Ringlock Girder with 4 Wedge Heads and Pins

Ringlock lattice girders are a type of steel truss scaffold beams of the ringlock system scaffolding. Called ringlock lattice beams, ringlock bridging beams, ringlock truss beams, etc.
The scaffold trussed lattice girder is a horizontal member in the ringlock scaffolding. It is composited of 4 sets of ringlock ledger heads and wedge pins. In ringlock scaffold construction, these ringlock wedge pin accessories connect to vertical parts and clamps of ringlock scaffolding, like ringlock standards, rosette clamps, etc.
The ringlock lattice girder is a high-load capacity scaffold horizontal component. It allows ringlock scaffolding over large spans and gaps while keeping high strength load capacity for the whole scaffold tower. Sizes of the ringlock lattice girder are customized from 5′ to 26′. Send us a list to get a price as well.

Ringlock Scaffolding Lattice Girders


  1. Made of OD48.3mm Scaffold Tube Compatible with All Ringlock System Brands
  2. High Strength Steel and High Safety Load Capacity Conform to EN 12810 Standard
  3.  Modular Components No Need Extra Scaffold Fittings In Erection


100% Hot Dip Galvanized, Durable More Than 20 Years

Application In Construction

  • Suspended Scaffolding Construction
  • Bridging Construction
  • Beam Support Shoring & Support

Standard & Certification

  • ISo 9001
  • EN 1090
  • ISO 3834

Size& Specification

WLGB055 ft Lattice Girder500mm5′(1.52m)19.60KG48.3mm
WLGB077 ft Lattice Girder500mm7′ (2.13m)25.95KG48.3mm
WLGB088 ft Lattice Girder500mm8′ (2.44m)30.55KG48.3mm
WLGB1010 ft Lattice Girder500mm10′ (3.05m)34.98KG48.3mm
WLGB1717 ft Lattice Girder500mm17′ (5.17m)70.47KG48.3mm
WLGB2020′ 2″ Lattice Girder500mm20’2 (6.14m)82.639KG48.3mm
WLGB2525′ 3″ Lattice Girder500mm25’3(7.71m)103.76KG48.3mm


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