erected directly next to the working face.
The same one-board bracket could be in different effective sizes according to the plank width and specifications. For example:
– 0.39m one board brackets are used for 320mm width plank of the Europe type allround system.
– 0.31m one board bracket is used for 240mm width planks of USA type pin lock scaffolding.
We are able to design for you the side bracket according to any width of your boards.
The O type and U type side brackets are always for hook-on scaffold steel planks. If you want use timber boards and plain end metal decks. You can choose to use the hop-up side bracket. Which is designed with a seat for the no-hook scaffold timber planks and metal decks.

One Board Side Bracket Sizes

O Type SpecU Type  Spec
WR1B320Side Bracket One Board for 320mm Planks0.39mOD48.3mm52×3.0mm
WR1B230Side Bracket One Board for 230mm Planks0.30mOD48.3mm52×3.0mm
WR1B240Side Bracket One Board for 241mm Planks0.31mOD48.3mm52×3.0mm
WR1B250Side Bracket One Board for 250mm Planks0.32mOD48.3mm52×3.0mm
WR1B300Side Bracket One Board for 300mm Planks0.37mOD48.3mm52×3.0mm

Why Wellmade Scaffold?

  1. Free Design of the side bracket according to your planks
  2. ISO 9001 Manamagenet Certified Manufacturer
  3. CE Certified
  4. Offer MTC, Test Report for Each Batch of Order
  5. Offer OEM Services with Your Company Logo On
  6. Top Quality Products Approved By Shell, Sinopec, Saipem etc
  7. Cheap Manufacturing Price for Sale
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